Saturday, 25 April 2009

Arty Farty Anyone?

We took the boys to ANZAC park this afternoon and since I got a gazillion photos I thought I would post the arty farty ones all together since they don't require my brain to write anything much to go with them. We didn't get down there till about 5pm so the light was fading fast and the sunset decided to do it's pretty colours RIGHT BEHIND THE CASINO! That is just the way it works I guess. I have posted some other arty farty photos of the memorials here ages ago.

The Eternal Flame at sunset.
(mummy brag coming up... I'm quite proud that without being reminded what it was about Lion told me that the flame never goes out because we will never forget the people that died fighting for us to be safe)

Wreaths resting at the memorial.

ANZAC memorial.

Wolf and Dragon in silhouette against the marina.

Boats on pink water.

Pink reflections. Including the stupid ugly casino.

Some more sunset.

Um, it's a bollard. Nothing much more to say for this one :)

That's it for tonight... I might just grab myself one more ANZAC biscuit before bed. Maybe two.


  1. I don't know where the park is but I love the "artsy fartsy" photos. I especially like the one of the boys walking together ....awesome.

  2. Your "artsy farsty" photos are definitely all that! Looks like you had a nice day at the park, and how wonderful that your son remembered the significance of the memorial.

    I just read your earlier post. The biscuits look delicious. I could use a few of those today!


  3. you artsy fartsy little thing you. Thanks for sharing. I love pictures of different places. What a beautiful evening.

  4. Beautiful photos - very peaceful and tranquil as an ANZAC Day evening should be (in my opinion ... don't tell the '2-uppers' I said that.)

    And yes, that casino does spoil the look of the place.

  5. With photoshop and the clone tool you could get rid of the casino you know. Tempting...

  6. That's my Grandson that said that - almost as good as the "empty tomb" comment. Love the photos too!

  7. Beautiful pics.
    My parents used to own a house in Bollard st, Cairns (next door to my grandparents) - I've always wondered what a bollard is -now you've answered my question - thanks!


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