Monday, 6 April 2009

If you see a faded sign at the side of the road...

It occurred to me the other day that the closest any of us will come to living in High School Musical is when Love Shack comes on the PA system in the supermarket.

It was amazing to hear EVERYONE in the store start singing along and all the trolleys started moving a little faster because everyone was doing that "I'm dancing but I don't want you to know it" move... You know you've done it. They were all singing softly so no one else could hear (except the guy in the next aisle buying toilet paper and fish fingers which he was also loud about(and I have no idea why they are in the same aisle) he was REALLY getting into it) but the combined singing was loud enough to be heard across the shop. CLASSIC.

It has made me think that perhaps I need to post something I wrote a while ago out of boredom and avoiding a conversation with Mr-stinky-arm-rest-hog on my flight to Brisbane for the Tupperware thing. I have made no secret of my dislike for all things HSM, well, actually I don't go around sharing it willy-nilly but should the topic come up I will share openly that I find those movies disturbing and downright weird. All that breaking into perfectly composed song (how do they all know the words???) and those perfectly choreographed dances where the frenemies are all doing the same thing when at my school if you didn't like someone you wouldn't be joining in their dance about how they didn't like you!!! This weird little interlude shouldn't come as a surprise to those close to me. But if the uninitiated wish to stop reading this blog after you read all this then so be it. So anyway this is what my up before dawn brain strung together...

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like living in HSM? I have "Manic Monday" going in my ears and I'm secretly wishing the whole plane would jump up and burst into song around me. Then on comes "Here I Go Again" and I can see the old bald guy behind me jumping into the aisle and rocking out! Agh the ways I amuse myself flying without kids. "And We Danced" would see all the hosties whipping out instruments up the front and doing a little number with the passengers grooving along from their seats. The worrying thing is when I start to see the pilots come out as a backing dancers for the business class chicks singing "Roam". So who's flying the plane in this hallucination brought about by a severe lack of sleep? And am I starting to groove a little to much siting here in my seat? I must keep myself in check so I don't jump onto the aisle and start singing along to the music that is only in my head.

That was the flight down, the flight back was equally sleep deprived and full of weirdos (it's up to you if you think I am including the Tupperware folk as part of that "weirdos" group or not)

Okay my world got just a bit weirder when we were sitting at the conference and they were doing another lot of recognition and they were calling excited Tupperware ladies out to the stage to give them more gifts and they were playing "All In This Together"! Seriously, that was a turn I didn't expect in a room full of grown ups. Next thing I was expecting Zac Effron to groove out on stage and start serenading the number 1 tupper-chick. Now I don't scream and I don't surround myself with screaming chicks all that often so between hysterically excited Tupperware ladies and thumping loud music and not enough sleep I got a headache pretty quick. I also got gas. That was nothing to do with the Tupperware ladies, music or sleeplessness that was more to do with flying. I had a rather uncomfortable morning session with those combined but I was determined to do something about it when I got to check into my room at lunch time. Problem was I got to my room and found I didn't have any panadol on my bag! I had so many delays getting into my room that by the time I had eaten my lunch I didn't have time to duck back to the chemist I had seen down the street to grab some. As I was walking out the door a familiar package caught my eye, panadol in the minibar...
$3 for two tablets! No way I'll keep the headache thanks. I got back to the ex-centre and the music was thumping again. I figured someone would have a spare panadol, it was a room full of (mostly) women, someone had to have one. Thankfully my manager did, I got her last one... now I could get back to my own little HSM hallucination.

So, now you know what is on my iPod, if you still like me then that's just great. You also know a little more about the inner workings of my brain, if you still like me after that then you are probably about as strange as I am.


  1. Oh I'm strange alright. You can tell that by reading my blog.

    So I have never seem HSM. But I have boys and they weren't into that. I do know a couple of their song tunes from hearing them at Disney World.

  2. The pilots aren't doing anything anyway, the autopilot does most of it :P

  3. OK. I object to being labelled "as strange as you" ... could I be just "entertained by you?" Does enjoying strangeness make one strange?

    Now I won't be able to sleep.

  4. LOL - I think you need a good sleep!!! Yes you certainly had me giggling during this post! - Oh & of course I still like you - so I must be strange too!

  5. I'm not sure why you seem to think you have a problem. Isn't that how everyone is?
    I did go to a stamping thing on the weekend where one of the demonstrators always kisses me hello like I'm a long lost BFF. I'm not good with kissing others. I don't think I'd be good with lots of enthusiastic Tupperware ladies either.
    Like your IPod selection. I saw the B52s forever ago in concert which was awesome. Rock on rock lobster!

  6. The thing I NEVER understood about HSM is why the whole basketball team sings to that guy about how bad it is to sing . . .

    As for the inner workings of your brain - sounds like fun. At least it explains where your boys get their wild gene from :D

  7. OK. I think the pregnancy hormones have gone right to your brain! :-)

    I've never heard of a more exciting Tupperware event ever. That one I'd attend.

    Not really into HSM, but. . . I can picture those people dancin' on the airplane! Hilarious!

  8. Great Post!

    I often find myself singing to the music at the store. That is, when the kiddos aren't with me and I am not barking out orders of, "No, you can't have that!" and "We don't wrestle in the store. EVER."

    And, that was some Tupperware gathering! Next time I'll join you. ;0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  9. Okay Bobbie-Jo, I was going to say 'no fence-sitters' but I guess it's okay if you are laughing WITH me and not at me. You are laughing WITH me aren't you?

  10. I too have a rich fantasy life, or perhaps a twisted psyche would be a more accurate description. Elevators and restaurants get me going, I want to burst into song and have everyone join in. Kind of like Mary Poppins and the penguins.

    The Tupperware convention description cracked me up, so funny! "Tupper-chick." Hilarious!

  11. I like musicals, and HSM has some catchy tunes .... so does that make me strange?

  12. LOL! Great post! I LOVE when certain songs can get everyone moving and you are so right,... LOVE SHACK is one of those songs that can do it :)

  13. Wow... I've never heard "Love Shack" at the grocery store. I must be shopping at the wrong place...! One thing I find myself doing is noticing people walking with a beat that matches the beat of the music playing in my car. I envision something like a music video taking place around me. (Don't worry though. I haven't burst out in song and dance - yet.



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