Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Of Lipstick and Chocolate

This afternoon I had the thought "No, it's mean to get the video camera out to record your two year old crying his heart out because he cant find your lipstick (chapstick) sobbing "lipdik do-do-done" (lipstick gone)"

I regret that thought.

Pregnant hormones make you forget weird things...

Like forgetting how on earth the dried mixed herbs ended up in the fridge when you are sure you remember getting it out of the cupboard and putting it in the bag you needed to take to your cooking demonstration 2 days earlier. Although not being able to find it when you got to the cooking demo should have given you a hint that something was wrong.

Like forgetting that last night you got the last of a packet of chocolate out of the fridge with the last of the peanut butter balls to help you watch Scrubs and then ate the peanut butter balls and left the chocolate sitting there. Finding your four year old sitting on the couch COVERED in chocolate and holding the empty packet when you woke up this morning should have given you a hint that something was wrong there too.

Yep, happens to everybody.

Thanks to Jonny's Mummy for making me think about peanut butter balls constantly since her post until I figured out how to make them on the weekend.


  1. There you go, blaming the pregnancy again :p

    We bought Ralph his 'berry own begie tales dv' today, and on the way home he had it open and was spinning the disk. When I asked him what he was doing he said 'playing with my dics'.

  2. Queen Stuss - Gotta keep that one for the 21st :-)

    M.McT - Is it OK to have nappy brain as long as you still have a kid in nappies?

    I don't think I would EVER forget about the chocolate I got out to snack on but all the other stuff is no different to how my brain functions every day.

    I have worked on the same floor of the same office for over 6 years now & today I smacked my forehead trying to walk out of the main door because I forgot I had to use the door handle !!

    I swear its the drugs, but I don't think I was that different before they medicated me ;-p

  3. QS: ohhh we had begie tales for lunch today. Lion calls 2 minute noodles "piggy tail noodles" Dragon has confused things even further by calling them vegie tales.

    I hadn't even noticed his pronunciation of lipstick (that is just how he says it, and yes I had a good laugh when they went hunting for sticks the other day and he told me EVERY time he found one "got a **** mama"), I was just laughing at him getting so INCREDIBLY upset over not finding the lipstick.

    Chimera: I figure as long as you have somone you can call your baby you are allowed to have "baby brain"

  4. My girls like chap stick too .... Kitcat eats it, unfortunately.

    And if we're going to tell funny things our children say, how about this one?

    When we had Santa photos last December Santa gave all the children a blow-up beach ball. Tonight Ducky and Mousie were throwing them around when they should have been tidying up. I warned them nicely a few times, to no avail, so then I yelled out "Put those beach balls away NOW or I will squash them!"

    Mousie yelled back "You can't squish them - they're Santa's balls!"

  5. It would have made a cute video, lol!

    Let's just call it the pregnancy that ate Mummy's brain....

  6. So what's my excuse when I do these things or similar ones and I'M NOT PG? Am I hopeless? LOL! Seriously, I'm glad you're able to laugh at these little hickups. They'll be great stories some day for your little ones. I would love to hear more stories from when my mom was pg with me and my bro. Esp. since I am unable to have such moments on my own through the "joy" of pregnancy.

  7. Pregnancy hormones also might be responsible for a post containing the words lipdick and peanut butter balls, or perhaps that is my unique boy humor view on life.

  8. Good old pregnancy hormones - gotta love them - although mine tended to make me remember chocolate - forget everything else though! Glad you are going well. Shame about the video - you could have won on funniest home videos!!

  9. Ahhh, preggo mummy brain! I remember that! LOL

    PS LOVE how you needed the chocolate & peanut butter balls to HELP you watch Scrubs. LOL

  10. The comments are as funny as the post. But now I want to know, how did you make peanut butter balls?
    I have a friend at work whom I told that I've started to watch Scrubs and she's like, what series, what episode and all this other detail that just doesn't absorb into my brain (non-pregnant and all that it is. She is a major league fan and used to bring in the sound track for us to enjoy at work. I just like it's silliness. Hope it went well without chocolate.

  11. Now you're making me think of peanut butter balls and I'm on a diet!!! They sound so good.

    I have preggo brain and I'm not pregnant. It kind of stuck after the third baby got arrived.

    My kids fight over chapstick. But seriously, what don't they fight over.

    Much love from NJ,

  12. I can't stop thinking about all of that chocolate going to waste...I am selfish like that!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  13. Oh gosh...sorry about making you think of peanut butter balls like that. I am evil, eh?

    And sorry about the little one losing the lipstick. What, again, was he going to do with that?

    Ah...pregnancy hormones. I remember them so well. . . . what was I talking about? Yeah, they ate part of my brains, which is why I'm worried about getting preggars again and losing even more of a my mind!


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