Saturday, 11 April 2009

Random Lionism

Lion: 'Dad can you come to the toilet with me?'

Wolf: 'Why? what are you afraid of?'

Lion: (calmly & matter-of-factly) 'Bog monsters.'

Wolf: '?'

Dragon: 'BOG! MONSTA! ??'

Mummy: ROTFL

Poor little Dragon, he already believes that the garage is inhabited by cookie monsters, now the smallest room in the house is haunted by the bog monster.


  1. When my daughter was little, she thought "stick men" were in our bathroom. What imaginations they have! We finally got rid of them by spraying some perfume or air freshener in the room!


  2. Love that lion! Little boys imaginations are hilarious. Poor Dragon, only one older brother yet still terrorized. Poor, Poor Peach Blossom, she'll have to be one tough little girlie (I have faith ;0)

    Happy Easter!


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