Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The cuteness continues...

At Lion's kindy there is a ramp up to the gate on one side of the office or steps on the other side of the office, Lion likes the ramp, Dragon likes the steps, boy that can be frustrating. Then at the top there is a second gate and one section has a little ramp for wheelchair access and the other just a single very small step. Every time we go to get Lion, Dragon has to go and stand at the top of the little ramp and say "look me, doin' my exercises" as he does this little heel lift thing while holding on to the bars of the gate. Today he said "look me, doin' my magic trick" and stood at the top of the ramp and "balanced" without holding on sticking his arms though the bars. Mummy does the dutiful response "ooooooo, look, no hands, wow". Dragon gets a worried/panicky look on his face and looks at his hands... "No, there are 'ands on my arms!"

This is an old one but I have been remembering it lately because we have been listening to the CD again. "Great Big God" put out by Vineyard Music has been a favourite for a while but went out of rotation for a bit. The last week or so, Lion has been asking for it again and I have realised that he has grown up a bit since we last listened to it. The main thing I noticed is that in the song "God, You're Good to Me" he no longer sings "Bob, you're good to me..." I have no idea what Bob ever did for him but Lion is thankful. Trouble is now I can't help but sing "Bob" when I sing along. "Bob, you're good to me, opened my eyes and let me see, you heard me knock and opened up the door..."
*wanders off singing to Bob*

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  1. I love their little adaptations, it's just so sweet and they outgrow them so quickly. Bob is good.


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