Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Utter brilliance!

Well, maybe...

You know how some days the brilliance just keeps coming? Well today I had a real moment of brilliance. I have often thought of loaning my kids out as contraceptives but no one will take me up on it. Today I thought what about the mothers of teenagers, they are the ones that want more than a contraceptive, they want abstinance. So here's my idea... I get teenagers to babysit my kids but their parents pay me for the priviledge because i'll promise to put my kids in shirts that say "sex leads to kids". Should be a winner I reckon. Except for all the folk that might get up in arms about exploiting my children and what is it teaching them and that sorta stuff.

I must credit my friend for some of the inspiration who informed me she is SOOO not ready for kids after my 'naptime' stories.

They are good kids, but I'd be sure to load them up on sugar to go with the shirts. Even good kids on a sugar high can make you question your sanity.


  1. LOL - just throw my twins into the mix & it would guarantee abstinance - possibly for their whole lives!!! Of course the whole exploiting thing is a problem - but only once they can read!

  2. That is PURE GENIOUS!!!!! I am telling Nurse Boy...we are always trying to find ways to get cheep sitters...having their parents pay US is awesome!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. This ties in well with a story from the weekend. My friend had gotten her elderly gay uncle to babysit her boys while they were interstate. She was a little wary because he hadn't met the kids before and hadn't had a lot to do with kids at all in his life. On meeting them he said, "So, sex hey? That's what these are, proof of sex." Apparently the baby sitting went well and my friend had a good night out. I think your plan just might work.

  4. Wonderful idea...we actually had a reality series with that premise last fall in America...teenage couples got to spend a few weeks taking care of kids of all ages together to see if they really were up to having kids like they thought they were ready to....I think the resounding result was a big NO! from all of them! Oh, and I think they all broke up after the show, too.

  5. Grade 12 Biology had girls in our class swearing abstinence, haha. We watched some pretty graphic videos.

    As for kids on sugar highs... we joke that's what we do at Adventure Club. Load them up on sugar and then send them home, haha.

  6. HAHA! Great post! I think just the diaper changing idea is enough to send some teenagers 'running for the hills' if you ask me...let alone toddlers on sugar! :)

    Btw, thank you so much for the puritan prayer! How neat is that! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

    Many blessings! :)

  7. Looks like I'll franchise this idea!


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