Monday, 4 May 2009

It's a........

I know, I'm funny aren't I? Well, Lion thinks I'm having a woodpecker... mmmhmmm... I don't know where he got that from either.

So anyway, I kinda get confused with people I'm not related to flashing about their ultrasound photos... all babies look the same in those things. They don't even really look like babies. If you have twins or more in there then hey, I'll have a look if you're showing... or if you really do have a woodpecker I'd be just as interested as the rest of the world but generally, sorry, I'm not going to get all gooey over an alien looking creature in a fuzzy out of focus photo. But for the family who I EXPECT to get all gooey over OUR alien looking creature in this fuzzy out of focus photo here it is....

That's it's massive head (as my little bobble-headed babies are known for) with it's arm up protecting it's true identity (perhaps it is a woodpecker). AND THAT'S THE UMBILICAL CORD! You don't think I'd be that careless do you?


  1. Sorry, I need directions or label on that photo. To me, it looks like the VERY CUTE fuzzy alien creature needs feeding.

  2. Is that a cute little nose and a rather bulgey eye? And I wouldn't mind betting that he/she is trying to find his/her mouth for that thumb.

  3. WOW - That's Awsome - but I can't quite work out who (it) resembles the most - the Grannysaurus mob or the St Bernard mob - I tend to think its an even mix (how's that for diplomacy). All the same Mummy McTavish needs all the kudos for carryng this bundle of joy - sure will be a weight off of your mind (belly) when (it) decides to vacate its comfortable environment.
    I'd like to give Wolf some credit too, he probably has to go and get the Tuscan Seasoning in the middle of the night.

  4. So cute! Unfortunately can't guarantee no beak, but hey - it'll hurt if it is a woodpecker!

  5. I can totally see it now. I thought its elbow was its nose so it looked rather scary. It is like one of those perspective brain teasers where you see the old lady/young lady. Depends what you focus on. Lucky I got some help from you this morning. Its hiding its face - must know that its mummy is a photographer and it will be subjected to a very large amount of photos when it is born.

  6. I have to say ... you're right. you can't tell that this is a baby. But, it's spot and you love her/him. So good for you! :-)

  7. Cute nose. But obviously not in the mood for pictures. More into relaxing...


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