Monday, 4 May 2009

I know and old lady

but I'm not sure if she has ever swallowed a fly and she certainly wouldn't eat a spider. Even one made of icing.There is a whole story to this cake. Lion had been asking what sort of cake grandma wanted over and over and over and mummy got sick of it so we rang grandma. Mummy thought we were asking what sort of cake Grandma wanted as in chocolate, sponge, cheesecake. No, Lion was thinking Bob the Builder, Teddy Bear, Spider, he was thinking kids party cake because after all he is a kid! So when grandma foolishly asked him what sort of cake she should have he said "a spider cake like J at kindy had" um, okay lion. So grandma thought we should see what Dragon thought as well. Dragons response - "you are a girly so you have a pink cake" so we decided chocolate cake with pink icing and a spider - a redback spider, something nice and deadly:)

Of course making the cake is half the fun...

gather everything together and pose for a photo

Dragon was a little fearful of the mixer, he always has been. He learnt it from his big brother.

Who has since grown out of it and now figures the mixer counts as a power tool!

Oh look, the chocolate cake we made has turned into a butter cake... or perhaps that is the gluten free one that I made the night before and it didn't turn out real good so I decided the boys could ice that one for Aunty Jingles to have all for herself (I kept a VERY close eye on where tongues and fingers and snot were and made sure it was no where near the cake, Aunty Jingles doesn't have kids yet).

Lion is designing the spider web for their cake...

and very carefully on goes the spider (a redback of course)

Dragon's sweet pudgy little fingers get in on the icing action

and to finish it off mummy dutifully writes what the boys request.

Happy Birthday Grannysaurus. We had a great party, we hope you did too. Head on over to her blog to wish her a belated happy birthday for Saturday too!

The last slice of cake is sitting in our fridge... with the spider on it. Turns out I can't eat it either. I think I'll scrape it off and gobble down the icingless cake during nap time tomorrow. No point in wasting good chocolate cake.

Oh yeah, and she's really not all that old.


  1. I'm sure you'll be reading this, Grannysaurus, so A Big Belated Happy Birthday from all of us down under - that's South of the Border. I'm sure you could eat that spider - I would!

  2. I love the surprise cake! We have a Gluten free Grandma in our family.

    It's so neat that you let them help. You're a great mummy!

    If I give you my email and swear secrecy will you tell me the flavor?

  3. I love the cakes! They look great - including the redback!
    You've done a wonderful job on them! Happy Birthday to Grannysaurus!

  4. I could totally not eat that cake. A spider fell on me in the bath tonight and I freaked like a girl. I'm such a loooser. That cake does look totally awesome though and a great idea for Grannysaurus!

  5. Great cakes the boys decided to make. Happy Birthday Grannysaurus!

  6. I am loving the boys' version! You are such a fun mom!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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