Saturday, 23 May 2009

Peach Blossom Update

Dear Mr Braxton Hicks,

They are not painless and you'd better be thankful I can't get to you (mostly because you're dead) because I'm sick of these stupid things already (it's been about a day but I still have WEEKS left).

I know I shouldn't blame you because something has your name but REALLY, I'm pretty sure you had a hand in naming them, WHY would you name something that women don't like after yourself? Now if you had discovered something good then sure, name if after yourself so that women like you by association. But instead you strike fear into the wombs of first time mums, you just annoy other pregnant women as they try to go about their business with their lady bits running off and doing their own thing and you just make me cranky. "Usually painless", bah humbug, I've never had a painless one yet.

Contorted in discomfort,

Mummy McTavish


In other pregnancy news... Nothing has changed except my girth. 25 weeks tomorrow. Next OB appointment is on Friday and he'll send me for my icky glucose test and some other blood work then. 5 weeks till I have my pre-admission appointment at the hospital where we do the birth plan. Mine is pretty straightforward... "I come in, you chop me open, you take my baby out and you give it back to me all cleaned up." I need to get a tour of the new hospital though so I'll book that then and I'll get my first Bounty Bag of freebies :) My leg cramps have gone for now which is nice, with the other two bubs from about 20 weeks I was having about 300ml of tonic water each night before bed or I would wake up with every muscle from my toes to my armpits contorted and tangled in pain. I had about a week and a half of that and it seems to have gone for a bit YAY.

We are getting LOTS of kicks, Peach Blossom is very particular about how I should sleep and sit and stand and how much I should eat and insists that I go to the toilet every 30seconds or it'll give me a big old belt in the bladder. It's just as active as Lion and Dragon were at this point so I'm expecting another little carbon copy when we meet this one.

I am starting to prepare my mind for another reflux baby, I have no reason to believe this one will be free from it. I am trying to remember everything we did so that I can put it into place BEFORE we have a problem instead of being in tears and thinking "oh, that's right, such and such worked last time". I have decided I will speak to the pediatrician while I am still in hospital instead of ringing her in tears 3 weeks in to tell her I can't make it to the 6 week appointment and neither can my sweet little baby. I will find out what course of action we will take while I am still in the hospital and just pray that we will have a reflux free baby and never have to use our action plan. I DO NOT want to medicate again and I think what we learnt with Lion meant that Dragon managed with over the counter stuff instead of the prescription medicine like my poor Lion had to deal with. So we will now have 2 babies worth of knowledge plus what Chimera learnt with Little Bear to put into action to keep this one free from reflux. I really don't want to watch another of my babies go through such horrible discomfort again.


On another note...

Cousin Wilbie has to go into hospital for an operation on Monday. Something is wrong and has been for a while and it could be something simple to fix but it could be something trickier and nastier. They have done all the tests and now the only way to know for sure is to go and have a look. It's "only" day surgery but still more than a 1 year old needs. Please pray that it is all taken care of on Monday and he will have no lasting problems from this. His mummy would also like prayer for the bit where he has to fast for the WHOLE morning. The boy likes his food!

Cousin Wilbie is the cutest 1 year old boy on the face of the earth! I know you may think otherwise (if you happen to have a 1 year old boy of your own) but you'll just have to deal with it. This photo was from a while ago but all the recent shots are on the 2 broken computers. This was cousin Wilbie's interpretation of "green day" at playgroup on the day we did Lion and Dragon's "green day" photo shoot that makes up the blog header. He's one of those kids that you just need a cuddle from whenever you see them! He's so darn cute! Thank goodness he likes to give me cuddles (most of the time).


  1. Thank you for mentioning cousin wilbie. I meant to add him to the pray bulletin at church but ran out of time. It is comforting to know that there are people praying for him.

    He looks so young and so cute in that photo. It must be at least a year ago so he would have only been 7-8 months old. He is so much bigger now. It goes way too fast. Peach Blossom will be running around before we know it.

    Sorry to hear peach blossom is giving you grief. At least an active baby is reassuring and you know all is well. Must be on our side. Cousin Wilbie was the same. He could never keep still either. Still can't for that matter.

  2. Kate is right. I'm sure it's those genes again. My side of the family were all perfect as babies.

  3. Oh he is a cutie!!!

    Yeah, loved the Braxton Hicks, so much fun......NOT!!!!

    Then at seven months I mistook real labor for Braxton Hicks. Fortunately we were able to stop things in time so my son held on for a little longer.

  4. Samuel had reflux as a baby too. He was so bad we decided to stop breastfeeding so we could give him gaviscon (Dr told us it was worth a shot) in his bottles(baby gaviscon) instead of having him medicated. Worked for us. We also started him on 'solids' at 10wks (Dr recomended) My Dr doesnt like medicating babies, can you tell? Samuel has had no ill effects from doing either of these things. He is not overwieght, no food allergies, you get my drift..Dont get me wrong Im not saying this will work for everyone. Im just saying this is what worked for us. Good luck....

  5. My little one had acid reflux too and it was a nightmare until we realized what was going on. It is heart wrenching to see them in so much pain...even worse when it's the first child with it and you don't have a clue what could be wrong. I've got my fingers crossed that your third won't have it too. I'm also praying for the cutest 1 year old on the face of the earth (your right...what a cutie!). I hope all goes well and that it's not the more complicated problem.

  6. For me, compared to full-blown labour, the braxton hicks contractions didn't really hurt so much. They were just uncomfortable. Sorry to hear they are giving you so much pain. Have a look at this giveaway

  7. Don't forget to add 'close me back up again' into your birth plan...

    I think I'd been having Braxton Hicks for several weeks with Ralph before I realized that's what that annoying thing that happened was.

  8. Hmmm... hadn't thought about Mr Braxon Hicks before - but you're right why would he name them after themself when they are so darn annoying?
    Hope your nephews op went well. Will pray for a quick recovery for the cute little fellow.

  9. Reflux baby....ah..that sounds familiar. Who knows, though....Peach Blossom may be completely different and surprise you. sleep through the night, no spit up, and even take naps! Whoo-hoo!

  10. David and Christine both had reflux, but when they were much older (eg. 4-7 years old). I don't know if babies get reflux worse, or if it's just coz crying is the only way they know how to communicate! But we never had any tears, just complaints of sore chests, especially if a meal was late. The both had hospital trips for it (endoscopies) and David had a little machine stuck in him for 24 hours to measure the acidity in his oesophagus but it was broken when Christine had reflux so she didn't get that. Christine was also not put on the same medication as David had been 2 years earlier as it had been recalled due to a "rare but severe" side effect... death!


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