Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Cuteness

It's no secret that I think my kids are just the cutest around! I thought I would share the cuteness with you a bit more...

The front yard was REALLY overgrown before Wolf got to it last week. To the point where Lion and Dragon were walking from the front yard through to the back and I was keeping an eye on them to make sure they didn't run back to the path of the whipper-snipper and I took my eyes off them for a second and when I looked back Dragon was GONE! My mummy heart did that skip a beat thing and then his little head popped up from the grass. He had tripped over and had completely disappeared! Well with a job like that you need more than your average lawn mower... a chainsaw is more Dragon's style.
There was a beautiful sunset that evening. Not in a position that made it easy to take photos of it though. There was the clothes line, the fence, the trees, the cubby house... you get the idea. I took a few of the brilliant colours reflecting off the clouds though.
We also took some photos of our non-scary garden inhabitants. The boys were playing in the sandpit and started freaking out about a spider... I start thinking bird spider strolling through the sandpit to devour my boys type thing... They came running to get me and took me to see the spider THAT THEY HAD SEEN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE YARD at least 10 metres away from them that was just a St Andrews Cross Spider. It was a mummy spider with it's fancy schmancy egg sac all trussed up in it's web. The boys were quite intrigued once I explained that it wont hurt them and we can look at it if we want and it's little baby spiders are in that big white bundle and we had a chat about how it stitches patterns in it's web and helps us by eating the bugs off the heliconias etc. We grabbed the camera to take a few photos but it was seeming to get a bit agitated by then so we tried to find other insects to take photos of but they kept running away from all our noise and our garden boots. So any photos we did take were pretty rubbish.

Dragon had me in stitches this morning in church, tears running out of my eyes kind of laughing, IN CHURCH. I know God has nothing against laughter, he has proved to me over and over again that he has a sense of humor, after all he gave me 2 little boys. But laugh-till-you're-in-tears type laughter is hard to hide during a quiet church service. Kids stay in for the service in our church. Early in the service they do a kids talk and then the kids all grab a folder to take back to their seats. Each folder has a pencil, some crayons and some multi-age worksheets with puzzles, colouring-in etc. Dragon grabbed his folder and brought it back, after a bit he opened it up... The absolute shock on his face when there were no papers in his folder, just crayons! I had a giggle and told him to duck to the front and grab another folder... he started to leave but I said he needed to take this folder back with him... off he goes and grabs a new folder returning to excitedly open it and find... ALL it has is paper, nothing to write with! His little face couldn't decide if he should cry or laugh about it, ahh, perhaps it was a "be there" thing because it's not sounding so funny now... He then gave me an accusing look to let me know that he knew best and he should have kept the other folder here! I told him to just share Lion's crayons.
Lion wanted to wear his dress shoes to church this morning and that was fine but I told him he had to be careful of other peoples toes because those shoes hurt if you stand on anyones toes. He said he would be careful no to stand on his friends toes. I let him know that he needed to watch out for grown up toes too because ladies wear sandals to church and their toes stick out and get stood on too! He assured me he would be careful (yes, these shoes are THAT dangerous, I almost lost a toe nail). Half way through church he gets right up close to me and points to the lady sitting next to us "hey mum, THAT GIRL ISN'T WEARING SANDALS!!!" oh the scandal! I then had to explain that not ALL ladies wore sandals to church.


Please pray also for Mary C. She is one of the older ladies of our congregation and she has had a long list of things preventing her from attending church recently as her dementia and other medical problems have been having good days and bad days but the last few weeks she has been able to come along! It's been great to see her there and although she doesn't act so spritely anymore she has been doing better. This morning she had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance when she had some troubles towards the end of the service. Thankfully we seem to have medical type people all through the church and she was well cared for until the ambo's arrived. She is a grandma type figure to a bunch of the "kids" my age since her grandchildren didn't attend our church she loved to "grandma" all of us when we were growing up. Please pray for her today!


  1. Did you see Mary C. on telly a few weeks ago when a group of school kids visited her nursing home to entertain the oldies? She looked like she was having a great time and had a BIG smile for all the kids. There is never enough Mary C's in the world.

  2. Finally, I'm getting the chance to catch up on your blog.
    Thanks for the laugh - I can imagine his face exactly - aren't kids just the funniest in church. I love your photos - do you have a new camera? They are just fantastic!

  3. What a delightful post! I love your wild yard. My boys are always running in yelling that I've just got to come and see this really cool bug they found.

    Beautiful sunset!

    The church stories had me in tears, of laughter that is, if you've had boys you don't have to have been there. One of my sons was terrified of tornadoes, I spent three months reassuring him that no tornado would ever come to our state because it was to mountainous. Just about then a tornado touched down and took out a block or so of one of the big cities just to our north. He just glared at me for days, he couldn't handle the 'trust loss' issue.

    Every boy mom knows that God loves laughter!

  4. That is a fantastic photo of the spider. WOW! How awesome you could get such a close-up!

    LOL about the church service and the shoes. It wasn't just a "been there" story either, because i think all moms have been there :)

    Will keep Mary C in my prayers...

  5. The photo of the long grass in your yard reminds me of the opening scenes of the "Little House on the Prairie" series I used to watch when I was little. (Probably before your time!) The youngest girl Carrie fell down and disappeared in the long grass.

  6. Those photos are priceless and so was the story from church. No papers and then no crayons? Someone was not on the ball in church today, huh? :-)

    I'll be praying for Mary C. She reminds me of a woman I grew up with who everyone called Grandma too.

  7. I love my Dragon !

    Do we know how Cousin Wilbie is doing? Hope everything went smoothly for him (& his parents of course).

    I haven't forgotton the Meme. I just haven't had time to sit down lately. Cheetah has been keeping me busy with a school assignment of his that was due over a week ago. (NO I am NOT doing it for him!!! Just trying to get him organised enough to work on it is effort enough).

  8. @Renata - No, sadly, no new camera, I just flogged mum's camera for a bit:) she took it back today :( glad you could come back and catch up!

    @Mum-me - I did see a bit of little house on the prairie but it got me about as excited as Jane Austin... sorry.

    @Lisa - We wont say a single negative thing about the lady that does the folders for the kids. She's Lion's Sunday School teacher... I think she has enough problems from our family:)

    @Chimera - get off your butt and meme girl!

  9. Get off my butt so I can sit on my butt to meme??? Your logic is better than mine!

  10. Lisa: Lack of crayons has nothing to do with someone "not being on the ball"... the kids turn the folders upside down and the crayons fall out :( Lack of papers though... that is odd. Sometimes the kids get into the boxes of folders before/between the services and mix them up a bit.

    Lol @ Mummy McTavish's suggestion that Lion's Sunday School teacher(s) have enough trouble from the family... I think there are certain other little boys who give them more trouble than Lion ;)


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