Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Puppet Masters and some random goodness

I needed to distract my kids from the fact that I was neither feeding them or letting them watch TV this afternoon so I pulled out a little trick I have been thinking of trying for a little while. We turned the long couch around and we made it our puppet theatre! The boys had a blast. Unfortunately it wasn't the mummy-less fun that I expected it to be. First they needed someone to be the audience, then they actually expected the audience to pay attention. Then they needed a wee bit of mediation between some diva puppets. Finally they demanded a mummy performance... I'd just like to say I had them in stitches! Apparently I'm quite the comedian when I have my hand shoved up the backside of a small furry native animal.

Lots of other random bits of excitement happened today... We had a little incident at playgroup this morning. I was on set up so I was there early and a friend turned up with her two little boys and as I was pulling stuff out of the cupboard she very calmly tapped me on the arm and said "a spider just crawled under your shoe" I figured from her calm exterior that it was a daddy long legs or a garden spider. I stepped back and lifted my foot. This thing was the size of a small car! it was at least a foot between the eyes and after I freaked out and did "the spider dance" I put my foot between it's eyes... and all over the rest of it's creepy crawly body. I detest anything that can move without making a sound. So then it was dead and neither of us would move its still twitching body from the floor but figured it's probably not the best thing to do leaving it there with little babies turning up any minute so I went and got the minister from his office and asked him to remove the monster. I don't think he believed me that it shrunk incredibly when I stood on it. I asked my friend why she was so calm when it was such a massive creepy spider... "well it was your foot it was under, not mine" Yeah, thanks.

We were singing "He's got the whole world in His hands" this afternoon and we were putting in some of the Colin words then I sang "He's got the Mummies and the Babies in His hands, He's got the..." waited for Lion to pick the next line... "fishies and the Daddies in His hands" Yeah, I was expecting more like "the Daddies and the big kids" but obviously the fishies rank right up there too :)

Dragon survives on breakfast. Some days he doesn't eat much breakfast and I worry that he'll be passing out before dinner time (when he doesn't eat much anyway). Today he did his "I don't want lunch" thing and I did my "I'm gonna trick you into eating" thing. "Want some lunch, maybe a sausage?" "no, I not ungry" "okay, what about a little sandwich?" "okay" "what would you like on it?" "um... I like a big sandwich on it" So, how to sneakily be hungrier than you want to let on...

We have one of those little toilet seat things with the ladder up the front and the kid size seat that sits over the top. I took it off the toilet today as I flushed it for Lion and thought that I had accidentally dunked part of it in the flushing water... yuck. So when I went into the loo later and saw some big water drops on the floor I figured I must have swished some out. Then I thought it might be a bit too much water for what I thought I had done and there was no puddle where the seat would have dripped after I put it against the wall. I then noticed that Wolf's seed catalogue was rather damp and I realised Lion had been to the loo since then so I tried another avenue of questioning... "lion did you miss the toilet when you did a wee before?" "no mummy" "did the toilet splash when you flushed it?" "no mummy" Mummy has another horrifying thought "Lion did you drop daddy's catalogue in the toilet?" "no, um, yes mummy" "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" "I wanted to read it while I was going to the toilet" "BUT YOU WERE DOING A WEE" "yeah" "YOU WERE STANDING UP" "I know, and I dropped it in" "okay, how about you don't read when you are doing a wee, if you want to read while you wee you need to sit down to do your wee" "okay mummy".


  1. Just what is it with boys and the bathroom???? Do you think they will become neat and tidy in there ONE DAY? Never mind, Nurse Boy doesn't exactly do his best in the middle of the night... sigh...

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. I am laughing so hard at that last bit! I think the proper internet shorthand is ROFL, or LMAO. (Except I am not on the floor, and I wish I could laugh my "A" off as that would be a lot easier than diet and exercise. And more fun too.)

  3. Oh I guess I'll have to deal with that as well sometime in the future. (the toilet drops thing). Do they at least let the seat back, other than daddy that doesn't.

  4. Wow! What a day! Spiders are so scary, and they definitely shrink when squished.

    What is up with boys who won't eat? I once concocted a diet based on eating only what my three year old ate. I could have got down to super model proportions if I had any willpower at all.

    Oh the potty stories boys Moms can tell. LOL, I love seed catalogs, I would have been so sad.

  5. Oh so funny! All of it. Did I already relay the story of the spider falling on me while I was in the bath last night? I think I did...anyhow...I screamed like a girl. It was very small, but I don't care. I hate spiders. Hate them. Haaate. I know, I'm not supposed to hate anything or anyone. So fine. I strongly dislike spiders and their spidery ways.

  6. I can't decide what bit I liked the best. Getting the minister to fetch your spider... Or the wonderful expressions of the puppeteers. And I think the eating thing comes in waves. Some days they eat the cupboards bare and others you have to remind (nag) them to eat.


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