Monday, 18 May 2009

A Quick Question...

What will we name our new baby... no, not it's real name, I'm not up to that yet. It's blog name. This also becomes the child's mascot in a way and we end up with a zillion toys and clothes and such related to the animal chosen.

Since we aren't telling you the flavour you'll need to just give us suggestions for both or suggestions that can go either way.

No, Boy Mom, even if you give me your email address and swear you wont tell a soul I'm still not going to tell you!

This isn't something that was started for blogs, it was why the names on the blogs are what they are, the kids already had them. It's the same over at the Aussie Half-dozen, it's just a thing in Wolf's family. Lion has been lion themed since before he was born and Dragon has been dragon/dinosaur themed since before he was born.

If we pick your name there is no gift in the mail, no lifetime pass to Museum McTavish, nothing but the knowledge that this kid might be famous one day and wouldn't you like to be able to say... "I picked their name".


  1. Well, keeping with the animal or fairytale theme:



    Fairy child?


    Uh. . . .Tinker Bell?


    How about. . . you stick with Peach Blossom? :-) Have you guessed that I'm sure you are having a little girl?

    By the way, your comments on my blog lately have been funnier than the posts have! Thanks for that! they've made me laugh so hard!

  2. Bragging rights on name giving is a reward in and of itself. Although I'm pretty sure I won't be snatching that victory, all I could come up with was spider, caterpillar, worm and unicorn. Not exactly as charming as Lion or Dragon. My two year old is looking at Dragon's photo right now and assuming it's his own, as every photo ever taken has to be of him. My little ego maniac. ;)

  3. That's funny. I was going to say similar names to Lisa. Like Peaches or a Fairy Princess name like Tink.

    For a boy Monkey or Moose or something fun like that.

  4. I am with Boy Mom. I mean, we live in a different country for crying out loud! I just can't stand not knowing. I think I could come up with a better name if I knew the sex.

    Just saying...

    And, Lisa is so right. Your comments are usually better than my posts as well. Ever thought about being a ghost writer?

    Now, what is the sex again?

    Hmm...not fooling you, huh?

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Here's a few suggestions. Sorry if I have doubled up on what is already a family name - I lose track.

    My favourites are the top 4 in the order they are here.

    Some of them I don't have 'cootsie' names for. They are just animals that I think are available (ie. someone else in the family doesn't already use that 'mascot').

    * Tiny Tiger
    * Echidna (Puggle while it’s still a baby)
    * Little Leopard
    * Seahorse (small fry)
    * Little Lorikeet
    * Baby Bilby
    * Kookaburra (could be Cookie for short – or Kookie?)
    * Owl
    * Darling Dolphin
    * Eagle
    * Jellyfish
    * Turtle (hatchling)

  6. Chimera beat me to my suggestions, which were:

    Rainbow Lorikeet for a girl.

    White bellied Sea Eagle for a boy.

  7. I've got a few suggestions...

    -brown bear

  8. I like tiger or spider for a boy (even though spider might not work considering your aversion to spiders). Both sound tough like your other boys names.

    For a girl, Petal. Sounds delicate and may warn big brothers off being rough. Or perhaps Little Lamb (I guess this could be for a boy as well though not as tough sounding).

  9. I like the Spider, Tiger, Monkey suggestions. Probably wouldn't work for a girl baby perhaps. I'm not real good at little girl names.
    There was a show on the ABC forever ago that had a Lion, Dragon and a Panda in it - so I'm going for Panda.
    Rowan suggests Squirrel and Nathan prefers Hedgehog - wonder why?

  10. Peach Blossom. Regardless of the gender. King Rick's brothers used to call him Blossom. Someone famous has a girl called Peaches, don't they.
    So it works either way.

  11. I like Sandra's choice of Panda. Lion and Dragon are sort of kingly animal names, so you need to keep the status (is that statii?) equal. I'll keep thinking.


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