Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mr Clothing Optional and an open letter to Playschool

The dumping ground of Mr Clothing Optional
"I decided not to put my pants back on mum"

That's 4 pairs of pants and 1 pair of PJ's.

Dear Playschool,

First I would like to say thank you. Thank you for providing a high quality half hour show for my kids to watch (three times a day if I need it). Thank you for the endless craft ideas you have given me for my kids to refuse to participate in. Thank you for giving me a daily reminder to feed my kids morning tea. I relish the cries while I am in the middle of something "MUUUUM, Playschool's over, can we have morning tea?" it sounds strange, I know, but it means that nap time is just around the corner.
I often like the suggestions at the end of the show, you know the ones... "You might like to build a block tower or play in some sand... goodbye" But your suggestion on Monday left a sour taste in my mouth... "You might like to measure how tall you are" DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT IS AN INTELLIGENT THING TO SUGGEST TO SMALL CHILDREN WITH ACCESS TO TEXTAS?
My pottering around was severely disrupted when I heard the words "now you measure me against the wall" coming from my sweet little four year old. This was not before he had apparently measured his little brother 15 times at varying heights (and one where he grew significantly right in the middle of the measuring) and also the pet crocodile.
So Playschool, I present you with this...
You owe my children 2 minutes of their life back each to replace the 2 minutes each they spent in time out for following your suggestion.
You owe me one magic eraser. I would ask for more but I doubt there is much you can do about my sanity being severely shaken after that little episode.


    Magic erasers should be given to every parent to help save children's lives.
    Love the crocodile's measurement.
    Nathan is still the little fashionista and goes through multiple clothing options a day at times and throws his reject choices on the floor. Very frustrating. My heart goes out to you.

  2. When toddler MMcT scribbled in my Bible about 27 years ago I grew very attached to that Bible, partly because it contained her first work of art. The scribble was in Proverbs in the vicinity of Chapter 31. You could read a lot into that.
    BTW I thought you wanted the boys to be more interested in drawing?

  3. You have to love them. You HAVE to. Btw...everyone of my bathrooms are also a collecting site for Katie's bottoms. That's so funny! Thank goodness she at least pulls her panties back up. But I AM so jealouse that the boys are still taking naps. Katie's been done for about 9 months at least unless we're in the car at what should be naptime...then she can't fight it.

  4. Should I laugh? Can I laugh?

    Because I am laughing.

    Don't will come back on me at some point when my little one does this.

  5. Oh yes, I had a lovely mural in the hall. I hadn't heard of Magic Eraser back then but white toothpaste (not gel) cleans it up nicely!

    Oooohhh! Can I be the official blog for the event....hehehe!

    Oh, and what does morning tea consist of? Do you really drink tea in the morning? (I hate tea)

  6. Oh dear. How cute! :) Love the croc getting measured also! :)

  7. OMGosh! I am sure I shouldn't be giggling, but I am :)
    Only because i have been there... more than a few times, although never at the suggestion of a tv show. LOL

  8. Momstheword- I have used the toothpaste thing before, any paste works, just not gel. I only had blue minty stuff :). Morning tea is our snack between breakfast and lunch, also called mornos, smoko, and probably other things in other states. No, we don't drink tea then. We often call our evening meal 'tea' so I guess it comes from that.

    Lisa- laugh away! I am very often laughing at what your little man gets up to:)

  9. At least you'll know if that croc grows an inch or two. ;) My boys often leave their clothes strewn about the house, something about running around in their underwear that just appeals to them.

  10. *LOL*!!!!!! I'm seriously laughing all by myself here.... especially where the little brother 'grew significantly'! ;)

    Greetings from the netherlands!

  11. LAUGHING...because it wasn't my kids. FOR ONCE.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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