Saturday, 9 May 2009

Random Photos

There seems to be a lot of photos of the boys on this blog but not to many of Mummy McT so here are a few.

Mummy & Dragon, starting their special 'Mummy Dragon Friday' Day, while Lion goes to Kindy and Daddy to work.

Another one with Lion

Lion pointing out the nuances of The Poky Puppy. "See what happens if you don't listen to your mummy?'

Above is Dragon's pet 'dog' Dusty. A closer look and you will see that Dusty the Dog is actually a pencil... yet he takes it for a walk often.

Captian Soggypants, terror of Frogs End and the seven backyards.

Skater boy... quite proud of his skateboard.


  1. Little Bear is loving those photo's & yelling out the subjects names (2 inches from my ear) each time I scroll down to the next one.

  2. What a different childhood they have from the previous generations. Every week they star in a new international episode of blogger. Mind boggling really, how things have changed.

  3. Okay, Mymmy McT needs to get a haircut that she is happy with before any further photos of her are blogged. This last one was a bit tragic.

    But my boys sure are cute...

  4. I just don't think your boys could be any more adorable!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Love seeing the Mummy, you are a darling family!

    Speaking of haircuts, does your hair love you being pregnant? Mine Grows like a rain forest when I've got a bun in the oven.

    The pencil dog cracks me up, they get attached to the strangest things.

  6. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!

    Last night Jonathan got attached to a ball inside a washcloth, so don't worry about the pencil. Not that you were, but know what I mean.

    Anyhow, adorable shots and kids! I just want to squeeze them!

  7. So Dragon has the same wonderful imagination as Lion. Throw my Teddy into the equation and they could all have a great imaginary time together.

  8. I'm almost never photographed myself, since I'm usually the one snapping the pictures. It's good to see some shots of you as well. Your boys are adorable and the picture of Soggypants is just delicious. I love the boots.

  9. Hello, I love your pictures. My boys have come to critic your pictures however. Nathan says that Dragon isn't old enough for a skateboard
    Rowan says we have Poky Little Puppy too and are you doing the MS readathon?
    Nathan now says he likes the skateboard. I think he would like one too. And Rowan's excited that you have 17 weeks to go with Peach Blossom. He is very taken with your floating baby.

  10. @ Sandra/Nathan: Lion was given the skateboard as a Christmas present, when he was 15 months old, by the owner of the local Skateboard shop. He thought it would 'corrupt' little Lion and make him a bit more edgy. As if Lion needed help with that.

  11. Mrs NB - Oh, you say the sweetest things :) I'll take your cuties off your hands any day.

    Boy Mom - Grow like the rainforest? My legs are getting their own little ecosystem happening! My head hair does grow a bit faster but the real problem is um, well, some other hair that doesnt usually get real long but when I'm pregnant, lets just say no short skirts for me. Too much info? You're welcome.

    Rowan via Sandra - I really hope your mum hasn't filled you in on the rest of this comment because you will be scarred for life...
    Please click on the "weeks to go" section of the floating baby until it says "weeks so far" I find that a lot less scary and I'd rather you reminded me that I have made it 23 weeks rather than that I have less than 17 left (it doesnt allow for 39 week deliveries). I'm kinda freaking out right now... 16 weeks and 1 sleep to go!!!!!! Hang on while I breathe into this paper bag...


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