Saturday, 30 May 2009

Tajmatent and a belly shot.

We are headed off on church family camp next weekend. We figured we had better set up the Tajmatent and check that all the bits and bobs were there and we knew how to do it so we didn't look like fools when we set it up in front of people next weekend (I don't mind looking like a fool occasionally, but if it can be prevented with a little forward planning then it makes sense to plan). Good news... It's all there! Better news, Wolf and I still love each other after this feat!

It's a 3 room tent with a massive fly but we decided that we didn't need to set up the posts for the fly as well so it's going to be bigger next weekend. I LOVE IT. I always hated going to sleep in a tent and feeling like the walls were closing in on top of me... this one has plenty of room!

The boys have decided we have a bedroom, an eating room and a storage room. The plan is sort of along those lines... a bedroom where we all sleep together, a storage room for all our stuff and an entryway/grand hall/ballroom type thing that will serve as shelter from rain if when that happens.

We had to keep calming the boys down because running around tents is not a good idea... I showed them that I have the scar to prove it. sidenote: I have always hated my scars but they have started serving a purpse, warning my kids... THIS is why you must wear shoes when you ride a bike... THIS is why you shouldnt run around tents... THIS is why you must be careful with hot coffee (okay, so that last one was only a couple of months ago and hopefully the massive scar will fade over time but they remember the tears and the bandages and chemist laughing at me when I had to ask if when the burn heals will my milk ducts heal over?) So we had to have cuddles and calm down time and tears and stuff regularly.

Forget feeling like sardines in this tent, we can fit a WHALE! Nope, sorry, that's just me :) Another side note: Those pants are so darn comfy! They are roll down waist Bonds trackydacks, a little more expensive than regular trackydacks but SOOOO worth the money! Actually I think they call them "running pants" or something fancy like that because they don't have a fleece lining like trackydacks... I don't think anyone really thinks I am about to go running though.

Now, "the tent" seems like a boring name for such a grand structure (with a ballroom)... any thoughts?


  1. Monastery springs to mind, Castle McTavish has possibilities.

  2. In that photo it looks like you don't have any legs because your pants must be the same colour as the tent floor (on my monitor anyway).

  3. Wow, that tent is huge. Glad to hear your marriage is still in tact. I was just wondering how you went this afternoon.

    Looks like there is enough room for all of us if I can convince uncle wilbie to go camping. Ha, ha! Maybe next year in our own tent - that is if it is a tent since we have never checked.

  4. What an awesome tent! Ours is big but not that big!!! :-) You are looking lovely! Great photos!

  5. I think "Wolf's Tardis" would suit nicely!

  6. Every one's agreed. We think your tent is awesome!
    I snorted while reading about your question to the chemist after your coffee burn. Difficult to explain to the two small sets of ears.
    They do need their ears cleaned, I said look there's the 3 of them in the tent and can you see Peach Blossom? Nathan thought I said Peach Bottom and that was hilarious.
    And then they had some conversation about how many boys and girls would be in the family after PB's arrival. It got confusing.
    Have a great camping trip!

  7. Cute belly, huge tent! Aren't you glad it isn't the other way around?!

    BTW. you really know how to camp...bringing your own ballroom and all! Very impressive!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. Great tent - you could fit another 10 kids in there!!!! Hope you have fun using it!
    I like tajmatent - it made me laugh when I saw the picture - very fitting!

  9. That is SUCH a cool tent. I'm never really been camping before, but I could definately consider it in a tent like that! If only the sections could be soundproofed so I wouldn't hear my hubby snore! And that adorable belly was not missed. You look amazing!!

  10. That's a lot of room for 4 people, lol. I remember fitting 6 people in a much smaller tent ;) (Not for long, mind you. The littlies weren't so little for long!.. and then it was 2 in their own tent and 4 back in the other :)).

  11. @Mum-me - Nope, no legs, it means I'm no longer hitting my shins on things...

    @Kate - I am willing to lease out our ballroom if you need it:) I hope you do have a tent in the box but if not I'm sure we can rig something up from the aluminium plates it claims to contain.

    @Saint Bernard - Sorry, I should have specified - No references to anything science fiction will be tolerated on this blog ;) Don't tell Wolf I said that... boy could that get me in trouble!

    @Mrs NB - You just never know when you may be required to host a grand soiree at short notice with waltzing and canapes and plenty of small talk.

    @Renata - 10 Kids???? no thanks.

    @Julie B - Soundproofing??? why didn't I think of that????

    @Leah - I camped like that too, it made me all the more determined to get a BIG tent now. There are things we can learn from generations past...

  12. Oh my, I could live in that tent. It's amazing. And your bump-baby is so adorable. You're not whale-ish in the least.

  13. This is one huge tent! When we camped, we used a two-person (which really means one-person) pup tent. It leaked. :-) Have fun on your camping trip.

  14. This post came up at the bottom of your latest - so I thought I'd better have a read, and I'm glad I did, because now I have documentary evidence that YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO NOT COME ON CHURCH CAMP THIS YEAR! :)

    I reckon we all get there early, set ourselves up and post a sign saying, 'You have been warned. Babies and children "sleep" here."


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