Monday, 1 June 2009

Completely not related to anything

  • I rid my sisters house of a big creepy grey spider today... by taking it in my car while it was crawling on my arm. I just about crashed the car trying to pull over and get it off me when I found it. I flung the door open and started freaking out when it started to try and climb up my sleeve... I had visions of myself stripping my shirt off in the middle of the street... I wouldda done it if I had to, if I hadn't managed to flick it off into the street where it hopefully got run over by some great big 4 wheel drive.
  • I bought a big tarp for camping this morning. There is a lot of stuff at Anaconda that I could easily have convinced myself that we "needed" if we had the money, but really, for one weekend camping trip that may end up in Wolf swearing off ever going camping again I didn't think it was worth it... and we probably don't need any of it even for a 6 month camping trip.
  • Anaconda is so much easier when you leave your kids with their Grandma so you don't have to worry that your kid is going to be ringing the bell at the top of the climbing wall any second. I always kinda panic in there with my kids alone that I am going to hear my kids call out "hey mum, look at this" and find my kid has climbed 10 metres off the ground without the harnesses or anything. I don't like that rock wall.
  • I woke up with a headache this morning that I have been medicating all day with panadol and caffeine but it seems to have finally left me at 10pm tonight. Don't worry grandparents, I'm not caffeinating your new grandchild...I looked up the recommended daily maximum intake when I was pregnant with Lion and someone accused me of caffeinating my unborn baby when I had one can of coke. I can have the equivalent of 3 shots of espresso in a day... each can of coke is 1/3 a shot of espresso so I can have 9 cans of coke in a day... I wont because I'm guessing there are other things like huge amounts of sugar and acidy stuff that probably aren't real good for either of us.
  • Origin is on Wednesday night. YAY! Wolf is messing with my head, not-so-yay. When he wants to mess with me he decides that he is still a little blue roach NSW supporter and is going to turn our children into dirty little roaches Blues as well. Then when he is feeling sensible and level headed he thinks that maybe he is feeling more like a Queenslander and that I should buy the boys Maroons jerseys for when they go watch the game on the big screen at church with him on Wednesday.
  • I know we will forget something we need for camping when we go away this weekend. Good thing that we are only going a grand total of about 20 minutes from home... Yep, that's right... Our church goes to all the far flung places for their camps.
  • It rained on us as we were leaving the shops today. Those big fat soak-you-real-fast drops. It only looked kinda drizzly as we looked outside from the shops but we were soaked real quick. Dragon got the wettest for some reason. Lion thought it was quite funny that my belly was quite a bit wetter than the rest of me since it sticks out quite a bit further "look, the baby got wet too". I know it doesn't look like it from the photo but he thought it was so funny getting so wet. I also have to confess that because of the rain I left my trolley abandoned in the middle of the carpark and didn't return it to the trolley return.
  • Putting bullet points in with blogger really annoys me. They just don't like to cooperate. And when it all goes completely wrong ctrl-z doesn't work... you have to actually figure out how to fix what you just accidentally did.
  • The chick that seems to work the parcel pick up lately at coles is funny. She is so chatty which is lovely but she is a ditherer. Grabbing a pen is not as easy as reaching into her pocket to pull one out... she has to fish around in there for ages and then she gets the cord from the register board caught up on the handle of the trolley and then she gets flustered and then she drops something and then when she goes to pick that up she drops something else... I like her... she makes me look coordinated.
  • We made calzones and pizza for dinner tonight. Lion likes to make calzones but I prefer normal pizza. These special everyone-helps-out pizzas are usually something we do when daddy is away and my friend comes over and has dinner with us but poor Wolf always misses out. So I figured tonight we would do them with him there too and I had a whole bunch of different cheeses I needed to use up. The boys had ham and pineapple calzones and I made a small cherry tomato and feta pizza for an appetizer and then I made a 4 cheese, ham and pineapple and caper pizza for Wolf and I. Not my usual pizza but I didn't think of doing this until after I had done the shopping. I like prosciutto, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, capers, boccincini and parmesan. YUMMY! The boys ALWAYS have ham and pineapple... one day I'll convince them to branch out. They usually at least taste the capers or the sun dried tomato but decide not to put them on their pizza.


  1. This post made me crack up! LOL! Especially the thought of you in the middle of the street with no shirt looking for that spider! HA! :-) Thanks for the random thoughts, they made my day!

  2. I'm sure your sister was very glad you took that spider away from her house. The spider probably wasn't so happy about the situation.

  3. They don't let the kids near that wall unless they've paid :P

    And my favourite pizza remains Ham & Pineapple :) (It was all I ate as a kid... but I do now like Meatlovers and Chicken and will put up with a few others.)

  4. LOL - I think you´ve found a whole new pest removal idea - watch out next time she´ll just slip in a bag of mice/toads etc when you´re not looking!!!
    I would have the same reaction to a climbing wall - stay far, far away!
    Those pizza´s sound delicious!

  5. I had a similar spider experience driving my minivan on the highway and I almost rode myself in to a ditch. I actually just pulled into a gas station and squealed until a car wash attendant came over and removed the offending arachnid, but if it had actually landed on my person while I was driving, I'm pretty sure I would have died a theatrical fiery death.

    And the calzone and pizza dinner...yum.

  6. You could do the Random Tuesday Post with Keeley too.

    Anyhow, glad the headache has gone and that you are getting ready for camping. I'd like to go camping at some point, but we never seem to get around to it. And I hate sleeping on the ground. My back and Hubby's knees wouldn't take it well. Still...if we had that tent you guys Like a tent mansion! Whoo-hoo!

  7. I can't get over the whole spider incident!!!! Nurse Boy always warns me that I am NOT ALLOWED to crash the car over spiders and insects. I tell him that I can't think straight, but I will do my best. And, I never know if my best will be good enough. I guess it just depends on how big the spider is!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. @ Mum-me - yes I am happy that she removed the spider.

    @ Renata - Mice? Toads? Just how bad do you think the situation is at my place?

    @ Mummy McT - Aren't you glad it wasn't one of our resident huntsman's. Always look on the bright side.

  9. You and your spiders!!!!!

    I would have crashed the car and then ripped my shirt off....screaming the whole time.....not kidding either, lol!

  10. I enjoyed Chimera's comment. I'm glad you could help her out. I do like the sound of your pizzas, yummo!
    We got a letter from Anaconda the other day saying they were dumping 40 tonnes of snow in their car park on the weekend and having free toboggan rides. Are they doing it up your way too? Just curious how snow would go there.

  11. @Leah - yeah, they don't let kids get hooked up in harnesses and stuff unless they pay but since no one there is ever particularly interested in serving me instead of chatting to their mates I'm guessing they wouldnt be really on the ball to notice a 4 &2 year old slipping under the ropes to scale it sans harness.

    @Lisa - My mind seems to only be working in random mode lately.

    @Mrs NB - you have reminded me of a story I shall blog...

    @Sandra - I saw them advertising it online but couldn't find anything about the local store... Somehow I don't think it would work real well up here... since tonights min is headed for a freezing cold 18C.

  12. Oh, do they only have ropes around it now? They used to have an actual fence. I still think they'd be v. careful re: kids on the wall... everyone is paranoid about being sued these days.


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