Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wolf's Birthday Post

Tuesday 12th was Wolf's 39th Birthday. We didn't have a present that morning for him because I wasn't sure he had any books in mind to buy with his usual Angus & Robertson gift voucher (I know it would mean more if I bought the actual books he wanted but I would NEVER manage to get the right ones) so I thought I would let him know it was just money to spend this year.

The boys made him some lovely cards and I wrote the required messages in them. We went off to playgroup and Wolf went off to watch Star Trek. I didn't want a hurried birthday dinner for him and since he had a meeting that night we decided Wednesday would be his birthday dinner. We had a lovely steak, salad that he found in a magazine and wanted me to try, bread rolls and of course... the Birthday Chocolate Pie.

I NEED to decorate cakes, so a birthday PIE causes me some problems. I decided that I would reduce myself to cream in a can and we could just cover it with that and I would try to convince myself that it was decorated. We chucked on some candles (he didn't want 39 for some reason) and the boys thought it was super yummy!
I know it wasn't as good as his mummy makes, I know it never will be. People try to encourage me by saying that "your boys will do this to their wives one day" but I have come to realise that no, my boys think that poo on toast made by a grandparent beats anything mummy can churn out. Not that any grandparent has or would serve them poo on toast. But I happen to think it was a pretty good batch this year and I do think I got some bonus points by making my own crumb crust instead of buying a pastry shell.
Now, it may not be as good as Nano's but I think these two enjoyed it!

Then today we went to the Stihl shop to pick out his birthday present... it was a little more expensive than a few books but we are practical with presents around here, if you need it then there's a good chance you'll get it as a present.
So I found out a lot about "nippa-nippa's" today. Whipper snippers come in bent shaft or straight shaft. There is a maximum cord size for each type and only the straight shaft have interchangeable heads. We were leaning towards the biggest of the bent shaft until we mentioned guinea grass. Mr Stihl man said guinea grass would trash one of the "little" whipper-snippers so we needed to go for at least the smallest of the straight shaft and very likely use a blade on the end. So, we are now the proud owners of a guinea grass eating straight shafted whipper snipper with an extra blade attachment. My edges look so nice and tidy. At least the 70% of them that got done before it ran out of the complimentary fuel that comes with it.

"Eat whippper snipper cord, guinea grass"

The Stihl man was so very impressed with the kids behaviour that he gave them some super cool hats (he said some mums let their kids run feral in a shop filled with chainsaws and other assorted bladed power tools... WHAT????) the boys were so thrilled with their hats and so were we, they are really good quality hats that they didn't take them off all day! My sweet boys even took along their wallets and offered to help pay for some of daddy's "nippa-nippa". I have such lovely kids!

I wanna be just like my Daddy!

Daddy said to keep my toes out of the way!

So Happy Birthday my WONDERFUL WOLF!


  1. Judging from the size of those bites I'd say they loved it!! Precious picture of your son holding his feet and keeping 'em safe!

  2. Aren't they photogenic? Dragon will have to call that t-shirt his Stihl shirt now - he looks so colour coordinated.

  3. What a wonderful reward for being good & how thoughtful was it of the man at the shop to show his appreciation to the boys.

    Lion is just looking way too grown up with powertools in hand & his cap on. But both of them look cute as always. Glad Wolf enjoyed his birthday.

  4. I love the little differences in Aussie and American terms. We have a Weed Whacker, it holds a special spot in my heart right next to the shop vac.

    The boys are so darling in those hats. Way to keep them tame Mummy.

    We have something else in common, Adorable Hubby would rather have chocolate pie with cream then any other dessert.

    Happy Birthday Wolf!

  5. Happy birthday again brother Wolf!

  6. Congratulations, son of mine, so glad you decided on a Stihl Whipper Snipper, and a straight shafted on at that. I guess I didn't tell you but I bought one last year (straight shaft), so at last your Mum gets the edges done when I mow (as does Grandma, when I mow her lawn). I think they are great, except I always end up getting covered in dirt and grit and have even had blood spilled when small stones have hit my unprotected legs.
    So glad to hear you had a nice birthday - guess we never got back to you after "J" rang you on your birthday (and she only remembered because we told her), so as we said then HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and many more yet. Next year is the big Four Oh (how do you spell 0?)!!! Hope you liked Star Wars, your Mum and I intend to see it before it goes off. Love yas all.

  7. This is exactly what Hubby wants. Not for his birthday, just because. He's been talking about it for a year. I kid you not. IT is

    Well, any hoo...happy b-day Wolf.

  8. Happy Belated to Wolf. And now I'm in the mood for pie...and yard work. I'm kidding about the pie. ;)


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