Sunday, 17 May 2009

GREAT grandma!

A bunch of us trundled over to my grandma's on Thursday night for dinner. I took along the camera because I never remember to get photos of the boys with their great-grandma. I nearly forgot again except that Grandma wanted some other photos taken and that reminded me that I needed to get mine in.

To keep Little Bear still she got to wear her mum's "princess bracelet" until He-Man himself flogged it. He looks oh-so-tough in his precious gems doesn't he? That's my Dragon.

So we got one of Dragon, Grandma and Lion.

One of Little Bear, Grandma and Cheetah.

And one of Grandma and Cheetah after Little Bear didn't want to sit for the camera anymore.


  1. I'm sure Grandma would love a hard copy of that one, especially if we photoshop the sunspots that she had just had treated.

  2. They are all nice photo's. Would love a copy of the better ones.

    At least Dragon's pose is manly(ish). I find it hard to beliee that you got a good expression from Cheetah in at least one of the hundred photo's you took :-)

  3. What adorable children. Dragon, you're such a manly man! Wow, that Cheetah is a looker, and those dimples, Cuutie!

    Dragon and Lion are so cute with Grandma, love the matching outfits.

    I wouldn't be able to even look at these pictures if I was hormonal and pregnant. I'd not be able to see through the tears.

  4. Awww, these pictures will always be cherished.

  5. Boy Mom- unfortunately we left it so late to take the photos that I had put the boys in their pj's in the misguided hope that they would fall asleep on the way home. But they are cute little pj's that great-grandma had given them for Christmas! They say 'my dad's stronger than your dad'. So cute!
    And I totally agree about cheetah, we've got some good genes flowing here:) I'm sure chimera will pass on your compliment to him, and then he'll go all silly but be secretly stoked.

  6. Sweet. Your boys and Chimera's children are so beautiful. Little Bear is such a doll.
    Like your boys pjs. Wolf must be very strong.
    It's nice to have photos with great grandmas, to keep memories strong in (many) years to come.


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