Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day One.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives... um, nope, well it is, but isn't every day? I never got that saying.

Today is the first day of....

I am just a little excited. Wolf hasn't had any significant amount of time off (like, more than a day for anything other than being sick) since January last year... 18 months ago! I will have Wolf home for 4 weeks straight!

We'll see if I am still this excited by Wednesday.

We have lots planned, I am hoping we do at least one day trip each week and the last week we are hoping to head up to Cairns/Atherton/Port Douglas/Somewhere North of Here to have a real get-away-from-everything holiday (our anniversary falls in that week too... second honeymoon with kids in tow maybe?... maybe not). The last time we had a holiday that was just a holiday and didn't involve Wolf visiting one of the other stores to fix/train/placate something or someone or wasn't visiting family was... well, I can't remember, it was pre-Dragon days I'm pretty sure, possibly pre-Lion days! I am so looking forward to getting away! We had so much holiday time owing that we got/will get paid out for some of it so that helps to pay for actually going away for a bit.

Other than that we are cleaning! Monday is 10 weeks to baby so we have lots to get done to make room for person #5 in this little house. Wolf and I have quite different cleaning styles. It makes us want to kill each other causes lots of "discussions" when we clean together. One thing that needs to get done is the double garage needs to be cleaned out (we only need one side so the other is storage). Hopefully Wolf will just reverse the ute up to the roller door and leave me alone to start throwing things out. At one stage (getting ready for baby #2) I got a ute load ready for the dump but we never got around to borrowing the ute to take it so it has integrated back into the rest of the chaos. The ute now (and has for over 12 months) lives at our house on semi-permanent loan so we can do this any time but it's a BIG job. Thankfully not a back breaking one so I can do it without too much interference help. It'll only be once I get to the section that has been our home office (yes, in the garage, we are all class and a little strapped for space) that I'll need to get Wolf to move boxes of books and such. Once that is all figured out hopefully I can start looking for a small second hand chest freezer to store leftovers and bulk meat and stuff... shh, don't tell Wolf... we are yet to discuss that one.

So, where might we head to on our day trips??? Paronella Park, Balgal Beach (maybe a night or two in the family beach hut) Charters Towers or Ravenswood to let the boys go feral in the dirt and try to find some gold that they missed back in "the rush" or explore the gun hides from the war, I am sure there will be a visit to Frosty Mango for some icecream somewhere in the 4 weeks. I have an invite to a ladies day at Magnetic Island next Sunday with the girls from my mummy group. We met at antenatal classes with our firsts and have just kept catching up and adding to our families as the years have passed. I think I might be spending my birthday money on that one since it's not like I'm popping out for coffee with the girls, there's the ferry across, bus pass once there, my friends all married "well" and many of them have gone back to work so lunch wont be at the local fish'n'chip shop, they are classier than me that. Me, well, I pick and choose which things I go to, moderation is the key:) This one sounded like a lot of fun though!
There are some little repairs that need to happen around the house too... things that when we were talking of moving I made a mental list of what we would need to fix up before we could sell... we then decided that we can't sell up at the moment and we'll just make do but I though "you know what, why should we be living with a screen on the laundry and servery that don't unlock anymore, bathroom fittings that are yellow and breaking and yucky, etc... We deserve to have doors that work and fittings that look nice so we should just do them for us! Why fix them for someone else and ignore them for us?" So those are my small goals... about $100 worth of fittings for the bathroom in something that isn't white plastic, a locksmith to fix the two broken screen latches, doing our darndest to try to remove the dodgy screw from the shower screen to replace the broken bit with the new bit we have had sitting there for ages but can't put in because we can't get the old screw out to stop the screen opening in the wrong place. Geez, one of them is even free, next to impossible but free none the less.
Holidays here we come!


  1. Hope you all have a wonderful time and that you accomplish all you desire from your list!


  2. Woo hoo! Hope you all have a wonderful and productive time.

  3. Have a fantastic time!!! - the day trips sound like fun & the big trip as well (I have lots of rellys up that way, so we always went to Cairns/ Tablelands for holidays as kids) - it really is beautiful!
    Cleaning - well that doesn´t sound like so much fun, but hey it will be worth it when it´s done!

  4. 4 weeks of fun~ and, well, cleaning! Reading your post, it sounds as if you are "nesting". I do this with all of my pregnancies. I drive Nurse Boy CRAZY with all of my lists for him as I try to perfect the space for our new arrival.

    I will be praying for Wolf!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy :0)

  5. Your four weeks sounds well-planned and busy!! There are ALWAYS things that need taken care of at our house. Isn't that always the case? I remind myself to be thankful that I have a home even if it needs a little more TLC! There was a day when I was living in a garage apartment in my mother's backyard! Quaint might describe it... :-)


  6. I love my husband, but having him home for four weeks. Yikes!

    Anyhow, it sounds like you guys are going to have a great time!

    I hope we will get photographs and lots of stories from it all!

  7. @Mrs NB - Sadly for Wolf it's not nesting. I think he prays for me to nest but it hasn't happened so far. This is just the first time we have had a chance to do one of these big cleans. Poor timing really. I have no desire to do this it just has to get done.

  8. @Lisa - What can I say... I live my life to blog it (hahaha)... there will be photos... there will be stories... I cannot promise they will be good or interesting but they will come.

  9. Sounds like a busy 4 weeks. My goodness. Hope you can balance the trips and the cleaning, to get enough of both in. 4 weeks is a good long stretch though, long enough to crack the whip and squeeze in some downtime. :)


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