Friday, 19 June 2009

My Monobrowed Mini Man

Have you ever traced your kids hands? They stick their pudgy little hand down on the paper, you pull their fingers apart enough to get a pen between them and you trace around their hand.

Dragon loves this. He could go for hours with this one activity. Wolf and I on the other hand tire quite quickly. Dragon is starting to try to trace his hands himself, and he's not doing too bad considering he often swaps hands half way through.

So what does this have to do with anything? And certainly what does this have to do with THIS...

Well, I had been doing something so Dragon had been trying to trace his own hands. He then called out "trace my lips mummy?" "No, you can't trace your lips" and I went back to what I was doing... "trace my head mummy?" "No, you can't trace your head" and I went back to what I was doing... and apparently I was wrong, you can trace your head. Sometimes the pen slips a bit and you draw a monobrow on yourself and a little wisp of a whisker on your chin but you can do it. Here is the tracing he did...

What? You can't see his face in that??? You just aren't looking hard enough.

Sometimes you get some on your fingers too.


A gem from my darling Lion too...

"Oh Lion, I just want to keep you this big forever! I love you at this age"

"No Mummy, I do want to grow up!"

"But I want to keep you like this forever" (he'd just done something really cute but I can't remember what)

"But Mummy, I need to grow up..." mummy expects some explanation that you can't stop people growing up or something rational and beyond his years like he usually pulls out in these discussion...

"I love birthday parties, so I need to get older!"


  1. Hand tracing is a much loved activity in our house, too. Hands look a lot like a bunch of lines, because Ralph just does the in between the fingers bit.

  2. Of course! The birthday parties! I mean, how can you argue with that logic???

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. Having to wait a whole year until your next birthday party must seem like eternity to little fellows. Of course getting invited to your friends parties in the mean time helps ;)
    I must get out our Hairy Mclary stencil book next time he is over.

  4. Very creative. I can see the face and lips in that drawing! Really.
    They both are too sweet.

  5. Oh yes, the birthday parties -that's the incentive we all have to keep getting older!!!LOL
    Fantastic monobrow, but I'm afraid even after some hard looking I still couldn't see the face on there - but then I don't hav an artistic eye!

  6. My two year old loves the hand and foot tracing, he'd do it all day if I let him. Luckily it has never occurred to him to trace his head, although there are plenty of times he's tried decorating his face with a washable marker. Mostly I try to keep them out of a garbage can preferably. Your monobrowed boy is absolutely adorable, all is forgiven with that face. And Lion is wise beyond his years, there is no better reason for birthdays than cake. :)


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