Thursday, 25 June 2009

Dragon like pink

This post returns to the contining saga of a Dad's concern about his son's attraction to pink girlie things.

The other day Lion and Mummy McT went to a Birthday party, one which Dragon had not been invited to and he was a bit distraught about that. Nothing seemed to have worked to console him, I had even said to him that we could go out and do a Daddy/Dragon thing like take a drive in the ute, but after half an hour of tears and 'No!'s I gave up and let him sook. Finally Dragon stopped crying and walked off into his bedroom.

'Do you want me to read the Grumpies book?' I asked

'No!' came the reply

'Do you want Daddy to read something to you or do you want to....'


'OK, let me know when you want to be civil?'

Not long after that I hear him talking to himself. 'I want ride in Drandads (granddad's) ute. Yeah, Drandad's ute, I want go shopping. Shopping in Drandad's ute. Daddy said he take me shopping in Drandad's ute. I want Daddy/Dragon day in Drandad's ute and go driving to the shops..... Dad! Dad! I not crying anymore! You take me shopping in Drandads ute, we go to the shops!'

So off we went.

'Dad, you buy me something at shops'

Well, maybe a t-shirt, I think and take him to look at the clothes. No luck, unless you want something that looks like the cover of an Alice Cooper Record or like it's come directly from a mural on an Aztec sacrifical temple. Skulls, bones and gore... I wonder what archeologists will make of our society if they uncovered the boys clothes section of Big W, 500 years in the future? Would they say our society used to ritually sacrifice our children to the god 'Pa'Ass Mah Tee Vee'?

Anyway we finally pick out a thin knitted jumper with a monster on the front, interesting since he never thinks he is cold and throws a hissy fit when asked to wear something warm. After promising that he will wear it when Mummy tells him too we walk out of the boys clothing section and run right into a 5 foot high fairy doll display...

'I want that!' pleads Dragon

'What?' says I pretending not to notice the pile of pink fairy girlie dolls.

'THIS!!' says Dragon draging out the one on the bottom of the pile

So now he has a decision: Pink Fairy Doll or Manly Monster Jumper.

Uhmmmm..... 'I want this one AND this one.' He decides.

'Uh no, just one, how about I take a photo of it and we'll show it to Grandma. Maybe she will get for your birthday.


Well, another close call avoided by a quick thinking Dad, and we both left with our masculinity intact.

I think he was happy with his monster jumper after all, and hasn't once asked about the fairy doll.


  1. Mousie says "Dragon - tell your daddy that my mummy will send money for you to buy it, for ME!"

    All 3 younger girls were so excited as we scrolled down through this post and saw the Thumbelina fairy doll! (Actually she's a Twitterbee.) But at $50+ I have been telling them all to wait until we can locate one 2nd-hand at the op shop.

    Now Mousie is saying "Dragon is so funny. He would like to come and play with our fairies and barbies."

  2. Sorry, me again. Kitcat wanted to come back and "... see Thumbelina on Dragon's blog...." I had to re-read the comment I wrote, and she has corrected me. Thumbelina in a Twillerbee, not a Twitterbee, and not a fairy. Trust Kitcat. She knows. She had watched the movie about a zillion times.

    Now satisfied I have correct my mistake, Kitcat is now 'fixing' all the chairs walls in the house with her toy tool kit.

  3. That was quick thinking! So, have you mapped out a couple of new routes to the boys' department yet?


  4. Quick thinking...but, how can one help but love pink?!

  5. There is sooo much I don't know. I had never heard of Tritterbees or Twillerbees and there is even a movie? I must be a really out-of-touch Granny after all :(
    BTW the monster on Dragon's jumper was eating the custard that got spilled down the front while Dragon was eating his dessert - it could be handy having a monster jumper.

  6. Oh, but it's so cute! Why can't Dragon have it?
    I'm glad he was happy with his lovely jumper.

  7. Good save Daddy, just don't let him watch Peter Pan.

  8. Jonathan wanted a Barbie one day in the store. Seriously I think it is just the bright colors that gets them, not the fact it is a "girl" or a "boy" toy so to speak.

    But I understand how uncomfortable it makes Daddy because Hubby is the same way! :-)

  9. Quick thinking! Phew! My Dimples used to proudly tell EVERYONE that his favorite color was PINK. It all started when he asked for a pink balloon at a restraunt and my brother told him he could pick any color BUT pink. That was all it took. He a pink were best friends for quite sometime!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  10. I think they just like the glittery colorful colors.

    I remember we taught preschool and then kindergarten at church. The boys loved to push the baby carriage around. It was more like "drive" it around.

    One boy's father came in and saw his son pushing a doll in a baby stroller around and I thought he was going to faint.

    He said "Dude, no, dude. We don't do that." i did tell him that all the boys did it but I don't know if it made him feel any better.

    My son went through his dark period. He only wanted to wear black and pretend he was in Star Wars. He loved pretending he was fighting aliens.

  11. HAHA! How cute! His new monster shirt looks GREAT!

  12. Nice save, Dad. I love the monster shirt. Fairies are overrated. I used to despise walking through the pink aisle of the toy store when my girls were little. It always reminded me of Pepto Bismol.

    My two year old loves wearing lady shoes and pushing around baby dolls in strollers. I haven't tried to dissuade him really, since I'm sure getting in touch with his nurturing side will help him be a good father some day. And it's always useful to know how to run in high heels. :)

  13. LOL - oh the quandary - a monster jumper or a fairy doll!!! Great jumper by the way - it sure is hard to get good boys clothes these days.


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