Friday, 26 June 2009


I'm interested...

It's multiple guess choice...

What is THIS...

A real live Barbie, doing in the testosterone laden McTavish household?

a) Has Mummy McTavish flipped her nut and gone out and bought herself a Barbie to try to fill a void from her childhood.

b) Is Mummy McTavish preparing the house for the pitter patter of little GIRL feet?

c) Has Mummy McTavish bitten off more than she can chew?

d) Mummy McTavish is really a fat, balding 54 year old man who is faking this whole thing and has a secret stash of Barbies that he plays with when he feels sad.

e) Insert your own crazy answer here.

Let me know...

I'll give you the answer when I'm good and ready, no committing to any times or dates here.

No prizes for guessing right.

I'd just like to know just how nutty you think I am


  1. Dragon! Dragon! Dragon! maybe?


  2. I can't even begin to imagine, but I have a feeling little Dragon has something to do with it. :-)

  3. LOL! Old man...Barbie stash...hahaha!

    Dragon was my first thought when I saw the pic!!! :P At least she is dressed in blue, right?! :P


  4. OK, honestly, I think it has something to do with Dragon.

    Secretly, I am hoping you are revealing the sex of the baby. But, I know you aren't. You just like to make me go crazy wondering.

    Or, maybe you were just hoping for some balance in that boy home of yours and have lost your mind and now spend your days having coffee and gossiping with a Barbie that you think is real. If I am right on this one, don't tell me! ;0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

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  6. I knew you were a fat, balding 54 year old man!

    Okay, so Dragon owning a blue fairy is somewhat less scandalous than him owning a pink fairy? I have to admit she is totally fabulous, Dragon has fine taste in plastic women. ;)

  7. I think it's to keep Dragon happy and to help you deal with your lack of Barbies as a child.
    Or you are giving it to little Bear for her birthday.


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