Sunday, 28 June 2009

Rocket Helmets

As promised in the last post here is the picture.

You know you are living in a predominately male house when 'Dolly Varden' cake tins are called rocket helmets. Both Lion and Dragon had a turn wearing the rocket helmet. Here is the best shot and, of course, we needed to substitute a normal mixing bowl so both boys could wear a helmet at the same time. I wonder if the 'Dolly Varden' tin was cleaned before the cake mixture went in because I hadn't washed the boys hair yet.

I had never heard of a 'Dolly Varden' cake or cake tin, and when it was first mentioned I thought Mummy McT was talking about a country and western singer and started smirking at the shape that the cake would be. However once, she disappointed me by explaining what it would really look like, I said 'Like those dolls that sit on the cistern and hide a roll of toilet paper under their dress'?'

'Yes, your such a boy.' replied Mummy McT , disgustedly


  1. I am pretty reserved when it comes to laughing out loud, but I couldn't resist with this post! You cracked me up with that whole "dolly varden" image!!


  2. How adorable!! But, of course those are rocket helmets!!! I mean, isn't it obvious????

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  3. Nice look!
    I too, even though of the female persuasion,was grateful for the explanation of a Dolly Varden tin. But Wolf's imagined version certainly puts it in a new light!

  4. I've never seen a dolly varden cake tin before although I have heard on them. After reading this post I now have you to thank for images of a Dolly Parton cake floating through my mind. That would be a big cake.


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