Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hello Dolly!

I realise now that the last post was badly timed if I wanted an answer that was anything other than "It's for Dragon". NO, we are not buying our boy Barbie dolls, blue or any colour. Wolf is actually quite fine with the whole doll situation and supports his boy's love of all things pink. He isn't so happy with the need for frilly handbags and for that matter neither am I. The pink pig handbag wild boar manbag is about as far as I think we will let that one get. So... no one got the right answer after yesterday. I am not a 50 something year old man who plays with Barbie dolls... I'm much younger than that. I am having children to fill my need for dolls that I didn't get as a child (I'm joking, don't comment on this one!). You are very right that I wouldn't tell you if it was for a girl of our own. All your other crazy answers were also not right. Although Sandra was close. Does this help????
Why, YES, that would be a Dolly Varden cake tin filled and sitting upside down in a newspaper stuffed saucepan...

That means the correct answer was c. Mummy McTavish has bitten off more than she can chew!

My sister is a great mum. But she does this thing for her kids birthdays... it's called a round chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I happen to love making kids birthday cakes. I made Little Bears 1st birthday cake last year and I offered to make myself the official "Chimera's Kids Birthday Cake Maker" when I asked if she was doing a special cake this year and I got told... "yeah, it'll be chocolate". So long story short...

Little Bear gets the doll, and a pretty birthday cake. I am sure I could have done better without kids around but hey, that's not likely to happen is it? I know you don't need to see it from every side but this is for my record too:)

It was supposed to be a Cinderella cake but when I went to buy the right doll yesterday Target had packed away all the Barbie stock to prepare to move it ready for the toy sale. I had to go with whatever I could get in Woolworths because I love little bear but I wasn't roaming all over town to find the "perfect" Barbie.

My house smells like sugar... I love that smell. I remember it from when mum used to make wedding cakes when we were little. Pearl dust is on EVERYTHING. That was my biggest frustration... it kinda clumped because it hasn't been used for so long and it didn't want to spread evenly or come off so she has a very uneven shimmer to her dress that I don't think you can see in these photos.

Also, lining a dolly varden tin is not easy... I hadn't even thought of how to do it until I had to actually get it done. You know you live in a boy house when a dolly varden cake tin is being called a "rocket helmet" by everyone. Hopefully Wolf will post the photos of the boys wearing it on here in the next few days.

So now all that is left to do is get the cake and the cake plate to the party without breaking either. Apparently this is exactly like a cake plate I broke when I was little. I feel no guilt, I don't remember it and I am sure if I needed to be I was punished at the time. My mother however likes to remind me that I broke it. I asked for a cake plate yesterday when I was picking up all the decorating stuff I needed and she said, I've got this one (large, but had a curved surface), and this one (smaller, less curved surface but no room for errors) and I'm not sure where it is but I have the one that is the same as the one you broke when you were little. I probably would have just called it the flat glass one with the scalloped edge but that's just me.

I wonder what Cheetah will want for his birthday cake when I have a not quite 1 month old... I hope it doesn't require a brain at all.

and yes, she does have a slight lean to her... I tried and tried and it just didn't want to even out:(


  1. That's so cool!
    Ducky has a Barbie doll the same as that, only it's pink!

  2. It's a beautiful birthday cake - you are very talented.

  3. Yeah!!!! I was nearly right! (doesn't happen often on these guess thingees)
    I have never seen a dolly varden cake tin - it sure does look tricky to work with. But what an absolutely amazing awesome cake. Hope little Bear likes it. Maybe she'll let Dragon play with the Barbie.

  4. You didn't get in any trouble for breaking the cake plate when you were little. It was an accident and you were just as sad as I was when it broke.

  5. Wow! What talent! I'm impressed.... Really impressed. I'm no where near your league with this one... When my husband was out of town, I decided to make my own out-of-the-box birthday cake one year. The icing stuck to the knife and tore the cake into pieces.... So my daughter and I turned it into a dinosaur wasteland and bought little dinosaur figurines as decoration!

    Funny about the cake plate.... Kind of like me reminding my husband that he was out of town on my birthday that year!


  6. :-O You didn't do the marshmallow dress! It has to have a marshmallow covered dress!!

    Kidding. It looks great :D

    I do love marshmallows though...

  7. @Possum- I almost got the pink one but I knew pink would be harder to match to the icing than blue.

    @Mum-me- Thank you.

    @Sandra- I think Little Bear liked it. She went all funny but we did eventually get some photos that will get posted at some point. Both boys like to play with Little Bear's doll house when we go over there so one extra Barbie might mean a few less fights... yeah right.

    @Grannysaurus- Okay, so the "constant" reminders of something horrible I did that was an accident is supposed to help me turn into a well balance adult? ;)

    @Roban- No one should make their own birthday cake but well done on the save! I have had that icing drama too... usually I have a back up plan (like your dinosaurs) but I didn't this time so I was REALLY relieved when it mostly went to plan. To fix the icing problem I blob the icing onto the top of the cake then to spread it I either heat up the knife (on the stove hotplate) or I wet the knife... I had many icing dramas before someone told me those tricks.

    @Leah- Marshmallows are YUCK. Unless they are roasted and black, I don't think that would make a nice fairy dress though.

  8. I had one of these cakes when I was little and I swear it was nowhere near this gorgeous! Wow! Your patience amazes me. That thing would have been crushed in a mili-second if the icing didn't go just as so and it wouldn't have ... because that's just how things go with me.

    Ugh! :-)

    But this is gorgeous! Let us know how the little one likes it.

  9. It looks completely amazing - you´ve done a fantastic job! Growing up in an all girl household we had many, many dolly varden cakes ( I think we liked getting the doll) - Ellie has already had a couple as well!!!

  10. Wow, the cake came out great! It looked professionally done! Loved the picture of your boys wearing cake pans...especially the "rocket helmet"...too cute!

  11. Wow, beautiful cake girl! I also made a Barbie cake - with a Belle Princess doll and dressed her in a pink Aurora dress (ok boy mom - those are the Disney princesses) for The Little Miss in January. But I did a soft icing dress - yours look so much more pro. And I also love making these cakes.


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