Monday, 27 July 2009


WOW, this is the 400th post here on

So... I thought I would share 400 incredibly boring things about myself. Hold on to your seats, this will be one fun post!!!!

Um, maybe not.

400 most used words in the english language with their roots and pronunciation... nope (oh those were some of THE most exciting lessons in all of my schooling... unfortunately it actually did come in handy one day just like they said it would, I hate it when they were right about those things).

400 famous photos that have been edited and then sent around in emails that you have all seen 400 times before... nope.

A recording of me counting to 400... no, but boy would that one be fun!

400 hoax emails that are so incredibly unbelievable but people keep sending them to me anyway... nope.

400 facts about my kids that they will be embarassed to hear about at their 21st parties... nope.

I'm at a loss.

perhaps I should just post the first day of our holiday... nah, still don't have the photos propper.

so... 400... ummmm.

400 random things you probably didn’t want to know about me... well, make that random things you didn’t want to know in 400 words.

1. I don’t like using the loo in the dark... or semi-dark. I find the brightest lit stall in public restrooms, it has taken me ages to get to the point where I don’t turn the light on (except on really dark nights) to go to the loo at night.

2. I ALWAYS eat my sausage in a blanket the same way. I didn’t know I did this until we started having Sausage Sizzle Sunday. I bite off one end of the sausage with a bit of the bread, then same on the other end, then the corners of the bread that are pointing up then I pull off the rest of the crust to eat and then I eat it equally from either end. I don’t know why, I don’t know I am doing it. I just do it every time.

3. I am an over. Are you an over or an under? Do you know what I am talking about? How do you like your loo paper coming off the roll? It’s gotta go over... really. I will change the date-roll in public loos, at friends houses, at church, I do it without thinking, it’s gotta go over.

4. I get abnormally excited about having avocado on toast for breakfast. REALLY abnormally excited... if I know it’s waiting for me in the morning I have trouble falling asleep because I just want to get up and have it then and there.

5. Wolf likes to get to work and have his cup of coffee. If he doesn’t get it he gets grumpy. He likes to follow it up with 2 cups of tea throughout the day. His work day is not right if this does not happen.

6. I don’t like scrambled eggs but I think I make the best scrambled eggs around. Except they almost always stick to the pan and that makes me really cranky.

7. I am crazy obsessive about stacking the dishwasher right. By “right” I mean “my way”. I’d rather put a couple of dishes through twice because they sat too close to each other than leave gaps and half the dishes still in the sink. That said, I NEVER stop my sweetie if he loads the dishwasher... well, I think I did once when I was really cranky at something and I took it out on his dishwasher loading skills... Sorry Wolf...

There you have it... 400 words of randomness... it happened to form 7 points which is totally not related to anything... I got one in from Wolf but he is apparently totally normal and has no obscure little bits of information to share on himself... that left it up to me to share all the juiciest little bits of information on myself... I’m not very juicy it turns out. Still.. 400 seemed like it needed to be marked in some way... perhaps not this way but there’s always 500 posts to celebreate!

Maybe I should have just asked if anyone wants to know anything about the McTavish family... you know, bank details for large deposits, how many rooms we would like in the house you want to build for us, stuff that you have been wondering and it’s gnawing away at you day and night but we just haven’t given you the opportunity to ask. So here is you opportunity... ask.


  1. Wow...400th post...that's impressive! I always have to have the light off in the bathroom when I use it in the middle of the night, the bright light wakes me up too much. I'm definitely an over girl when it comes to TP and like you, will take it off to turn it around if it hasn't been put on the roll right. Congrats on 400 posts!

  2. Wow...400th post...that's impressive! I always have to have the light off in the bathroom when I use it in the middle of the night, the bright light wakes me up too much. I'm definitely an over girl when it comes to TP and like you, will take it off to turn it around if it hasn't been put on the roll right. Congrats on 400 posts!

  3. Well... I used to be TP obsessive, but I really don't bother any more. I never even know which way I'm putting mine on the roll.... I just stick it on there and then look to see which way it's rolling! (A bit of curiosity I guess.) I love guacamole but don't eat just fresh avocados.... I guess I should give it a try. I'm not avocado-literate.

    And congrats on your 400th post.... Your other ideas sounded quite... interesting... so glad you decided to tell us more about you.... I'm close to my 100th post. I think I'll let it slip by and then go back to see what I wrote about. Or maybe not.... You gave me some good ideas here. The 100 most common cold remedies, the 100 most annoying habits of others...


  4. Ah, yes, going to the potty in the dark. I can do it at home, but not in a public restroom. No way. One never knows what is on the seat! Yikes!

    Ah, the dishwasher. Hubby loads it most of the time and most of the time I don't like how it is loaded, but I can't complain because after all he DID load it.

    I am an over too. I can't stand reaching under there to get the toilet paper off. What a serious pain in the butt. Hubby always puts it on wrong for me. He's getting better, though. I've been giving him lessons. He's been giving me lessons in certain gestures during my lessons, though, so I'm not sure it's working very well.

  5. Happy 400th Post!

    I completely understand the toilet paper thing - although I don't go so far as to change in it public toilets or friends' places.

  6. Happy 400th post. It seemed just the other day you hit 300. (or maybe I'm dreaming) 400 of anything I think is hard to pull off. Rowan would have been happy with the counting to 400 option. He's a real numbers man.
    Here's to many more!

  7. 400 posts ! Congrats - you've done well. I'm the same with toilet paper & I'll change it at most places too!
    When I was pregnant with the twins I craved avocados - I think I ate a bagfull every week at least - didn't stop me sleeping though!
    Great post- fun to learn more about you!

  8. I can't help feeling that you must have had a very strange upbringing. Are your mother or father responsible for any f these OC traits?

  9. Wow, I have known you forever and didn't know any of those very interesting facts. Proves you learn something new every day.

  10. Congrats! 400!? Wow. I can't even muster the motivation to post more than once a week lately. The random details were great...although I appreciate you not posting 400 of them.

    For the record I am an OVER and I won't eat scrambled eggs unless they've got ham or some other thing mixed in to them.

  11. 400 posts!!! You amaze me!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  12. @Everyone - So relieved I'm not the only whacko out there!

    @Grannysaursus... Totally my parents fault!

  13. Wow - congratulations! And I also like over, so not under.


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