Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another weekend...

another to-do list hardly touched.

I managed to get the dishwasher to run a couple of times, I kept the family fed, I put the washing machine on once, no one went naked, no one starved, no one got injured... not seriously anyway.

I did manage to achieve one thing that has been on the list for a while and needed to be done soon... like within the next 5 weeks. Since that list item was an arty-farty belly shot and after 5 weeks my belly will be more saggy-baggy than arty-farty.

It was a bit of a challenge. Since I had to do it myself. The editing took less time than the shoot. Not really happy with the shots I got as many of them were out of focus since I was using the remote for the camera and not quite able to see exactly where it was pointing or focusing but this was my favourite that was in focus so it was the one I played with.

So with 5 weeks to go from tomorrow things are getting even freakier... Baby's room - not at all ready for a baby. Mummy's brain - not at all ready for a baby. Baby's clothes - not at all ready for a baby. Daddy's brain - not at all ready for a baby. Big brothers - well, they are probably the most prepared of all... that's kinda scary in itself.

Apart from being so totally in love with this little bundle that is growing so quickly I am getting heartburn more frequently, getting more hardcore braxton hicks - perhaps I should write him another letter, getting more and more scary dreams.

The latest scary dream was so scary that I'm not sure I should share it... really, it had me freaked and I keep thinking about it all day every day since... it keeps coming back to me at the most inopportune times... freaking me out... making me nervous... making me itchy.

Yes, my latest freaky pregnant dream was that I had nits. LOTS of nits. My head was crawling with lice, I could see them on my pillow, I keep thinking about them and getting itchy, I am itchy now just writing this. I might go check my head AGAIN.


  1. Now my head itches... I am going to make Nurse Boy give me a head check... and it won't be the first time. When I was teaching 3rd grade, we had LOTS of cases of lice in my classroom. My head would itch for weeks and I would constantly have Nurse Boy look for bugs in my hair. Never found any, but it didn't make my head itch less.

    I LOVE your self portrait! Awesome shot and even more impressive now that I know you did it yourself. It looks professional!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. The belly shot is very interesting, and going by the many other belly shots I've seen around the blogs lately it is definitely in the right style. Personally I like to see a torso and head in the photo too. I mean, how do we know it's really your belly?

    I had some awful dreams when pregnant but the strangest would have had to be the one where I went for my 36week checkup and they took the baby out to give it a bath and then put it back again! The nurse assured me it was standard procedure at 38 weeks. I am not sure if it was the bathing of the unborn baby that scared me the most or the fact that they put it back!!

    I've had a few nightmares about headlice lately too, probably because that some people we recently visited confided in me (an hour AFTER my girls had been playing with theirs) that they had combed 300 nits out of their daughter's hair a few weeks ago. Now my scalp is crawling!

  3. Love the belly shot. Let me know if I can help with any of the baby preparations. You can bring me a load of little baby washing and I will gladly do it for you if you like.

  4. I think your self-portrait belly shot was a success. Very artsy! I don't think my brain would be ready either.... but you will be ready, at least ready enough!

    Once during this past school year, I really, really thought I had a problem like the one you dreamed about.... I didn't, but I was obsessing over it anyway!

    Hope your dreams are on the lighter side tonight!


  5. I think your self-portrait belly shot was a success. Very artsy! I don't think my brain would be ready either.... but you will be ready, at least ready enough!

    Once during this past school year, I really, really thought I had a problem like the one you dreamed about.... I didn't, but I was obsessing over it anyway!

    Hope your dreams are on the lighter side tonight!


  6. Ohhhhh my head is itchy now!! :)

    I LOVE that shot - you did a great job having to do it yourself, very impressive and very artsy!

    I had bizarre dreams when I was pregnant too - nightmares that would freak me out...

    Love that the brothers are ready but you and hubby aren't quite mentally prepared yet... :)

    Hope you get some restful sleep tonight - dream and nightmare free! :)

  7. I'm not so sure about Dragon being prepared :) He likes being the baby of the family. But once peach blossom arrives and Dragon finds that he is still loved just as much as always I think he will be happy to be a big brother.
    I've been reading up in the camera magazines and it really helps to give you ideas. Do you want me to give them to you?

  8. @Mum-me - Hopefully I can get something I like with my head in it to prove that the stretch marks are caused by pregnancy. I think I need to recruit some help for that one though. I love your dream... it's more along the lines of my regular pregnant dreams.

    @Grannysaurus - I don't think Dragon is ready to give up his "baby" status but he is certainly ready in other ways. I think for the photos I just needed to not be fitting it in when I had a few short moments with the right natural light and Wolf and the boys riding bikes on the street... then they came back and wanted to "help". It was at that point that things went down-hill. They make me VERY nervous around the tripod!

  9. Love the belly shot!

    My nightmares started after the baby was born. I kept dreaming that I'd lost him.

    I used to wake my hubby up every night because I was searching for the baby in our bed.

    One night my husband awoke because I was standing at the foot of the bed holding his foot.

    He asked what I was doing and I said "I'm looking for the baby" and hubby told me he was in his bed.

    I don't really remember any of that. All I remember is a vague memory of looking in the cradle and going back to bed.

    This went on for three weeks before hubby got a good night sleep!

  10. The belly shot it beautiful, very well done. You are doing so well!

    We went through lice with one of my nieces, not fun. I had crazy pregnant dreams, too. Cockroaches were my pregnant obsession. Terrifying. That and claustrophobia. That one hasn't left me.

    Re: your comment on my blog (Caves are fun!): Princess fell in love with caves last summer. I am less in love because I always end up carrying a kid, and there's no way to tell in advance how hard the cave will be. Some have been great. Others, nightmarish hellscapes. We're going to another one tomorrow...

  11. Nice package, belly and frame. Very clever and arty and yet hands free. There are some nice ideas out there (like this one) for remembering the last weeks of pregnancy.
    Something about those last weeks of pregnancy that does terrible things to your sleep. Hope all those itchy icky dreams settle down. Brett has been having a nit phobia too the last few weeks. No proof thankfully, just itchy. Maybe he's pregnant?

  12. Lice is going around the sitters...Ugh. Now my head itches too!

    The belly shot...never got it. My belly was soooo hideous, there was no way I was doing it. At least your belly is totally cute!

    My brain wasn't in baby mode until....well, lets see....Jonathan was born on Nov. 7 was like Nov. 8 or so before I realized I was going to have to grow up and be a mom.

    Ah, who am I kidding? I still haven't realized it.

  13. Great picture- you've done a great job - I thought you must have gone to a professional (not that you're not - it's just difficult to photograph yourself). Only 5 weeks to go - you must be so excited - don't come early as I'm going away for a few weeks!!!LOL - as if that counts!!

  14. Oh that is a horrible dream - but a great belly shot.


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