Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Family Interactions

We are not your average family... which will come as no surprise if you have read this blog for more than a week. I just thought I would share some of our little interactions over the last few days...


Porridge is cooking, kids are playing quietly...


D: My Tractor has strong muscles.

L: My tractor has the strongest muscles.

D: No my tractor has strongest muscles.

L: No, your tractor has tears in it's eyes when it tries to pull a heavy car. My tractor has the strongest muscles.

I stay quiet in the kitchen waiting for Dragon to have a meltdown over his poor tractor but nope... that seemed to settle it for him. After all, big brothers know these things.


Wolf is wearing a sports type t-shirt and I let him know that it doesn't look quite right on him... like the nerd in the computer shop that has been forced to wear a sports jersey for some big promotional event...

W: I'm not a nerd.

MMcT: No, dear, you're not a nerd.

W: Yeah, and you're not frumpy.

Um, OUCH. I think he may have caught on to the condescending "just agree with the guy" tone in my response.


MMcT: Lion, who are you going to pray for tonight?

L: You, mummy.

MMcT: Okay, do you want to say the words yourself tonight?

L: Okay. Dear God, Thank you that mummy lets us stay up at night. Thank you that mummy gives me lots of kisses. Amen.

You gotta give the boy points for trying... But I still made him get into bed.


Wolf knows the sort of articles I'm interested in...
He just handed me a National Geographic open to a specific page. I look at it, It's a picture of a naked man, standing in an ice filled lake thing clearing it with an axe. Those three things should never be together. Naked, Ice, Axe.


This is not a family interaction but I thought I would share this little exchange from my day...

Having coffee at Gloria Jeans this morning because Wolf and I don't get to do coffee anymore so we are taking full advantage of our shopping trips to sit down and chat over coffee. I went up to order.

GJG (gloria jeans girl): Hi, what would you like today?
MMcT: Can I get a caramel latte,
GJG: Caramel on the latte?
MMcT: Yes please. A long black,
GJG: Is that one black?
MMcT: Pardon? (seemed like an odd question)
GJG: Did you want that long black to be black?
MMcT: (one of us is now starting to sound stupid but I'm not sure who...) Black??
GJG: Did you want any MILK with that long black?
MMcT: Um, no, just a long black and then a chocolate minicino.

My name is called for my order...

GJG2: Did you want any ice for that?
MMcT: (feels the minicino) No thanks, it's cold enough for him?
GJG2: What about for the long black?
MMcT: Um, no thanks.
GJG2: Would you like some milk for that?
MMcT: (getting wise to them...) No thanks, it's fine.
GJG2: You're sure you don't want any milk with that?
MMcT: (screaming and making a scene) WHAT PART OF LONG BLACK DON'T YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND??? (okay, not really, what I said was...) No, thanks.
MMcT: walks off with tray before they can try any other mind control tricks.

Confused? I was. I wondered what Wolf would say if I came back with a long black that wasn't black and had ice cubes melting into it...


I'm not sure what your average family is like but we aren't them.


  1. You sound like a FUN family, and I'm not sure any of us qualify for normal! I enjoyed reading all of your little entries today... the coffee conversation cracked me up. It took me years to figure out what I wanted to order in the first place!


  2. Your family sounds like mine! That bit with your husband. . . . he owes you a big thing of flowers and you him a whack across the head. that's what I say anyhow.

    And seriously . . . your kids crack me right up.

  3. Ah...but I love reading about your family. Sounds about as crazy as ours!!! And, those boys! Well, I could just eat them up!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Very true, your family is truly unique .... just like every other family.

    The girl in the coffee shop sounds like she needs a bit more on-the-job training.

  5. I don't have a problem with that :>
    but Wolf does owe you for the frumpy thing.


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