Thursday, 9 July 2009

Dragon-speak 101

Dragon & Bloopbe

Ackshe: (pronounced: Ack-Shee)

Adverb meaning actually.
Usage: new, in constant use.
In a sentence:, Mummy has offered to give Dragon some biscuits: 'I like sultanas. Ackshe.'

ANYMORE!: (pronounced: annie-moe)

Punctuation, in place of full stop or period.
Usage: Almost obsolete.
In a sentence:, Mummy is singing and he wants her to stop he says: Stop that! Anymore.
Translation: Please don't sing Mummy, we all know you shouldn't sing, especially when there are other people around.

Blested: (pronounced: Bles-Ted)

Intransitive verb meaning Sneeze.
Usage: new.
In a sentence: 'I blested on Daddy, it was funny.'

Bloopbe: (pronounced: Bloop-pee)

Proper Noun meaning Snoopy.
Usage: New.
In a sentence: 'Look! Bloopbe big dog! Look his BIG doggy paws!. He protect me from Cookie monsta!'

Butt Fly: (pronounced: But-fli)

Noun meaning Butterfly, also used as verb meaning flap.
Usage: in constant use.
In a sentence: 'Look d'err butt fly outside. Pretty. They go butt fly, butt fly, butt fly all 'round.' translation: Look there are pretty butterflies outside. They are flapping their wings.

Conblipblip: (pronounced: Con-Bleep-Blip)

Adjective, verb meaning completely.
Usage: New
In a sentence: 'Look dis pole go conblipblip to other SIDE!'
Translation: this pole goes completely to the other side of the room.

Dumfuc: (pronounced: Duhm Fukh)

Noun meaning Dump Truck
Usage: Current
In context: McTavish family is driving to church and Mummy and Daddy are discussing another driver's silly antics.
Dragon: 'Look! Dumfuc!'
Wolf: What! who taught you that word?
D: Mummy!
Wolf stares balefully at Mummy McT.
Mummy McT: 'Nuh ah, I did not.'
D: 'Dumfuc! Dere!'
Lion:(condescendingly) 'He is saying there is a dump truck, Daddy. It went the other way. It's gone now you missed it.'
D: 'Yeah, Dumfuc.'

Far Holes: (pronounced: far-wows)

Noun meaning Long Sleeves.
Usage: still around
In a sentence: 'Look this shirt has far holes.' translation: it has long sleeves.

Fuktions: (pronounced: fukh-shuhn)

Noun meaning instructions
Usage: current
In a sentence: 'Ear your fuktions. DAD! You use your fuktions build my chair'

Hoo Coon No No: (pronounced: who-coo No-No)

Statement meaning 'I don't know'.
Usage: still around.
In a sentence: Mummy McT asks 'Who drew on the wall' Dragon and Lion look at each other, then look at Mummy and then raise their arms in a shrug hands raised, palms facing the ceiling and say 'Hoo coon no no!'

Makinchine:(pronounced: Make-en-shi-en)

Noun meaning: Sewing Machine.
Usage: new
In a sentence: 'Dat mummy's makinchine!' (both boys love to state the obvious.)

Manga: (pronounced: Mang-Gah) sometime Mang'h Mar.

Proper noun meaning Grandma.
Usage: often.
In a sentence: 'Manga took me beach. Today. It was fun.'

Water Buffalo: (pronounced: Wart Puff-lo)

Noun meaning: Hot Water Heater.
Usage: still around.
In a sentence: 'Dat wart puff-low! everybotties got wart puff-low.'
Translation: That is our hot water heater, everyone in our town has one.

Not words but interesting character developments:

Wolf: OK boys, when you've finished dinner it's bath time and then maybe bed time.
Dragon: (playing with his toys not even looking at his daddy, and in a matter of fact voice) '... and maybe not.'

Dragon wants to do something by himself with no help, raises his hand, palm outward in the classic 'Stop' pose toward his would be helper and says 'No. I do it!'


  1. The computer doesn't want me to look at your blog but I have tricked it for the moment.
    I'm very pleased you have recorded Dragonisms. I never did for the boys properly and feel sad for that. Ack shee was a very common adverb they used (and still do). You just don't realise how many times you can use actually, do you?
    Lucky for us Rowan couldn't say "f" (or a whole heap of other sounds) so we missed out of the dump truck versions.

  2. This is the funniest thing I have read for ages.

    Be thankful he can pronounce /f/ Even though it may be embarrassing at times, it is much preferable to spending hours each week going to speech therapy and having daily practice sessions. (Mousie can now saw words beginning with /f/ ...... it's taken nealry 3 years.)

  3. That is hilarious! I am at work but want to come back and read the rest of them later tonight....oh man. I'm already laugh so hard, though!

  4. Way too funny! I love the dumfuc (obviously a cute one!). We have ackshlee, similar to your ackshe.

    Also we get to watch the Backyardptarmigans on DVD as a treat. I have no idea how he figured that one out!

  5. "In a sentence: 'Dat wart puff-low! everybotties got wart puff-low.'"

    I actually wonder if that comes from the Veggie Tales Water Buffalo song? "Everybody's got a water buffalo, yours is fast but mine is slow, where they came from I don't know but everybody's got a water buffaloooooo!"


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  7. By the way, Andre and I both had tears of laughter in our eyes as I was reading the Dragonisms out to him. Especially the dump truck one.

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  9. It must have been a busy day/week/month... How'd I miss this?! Hilarious...!


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