Friday, 31 July 2009

McTavish Mishmash

There has been fire on the hills near us lately. The air is filled with black snow. At least two afternoons it was bad enough to not let the kids outside to play. I closed up all the windows except the small ones in the toilet and bathroom and I left the kitchen window open a crack. The house still smelt of ash and fire. I can't imagine being in a bushfire. I think it was a controlled burn it didn't get close (in fireman's terms, in my terms it was way too close) to peoples houses. The boys liked to see the thin line of flames moving across the hills from our very safe distance on the other side of the river. All the ash in the air did give us some beautiful sunsets. I know they need to do burn offs and I know that so many native plants require the heat from the fire to germinate but I feel sad for all the little animals that get caught in them.

I have a hole in my last pair of maternity pants. Well, an almost hole. I'm wondering if it can last me through the next 4 weeks, then they can go in the bin. It's right in the crotch so there is the fact that I don't usually sit with my legs apart so people wont see it but also the fact that if it DOES split it's in a very embarrassing spot. I have a few other pairs of pants that I can MAKE fit me but they aren't comfy at all. These pants aren't even really maternity pants. I couldn't afford maternity jeans when I was pregnant with Lion and I had a pair of stretch jeans that was a little too big for me. I wore them as long as I could then when they started to get too tight I would throw then in the drier and put them on still hot and they eventually stretched out as I got bigger and bigger. They have seen me through Lion and Dragon and most of Peach Blossom. They have served their time but to start to fall apart this close to the end????
I was supposed to have an OB appointment this Tuesday. I had been getting nosebleeds since Sunday so yesterday I rang to see when I should start to get concerned and the lovely receptionist said to come on in and get checked out. Apparently since my blood pressure is fine I don't have to worry unless they keep going after I have this baby. I had the odd nosebleed with Lion and Dragon but never anything as big as these or as long lasting. I really hope they do go away BEFORE I have Peach Blossom.

Sometimes when I look in their room I am glad Dragon is only on a trundle bed. This would be REALLY uncomfortable if he was on a big bed! Oh well, at least his feet are comfy.

He has suddenly decided he's interested in toilet training. I on the other hand had decided that I wouldn't try again till after Peach Blossom was born. I know that they need that extra bit of cheerleading at the start and like me to stay in there with them while they try but I am just not up for that at the moment... Still, we have had a #2 success after he asked to use the toilet and then a #1 success when he said he needed to go. YAY. Last night he actually went out to grandmas wearing undies and there were no accidents. I just hope Wolf and Lion can provide some of the cheerleading he needs so I don't have to and maybe we'll get this one out of nappies before the next goes into them.
I am cleaning out the playroom at the moment. We had to take all the furniture and all the toys out to the garage to get the air con put in (didn't have to but with open baskets I thought it was best so they didn't get full of besser brick chunks and gyprock dust from them drilling through the wall. When it was all moved out we discovered that rain had come through that window and we hadn't noticed so the wall had gone moldy in one spot. YUCK. That's now cleaned up, floors been mopped, shelves all cleaned, carpet is getting some much needed grossness killing UV light in the backyard and may even get hosed off if I could be bothered and all the toys are still in the garage. There are rules though... they are not coming in until they have passed the mummy muster. I am sorting through them putting away sets that are too little for Lion and Dragon but will be too big for Peach Blossom for a while, making room for other toys that need their space. I am only letting back into the house toys that aren't broken and toys that are still wanted. I would usually do this just before the boys birthdays in October to make room for any new toys they get but I don't think I'll be bothered then so now while it's all out of there for a bit seems like a good time... but hard work. It is nice throwing out all those McDonald's toys (how do they get them? We don't buy them Happy Meals) and all the broken toys that hurt my feet when I stand on them and the little bits and bobs that no longer belong to anything. I started sorting last night and left them with only the wooden train set for when they woke up this morning. They have been quite content with that for hours now.
It's the Sunday School picnic today... looking forward to that... sitting in a chair at the park by the river and keeping half an eye on where the boys are while they play with their friends. I probably should make something to take with us... to do that I probably should get the kitchen cleaned up... better stop blogging...


  1. Great recap!
    UGH! I hated when a good pair of comfy maternity pants didn't "make it". There is NO time like a pregnancy to NEED to be comfy. Hope your pants last!

    From what i understand, dry sinuses are very normal during pregnancy. So, nose bleeds probably are too.

  2. I got whopping nose bleeds with Little Bear. Took me by complete surprise the first time because it happened at work & I had never ever ever had one before so I wasn't really sure what to do. It felt like all 130 people I work with had advice though. It used to take forever before they stopped & I don't know what the cleaners thought of my bin half full of completely bloodied up tissues each time.

    Macca's toys are probably at least partly our fault, for which I do not apologise in the least because if they are at your house then they are not at mine :-)

  3. Go Dragon! You'll be wearing undies everywhere before long!

  4. Here is to hopping that your pants hold out. I know how important it was for me to have a good pair of maternity pants when I was carrying Jonathan.

    Jonathan is interested in potty training, but not very willing to go sit on the potty these days. He will at the sitter's, which led us to an odd conversation the other night with me asking why he would go there and not at home. All he would say is "I go Jo-Jo's!" Great. Apparently he'll pee like a normal child at her house, but will continue to make mommy and daddy change his nasty diapers at home.

    That can't go on forever right?

  5. That's great news about Dragon... The only problem I had with potty training was the fact that we had to stop at public toilets when on trips.... yuck! Diapers did make car travel a little easier. But once you've started the process, better to keep going with it. So yay Dragon!!

    Sorry about your pants.... I guess mending won't work? Not too much longer though!

    Great update...! Have a good weekend!

  6. Good on ya cousin Dragon!
    (He's so cute!)

    When there were the 2003 Canberra bushfires, I remember the sky being a really dark greyish red colour in the middle of the day! It was terrible, and the air smelt bad of smoke aswell.

  7. Keep wearing the pants! I know I would... I mean did. Yep, been there, did that.

    Those burn offs fascinate me. That is very foreign to me.

    Yeah for potty training!! That is so awesome that he is asking to go!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. I think nosebleeds are very common in pregnancy - the only time ever I had them. I also did some toy cleaning out this weekend. Yeah!


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