Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday School Picnic '09

What's more exciting than a Sunday School Picnic??? SKIPPING YOUR NAP to go to the Sunday School Picnic!!!!!!!!

There was racing and cream-buns and friends and lollyman and sitting in the shade and pesky Cockatoos... what a day!

We turned up and ate lunch and chilled (parents, not kids, they just ran wild from the start) ate our first helping of cream-buns and then the races started. For the pre-school kids it was a simple running race. With the simple organising of the kids being a shamozzle Aunty Cool and I decided that standing at the opposite end to give the kids something to aim for would probably be best... but we couldn't hear anything from that end so when kids started running towards us we started cheering! Turns out it was a false start...
But look at my boys go! (both in black "security" shirts) So we sent them back for the real race...
They didn't quite sweep the field this time which upset Lion a little and I'm not sure Dragon's concentration held long enough to cross the finish line the second time but they had fun and got a chocolate and a lollipop for their "trouble".
Then some other races... I didn't think it was such a good idea to go in the adults three legged race and I was told "but L went in it" by Wolf... L is also pregnant, 10 weeks behind me... "L is not having her baby in 4 weeks" was my reply.
The father and son (code for parent and child of any description) wheelbarrow race... Wolf and Lion went in that one AND WON!!! They may have bent the rules slightly with Wolf holding Lion by the hips and Lion's hands barely hitting the ground. They ran two races because there were so many people and the winners of the second heat copied the McTavish winning form.
Wolf was then in the tug-of-war for the first round... until they realised that it was incredibly uneven because they were doing guys vs girls and so they kicked half the guys off the rope (he's 4th from the back).
It was coming back to sit down after this that I felt bits of bark hitting me on the head and shoulders... WHAT???? I figured it was one of the kids in the trees but when I got back to my seat and looked up to see who it was I saw this pesky little guy...
Can you see him??? Right in the middle of the picture... it's a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo! It was destroying the branch and throwing bark down on anyone underneath.
All the games and races finished.... BRING ON THE LOLLY MAN!!!!! Dragon needs some serious help with his coordination! He kept grabbing and grabbing but missing any of the gazillion lollies sewn on Uncool's clothes. Even once he stopped running it took three or four grabs to get one! I think he was too frenzied at the thought of Uncool covered in lollies that he couldn't see straight.
Dragon decided it was time for a second helping of cream-bun and went and helped himself! J-mac's grandma had organised them so he thought she was pretty top stuff!
The day almost over, nap time well and truly skipped, dosed up on sugar of many different descriptions the tears were bound to happen... someone told poor Dragon to go away and he was a bit sensitive so the tears were flowing...

Can you tell that Mummy is trying to keep the cream bun and any remnants that may be still attached to Dragon WELL away from her while still offering sympathy and cuddles?

Soon we went to head home and found we had been parked in... I considered leaning on the car breathing heavily and screaming to Wolf that he needed to hurry because I was in labor in the hope it would bring out the owner of one of the three cars responsible but decided that just trying to find the owner of the car with it's windows down would be easiest since they had likely not gone far. They were on the basketball court nearby and came and moved their car and we trundled home with our tired, hyped up boys to pass the time until we could reasonably put them into bed for the night.


  1. It's so hard to love and cuddle sticky little boys, isn't it? Dexy ate bananas last night, and they got everywhere! It looks like you guys had a great day.

  2. Oh Poor Dragon. I am sure you are not still crying, but that picture just makes me want to wrap you up with cuddles & kiss your cream bun covered face all over.

    Otherwise, glad it was such a good day all round!

  3. Go Lion! Go Dragon!
    Looks like a lot of FUN!

  4. What is a cream bun? Is it like what we'd call a cupcake (a mini cake made in muffin tins with frosting)?

    When the kids were little and we'd have birthday parties or go to them (or have races like you did) they were the inevitable tears by someone who lost or got frustrated and gave up. Not just our kids, their friends too! It's just that age I guess.

  5. That's got to rank right up at the top for a fun, sugar-filled day! We don't have anything like this at church, but we do have a 'field day' at school. Instead of your sweet little kiddos, imagine about 180 8th-grade students competing in a variety of races and tug-of-war! They also get a little sugar rush since the concession stand is open that day.

    It looks like you stayed clean of cream buns during your consoling time.... That takes a lot of coordination!

  6. Looks like an awesome day... But, I am willing to bet that you paid the price when you returned home with your tired, sugar-filled bundles of joy. Or, maybe that is just how it would have been here in the Nurse Boy Home.

    P.S. I am personally glad you didn't take part in the 3 legged race!! ;0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  7. Andre & Ben W won their wheelbarrow race too... 'cheating' in much the same way. Ben was pretty pleased with himself though :D Andre claimed there was no rule book so it was legit :P

    momstheword - Cream buns are not the same as cupcakes. It's a different mixture (more like bread, less like cake) with a split down the middle, filled with cream (in this case, mock cream) and a dollop of jam on top!! One of the best treats in the world :)

  8. Instructions for cuddling a sticky gross child... aproach child and ask "can I give you a big cuddle from behind?" don't wait for an answer, just turn them around, grab their left wrist with your left hand, right wrist with your right hand and wrap their little arms around their own belly as they join you huggling but keep their hands off your clothes... once they are sufficiently distressed that they can't keep eating their sticky mess while you cuddle them you can be pretty sure they will keep it away from you while you revert to the shown "keeping my hands in the clean areas" pose in the photo. Works *almost* every time ;)

    @Mom's the Word - What you described is what we call a cupcake. Think a sweet square hamburger bun sliced across the top (opposite to how you'd slice a hamburger bun), filled with incredibly sweet bakers cream, a drop of jam/jelly to look like a cherry on top then dust the whole thing with icing (powdered) sugar... I may just have to buy one... or more this week to take a photo ;)

    @Mrs NB - They were surprisingly good when we got home... for a good 5 or 6 minutes at least! No, really they were quite good for the whole evening, I can't remember any HUGE meltdowns like I fully expected to experience.

  9. It sounds like a really fun day. Our church has had a similar event the last two years to remember the good old days (that I don't remember). It also was enormous fun. I think I won a sack race much to my surprise and the boys joy. But I wasn't 36 weeks pregnant. But I did climb a giant slide at similar gestation to rescue Rowan once. Stupid.
    I like your technique and motivation for cuddling sticky children. It's no fun being sticky too. I think you really should include a picture of a cream bun to educate everyone. And maybe buy an extra one for you to enjoy!

  10. When we lived in the quaint Swedish town of Kingsburg, the church we went to proclaimed a yearly Kids' Day. It was such old-fashioned family fun... and your pictures and story brought back those sweet memories. Precious!

  11. Oh yes why oh why does fun always lead to tears? Is it the sugar, the tiredness or a combination?

  12. Looks like a great sunday school picnic. We're going to miss ours as we'll be in brissy :(

    Well done to your boys for winning the wheelbarrow race!


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