Sunday, 5 July 2009

The post in which I possibly make some enemies...

Last night I wasted 139 minutes of my life. Over 2 hours down the drain. Never to be redeemed. GONE. So how did I waste so much time??? I watched this...

I can tell you that I am just not that into this movie. Wolf took Lion to the football thanks to a friend offering some tickets so I figured I'd go out and get a DVD (and some malteasers) that I knew Wolf wasn't interested in seeing to watch after I got Dragon to bed. I made a very bad decision.

The bad decision wasn't necessarily that I rented this movie. It possibly started much earlier than that. When I trusted two of my very good friends for their movie advice. See, I don't get to the movies much so my friends let me know what's worth watching when it comes out on DVD. This one they recommended. They even went so far as to say that "even Wolf will probably like it". I am so glad I didn't listen to that last bit of advice and subject Wolf to watching this too or I would have been in serious trouble. So why did I trust these girls? I don't know. What have I learnt from this?
  • My friends don't know me as well as I thought they did.

  • NEVER take movie advice from girls who like rubbish girly movies like Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Titanic, etc.

  • If you think a movie looks silly but your previously mentioned friends have recommended it... go with your instincts.

  • Do not under any circumstances take advice on what movies your husband will like from a girl who has only just started dating her guy and he will currently go and see and pretend to like just about any movie to keep her happy and spend time with her.

So there you have it... 139 minutes of girly banter, dating dramatics, dodgy morals, eye stabbingly and mindnumbingly repetitive scenes. What Fun!

Thing is I thought these friends knew me better than to recommend something like this to me. They don't even invite me to go see the girliest rubbish anymore. They start talking about a movie and warn me that it's one that I shouldn't see. They were really surprised that I was actually interested in seeing The Other Boleyn Girl until I let them know that I had read the book and wanted to see how it compared (not real well it turns out).

I know that some people are currently taking offense and my lumping all those movies into the "rubbish girly movies" bin and moving on. I am not going to judge anyone on their movie tastes... Wolf loves Sci-fi... LOVES IT... yet I still love him and I still married him and I have even bought him many hours worth of sci-fi viewing for birthdays and Christmas and stuff. For love I have even watched some of those hours with him... See, I do really love him! So what I am saying I classify those movies as "rubbish girly movies" but if you happen to like them then that's great for you, you can classify them as "classics" or "great period drama" or whatever you want. Just please don't ask me to sit and watch them with you and we can still be friends.

Moving on now... Peach Blossom is 31 weeks today. That means it's only 8 weeks tomorrow until we get to meet this little thing. We think it's been on the Red Bull. I was only telling the OB last appointment that unlike the other two this one seems to sleep at night and party all day... Lion and Dragon just partied all the time. Wolf informed me the other morning that every time he touched my belly the night before Peach Blossom had kicked and punched and gone crazy... Like I hadn't noticed! I was told with Lion that after about 30 weeks the movements slow back down because they start to run out of room. So far none of mine have read that part of the baby books... they just ramp it up towards the end. The are still somersaulting right to the last minute! I am starting to notice that I am spending more and more time awake each night. On top of that poor Dragon has been getting nightmares. We are not strangers to night time dramatics in this house. Lion started night terrors at about 6 months and kept them up until about 4 years old. Since then he has had frequent nightmares but usually he just comes into our room, wakes me up to tell me he's had a nightmare and then sleeps the rest of the night on our floor on his little mattress. Dragon started night terrors at about 8 months old I think and he had grown out of them by the time he was a bit older than 1. We were very relieved. He has had hardly any nightmares to speak of until the last few weeks. He seems to be afraid of the dark, freaks out for AGES after his nightmare, and doesn't trust sleep for days after each one asking for the light to be left on even for his daytime nap. Some nights if Lion has gone to sleep in our room I'll just plonk myself on Lion's bed and go back to sleep there so that at least I am getting sleep instead of sitting next to Dragons bed until he is sound enough asleep to not notice me leave. We had an aromatherapy spray that worked wonders with the night terrors but it doesn't seem to work for nightmares. It's just a stage... it'll pass... I will get sleep again in about 12 more years so I'm told.

I saw this at Little Bears birthday party...

I thought it was so cute, she was helping him to move the car around through the bubbles... that was until she parked him out of the bubbles and with a satisfied look on her face she went back to playing alone in the bubbles. Smart girl that one, he was taking up precious bubble space.

This week hopefully we are going to get through a few more things on our lists. I need to have a big cook up and put some meals in the freezer and provide one for a friend who has just had a new baby. That was supposed to have been for last Tuesday but apparently I got the day wrong and so it's going to be one day this week. Lion and I have the first Kids church at his kindy tomorrow morning so we will be off bright and early for that (at least earlier than we have got moving for anything else these holidays) and then on Tuesday I have another OB appointment. I need to get to Medicare at some point after that to claim back for my last two appointments, we have hit the "safety net" (did so first week in May) and it's meaning that I'm not so panicked about being on fortnightly appointments now. We have never hit the safety net so early in the year before, it just goes to show that what I was thinking was right... we haven't had a good run with sickness this year. Still, none of it has been bad stuff, um, except the spots. Those were kind of scary.

The boys are playing Time Team in the back yard. They are discovering parts of buildings that were here before our house. Um, this was a new development when our house was built. Still, they don't let reality get in their way, Lion decided that the piece of concrete he found was from a building that was knocked down to make way for our house and it was Huddy's building. Wolf said it was likely just a piece of concrete from when our house was built but Lion very reasonably disagreed with him just like they do on Time Team and decided that he was right. They have been playing really well together lately (Lion and Dragon that is, Wolf is usually quite good playing with them so that's not such an exciting event). It's nice to hear them playing "extruction (construction) sites" or "restues" (rescues) or "icmergency (emergency) vehicles". I think it's emergency vehicles at the moment because there is a grass fire in the back paddock and Wolf told them they had to stay up in the cubby house and watch it and when it got to a certain point in the field they had to tell him. As an aside... is it strange that my son can say vehicles (and has been able to since before he was 2) but he can't say rescue properly without thinking about it? Another one of his cute little words (these are all Lion's today) is he calls the Chiney Apple over the fence a "Chinese Apple". He is giving Dragon a little nature lesson at the moment about the Chinese Apple:)

PS. Winter read my last post and turned up the next morning all windy and cool and making me need a jumper. YAY. Even better it has continued on for a few days. I hope it was some of your cold weather migrating up here Mum-me so that you could have had a little bit of a warmer day.


  1. About the movies... although I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, some of the girly movies are just too silly for me, too. I think I prefer the dramas... "The Pursuit of Happyness" was really good and based on a true story. I'm drawing a blank because I don't watch movies often either. Oh, I did see "The Secret Life of Bees" recently. Although the book was much better (as is always the case), I still enjoyed the movie.

    And about the nightmares.... My daughter had a terrible one a few years ago (about snakes). She actually did a little sleepwalking -- no, it was sleepstomping-kicking-running with that one. Scared me to pieces! The dog has slept beside her bed every night since then.

    I can't believe Peach Blossom is due so soon. (The time has flown by for me... hee hee!)

    Have a good week. It sounds like a busy one!


  2. "August Rush" is unrealistic and may not make the cut for you, but I loved the music and the music-part of the storyline. I created a scrapblog about it... I'll add it to my sidebar of scrapblogs in case you want to take a peek.

  3. Ok, I'll admit it! I like ALL of the Jane Austen movies!! *blush,blush* As for a lot of the other chick-flick's out there I TOTALLY agree...pretty much gag!

    So, what kind's movies are to your likin? :-) Do you like ones like "Shawshank Redemption"??? Or how 'bout musicals? :P

    Anyhoo...have a good Sunday!

  4. "great period drama" Ha!

    I'm with you, most "Chick Flicks" seem like they were written by some girl strung out on period hormones and too much junk food.

    I do however enjoy going to the theater in the middle of the day with one of my sisters so we can loudly mock the girlishness of the latest chick flick.

  5. I haven't seen this movie or most of the others out there. I am not into "chick" flicks either.

    My son had night terrors when he was about three. They always woke me up but he never remembered anything.

  6. A shame about the movie - but it wasn't a complete waste of time if you enjoyed those maltesers while watching!!!
    31 weeks - WOW - it won't be long & we'll be able to meet your new little one (throught the computer anyway!)
    Glad your boys are playing so well together - mine are on a destructive warpath at the moment - not fun.
    Night terrors & nightmares just aren't fun. My kids have gone through phases - I have no idea what works - they do seem to be a phase.

  7. I wish winter had migrated north, but it was still -4 at 9am this morning, and the top temperature today didn't break 10C. So it looks like winter is still firmly fixed, unfortunately.

  8. It was fun to see a "Mummy McTavish" comment over in Scrapblog land! Don't break your rule! Just wait for August Rush.... Those are the kinds of rules you need to stick to in front of your kiddos, don't ya' think?

    And even though I loved the concept of the movie (the way music played such a big part in the story), I have to admit it's a sappy, unbelieveable story line. But still.... it was worth watching to me.

    Oh, and Craig's time was an hour and eleven minutes. He's a little faster than that (probably between 56 minutes and an hour for him would have been typical), but he was in the very last time group and had to dodge around a lot of the walkers in the race. Officially, he came in 15,000 something out of 50,000+ runners. Not bad when you consider how many thousands ended up behind him at the finish line! (But it's not about winning....!)

    Have a great day and week!

  9. Yeah, I am also not so into that type of movie. So I have been warned. So glad the little one is doing so well - and lively. And we are surely having a winter over here - gosh, cold and miserable. So nto the usual thing.

    We have a natural remedy here by a company called "Natura" - Nervitron. It helps a lot with night terrors and nightmares - apparently they have to go through that phase as part of their emmotional and nerve system development. See if you can find some - it worked like a charm for us. Maybe at a South African shop - you can also try their Resq remedy.

  10. I liked Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility...I don't consider them girly rubbish, but some of the others you mentioned....mmmm...yeah. I wouldn't be big fans of those either. So I don't blame you.

    I still think it is so weird you have having winter and we're having summer. You guys are so backwards... :-) Isn't that like an American? We're normal and everyone else is "abnormal." *snort* just kiddin' . . .

  11. Haven't seen that movie, but I must admit that I am a fan of the chick flicks...I think it is because I am surrounded by so many men in my life, but so are you.

    Hey, is Peach Blossom going to even things out? Ya know, you still haven't slipped up on the sex of that little Peach Blossom. You know it is killing me....

    She/He is coming soon!!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

    By the way, you comments on my husband's boardies had me in stitches. You crack me up!!!!

  12. My in-laws went to see this movie--which I found hilarious! They typically like cute movies, loving taking the grandkids to kid movies. So they went off to the theater to see this one--and were a little shell-shocked! It was so funny to hear their rendition of the movie and what they didn't follow, etc.

    Glad you're getting all that nesting going!


  13. Sorry, I should have thought of you and posted earlier, lol! Hope ya got in some chocolate time!!!!!

  14. Just stopped by from seeing you comment at momstheword.

    Cute kids and it looks like you are exciting!

    Sorry your kids are having night terrors or night mares. I pray it'll pass soon and you'll get some rest sometime.

    I'll be back to visit,
    Nannette from Life: Be In It

  15. I love Pride & Prejudice (the original, not the recent remake)
    I like goofy movies mostly. Tend to like the really odd humor movies that Russ can watch as well :)

    OMGOsh! I can't believe you only have 8 weeks to go!!!! Wherer has the time gone????


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