Thursday, 2 July 2009

Whinge... Moan... Complain...

I am currently trying to decide if I have given my whole family food poisoning from dinner or if it's just me and it's a pregnant thing... I feel like rubbish and would love nothing more than to puke my guts up and go to bed... sorry probably an overshare.

Two posts in one day... days and days of nothingness then two in one day. This one was started ages ago so I thought I should finish it and post it... it probably contains nothing of consequence but I'll find that out when I read through it as I go... just a bunch of ranting and raving.

While we were shopping for the stuff I needed for Little Bear's cake we bought a bubble machine. Yep, nothing like sticking to the essentials. Mum asked why? My answer was that I took Wolf with me to do groceries. That seemed to explain it well enough. I saw it on the shelf and made the comment "bubble machine, cool". Wolf heard "wow, we really need that bubble machine, we'll have to buy that" so into Dragon's little shopping basket it went. Little Bear loved dancing in the bubbles at her party.

I am going to start putting out an all day feed trough for my kids soon. "Feed them porridge (oatmeal) for breakfast" they say... "fills them up for longer" they say... "cheap, nutritious and filling" they say... Then why is it Lion asks for food less than 10 minutes after he tells me he "can't finish my breakfast because my tummy is too full". Unfortunately I had already given his leftovers to Dragon so I couldn't present him with those to finish off.

He "needs" to eat constantly! TV is a big trigger, if he's in front of the TV he's S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G and only biscuits and lollies will do for the ravenous beast. It's not like I have ever encouraged this behaviour... REALLY, this time I'm not being sarcastic. They do eat snacks in front of the TV occasionally but for the most part they don't have anything while they watch. It's driving me nuts. Especially when he can't finish his filling breakfast and goes and sits down to finish his cartoons and decides that he is starving. But it's not just TV that triggers them. Seeing the kitchen reminds them that they need food, walking through the door after we have been out reminds them that they need food, playing in the yard reminds them that they need food. They are in no way underfed. There is usually fruit in the fridge and I rarely say no to them having a piece of fruit. We go through kilo's of sultanas for snacks, often they get a handful of sultanas and a plain biscuit for a snack but some days there is nothing I can offer them (unless it's a chocolate biscuit and a handful of lollies) that will do.

I don't actually think his tummy was full when he said it was this morning. He had just (out of silliness) knocked a glass candle cover off the table and he and I both froze as we waited for it to hit the floor and smash. Luckily for him it managed to stay on the chair and not hit the floor but he still got in trouble for being careless and I explained that if his silliness had caused it to get broken I would have taken money out of his piggy bank and taken him to buy me a new one. "well, that's not really a very fair idea" he says. After I explained that if I broke something of his by being careless I would replace it with my money and I expect the same from them he thought that it probably was a fair idea. I think the butterflies as he waited for the smash combined with being chastised by mummy made his tummy feel a bit yucky so he said he was done.

I am not sure if it's lack of sleep or pregnancy but my lack of intelligence is getting worse and worse. I can now provide you with this piece of useless information after one of my latest 'incidents'... Hairspray is really hard to clean out of your armpits... I know, you have been wondering that your whole life! Yesterday I actually sprayed my underarms with hairspray. Now I know that hair grows faster when you're pregnant but that's just crazy. I had mistakenly picked up the hairspray can instead of the deodorant (because it's easy to mistake a LARGE BLACK 360g can for a small white 30g can) and it wasn't until I put my arm down and it felt rather sticky that I noticed what I had done. I then had to try to clean it off so I could put the real stuff on. I often go to put soap on my toothbrush. We have pump soap in the bathroom and I haven't had pump toothpaste since I was about 10 so why I go to do that I don't know... but now I am worried that I will actually do it one day... when will I notice that one??? BEFORE I put it in my mouth I hope!

We went computer shopping this morning. I am sick of sharing Wolf's work computer. I am frustrated with feeling like I am depriving him of computer time whenever I get 5 minutes on there. I don't like the hovering at my shoulder waiting for me to finish. I have been reading blogs bit by bit but not getting to comment except here and there. Blog posts are being written bit by by too, any photo editing I want to do or googling (I'd call it research but I don't know if it really classifies as such) I want to get done gets pushed aside so that I don't have to sit with someone watching my every keystroke. The other option is to stay up real late and do it all... yeah, I need sleep since I am the one that gets dragged out of bed at 6ish every morning because Wolf's ears shut down between the hours of 10pm and 8am so he supposedly can't hear the kids asking for breakfast/TV/cuddles after nightmares/blankets pulled up/whatever else they decide they need to drag me out of my nice comfy bed for.

We have the electricians coming in just over 2 weeks to install our air-cons. Yep, right in time for winter. This is something we have been working towards for years now but it is finally happening. This time we made the decision, got a GREAT quote from someone that seems to actually be genuine, got the money together... and then my hand-me-down laptop fritzed... that's okay, we still have the desktop... then the hard drive on that fritzed... um... okay, I can handle only having access to a computer while Wolf is at home... turns out he sometimes wants to use his computer at home too. So we need to get at least one replacement computer (we really should stop using the work computer for home stuff quite so much) which has to come out of the air-con money. We can still do it though, just. We decided to just get a new laptop since our only place for a desk set-up is in the garage and that's not entirely practical. It's also REALLY hot in summer and is not getting air-conditioned (unlike our last house where the garage was the only place air-conditioned other than the master bedroom).

I think winter has been and gone. We had a couple of nights where I wore socks to bed but it's over now. The boys are still wearing flanny jammies to bed because they don't keep their covers on. It's only the first week of July. I WANT WINTER!

I have googled our front runner baby names. first and last together, first, middle and last, all initials, first and last initial. Here's what I found.

Horrible Diseases - None (oh, we have come close to this one before).
Gangsters - None.
Criminals - None.
Pedophile watch lists - None (yes, it has happened when I googled a friends name trying to hunt them down).
Dodgy film stars - None.
Famous people of any description - None.

We may just have a winner folks!

I am kind of enjoying this whole -not telling everyone what flavour baby we are having- thing... I am thinking that once it's born I might keep it up. Only post photos in non-gender-specific outfits, keep all gender references out, just keep it up as long as possible. Good idea?

Anyway, today's post was brought to you by some photos of Little Bear's birthday. I got a super sloppy kiss for that cake :) I figured I wont get around to doing an actual post of all the photos we got so I'll pepper them through other posts. Just a little something to distract you from my whinging and whining.

Now blogger is messing with my head... my last post it kept telling me that there were no spelling mistakes and I knew there was a heap. This post it is correcting correct spelling. It picked up half a dozen words that were spelt right... it offered me the EXACT.SAME.SPELLING. Blogger, don't mess with me... I'm feeling yuck and I'm hormonal... not a good combination.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling so hot--no fun at all when you're in the last stages of pregnancy! And the hairspray tip? Um, yeah. Hadn't thought about the challenges of cleaning that substance off of unintended surfaces...;o)

    Good luck with the new a/c and I hope the Computer Fairy comes to see you soon!


  2. I hope you feel better soon.

    The photos of the cake are awesome! I see she loved it!

    And the bit about not telling us the's driving me craaazy!

  3. Pregnancy certainly messes with your head and body...kind of sucks the fun out of the whole growing a miracle thing at those moments. I hope you're feeling better soon! I wish I could blame my armpit hairspray moments on pregnancy, unfortunately for me I do those things all the time! Cutest pictures ever of Little Bear!

  4. Maybe reading my post made you sick, lol! Seriously I hope you feel better soon.

    My youngest used to not want to finish his food as he wanted to go and play. Then he was hungry later.

    You could either let him go hungry until he learns to finish eating at the table, or you could save his dinner for him to finish instead of giving him snacks.

    Not trying to tell you what to do, just a suggestion. I do know we had this problem with our younger, he would just rather play than eat.

    If he didn't finish his dinner he didn't get any dessert or anything else to eat for a snack. Again, it wasn't that he wasn't hungry or we were giving him to much food, he just wanted to go play.

    So funny to think that we're going into our summer and you are going into your winter.

  5. Aw, little bear is growing up too fast. I haven't seen her for a fair few months and can't believe how much she has grown. She looks so much like a girl version of cheeta in some of these photos.

    I think Winter is back today. Cousin Wilbie has been in awe of the wind today (must be a new thing for him) and spent ages at the park chasing leaves looking quite baffled about how they were moving.

  6. I'm glad Little Bear enjoyed her beautiful cake. She looks lovely.
    Congratulations on narrowing the name down. I don't think I'd thought through all those other considerations myself, but they seem very sensible precautions.
    I am not real great at sharing. And certainly not a computer any more. Hope your new computer and AC are wonderful.

  7. You want winter? It's here for the taking. Please, come and take it.

  8. Sorry about your trials and tribulations at the moment! I hope you feel better soon!


  9. I hope you're feeling better today my friend!

  10. Hope you have a Happy 4th of July weekend :) ♥ HUGS ♥


    You are a hoot!! :-) And I'm not referring to an owl...thanks for all the laughs! I get very emotional and forgetful when I'm worries. I understand!!!

    Thanks for reminding me not to use hairspray as deoderant!! GOOD TIP! :-)


  12. I am still laughing over that hairspray incident - I would often pick up my hairspray - but I always realised in time - I always wondered if anyone acutally got them mixed up & how it felt - yuck!!!!
    Glad your baby name's checking out well!!

  13. Hairspray is the pits... Oh, wait. You mean you PUT it in your pits. Wow!!! Not a great start to a day, huh? That is so funny stuff!

    Hope you are feeling better!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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