Thursday, 16 July 2009

Something to pass the time...

Just walked in from our time away and instead of doing a proper post or anything I thought I would give you opportunity to laugh a little at our expense... and I am hoping that the new computer will be able to be collected tomorrow so I want to wait and download the photos onto that insted of the work computer.

It's all multiple choice... the answer is Wolf, Mummy McT, Lion, Dragon or a combination of those...

a) Which McTavish locked themselves inside a toilet stall at Lake Barrine?

b) Which McTavish had to crawl under the door of said toilet stall to rescue increasingly panicky McTavish?

c) Which McTavish couple celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary while away?

d) Which McTavish couple spent their 8th wedding anniversary in separate single beds?

e) Which McTavish miscalculated the day of their anniversary? (call it forgot/miscalculated, whatever)

f) Which McTavish pooped in their togs on the side of the resort pool and just walked away when the nugget fell out the leg of their swimmers?

g) Which McTavish was so incredibly relieved that they were the only ones silly enough to be in the pool and frantically found something to clean up the nugget and had to then carry the nugget wrapped in a napkin up to their room while dragging along the soiled McTavish who claimed they didn't need to get cleaned up?

h) Which McTavish found that they were surprisingly freaked out by the skyrail pods?

i) Which McTavish tried to break an old ladies hip by tripping her with a rather weighty geode?

j) Which McTavish was so tired that when they dropped their icecream on the ground they kept licking at thin air?

k) Which McTavish claimed there was positively no crocodiles along the esplanade but freaked out when they went down on the sand and Mummy McT called to come back "or the crocodiles will get you"?

l) Which McTavish has absolutely fallen in love with the family friendly dining at Outback Jack's?

m) Which McTavish was ogling all the blond European chicks?

n) Which McTavish was the sexiest in Cairns? hint... I just asked Wolf to give me one more that he was the answer for.

Have fun with this... You know, I'd offer a prize but I doubt I would actually post it to you within the next 6 months so just enjoy laughing at us and wait upon the answers and stories to elaborate on them!


  1. Welcome back! We missed you at playtime and bible study.

    Happy Anniversary Wolf and Mummy McTavish for yesterday (or at least I think it was yesterday but I am struggling to work out what date it is today)!

  2. Funny post! Aren't vacations and kids great!

  3. L/W/M&W/M&W/M/D/M/M/W/D/L/M/W/M
    Am I right??
    Do I have too much time on my hands?
    Happy anniversary!!!!

  4. Too funny! ... and happy belated anniversary! At least this trip gave you lots of new memories. (at least a nugget or two!)


  5. Hahaha! Very funny! Love the nugget (well, love the story, I can do without the nugget) and the licking the air, lol!

  6. Can't wait to hear all the stories that go with the answers.

    I'll check in next week when I get back from vacation! Hugs!

  7. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like an interesting time away. Will be very interested to hear the answer to some of those...

  8. Oh I had a great laugh! At least it looks like you had a great time. Happy Anniversary too!

  9. So funny!!! I am trying so hard to come up with a funny comment...but your post is just perfect! LOVE the nugget story! Here's hoping it wasn't you or Wolf! ;0)

    Can't wait for more! Sounds like a lovely bonding experience...except for the ogling. I am sure it was your glowing pregnant self that he was ogling ;0)

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  10. All I know is i am praying that it wasn't you that poo'd down your leg by the pool! LOL

  11. I'm not sure the answers to all of those, but please tell me Wolf was not the one with the poop incident.

    No. Seriously...please tell me. :-)

  12. Oh dear, makes my public meltdown look like a walk in the park! Wish I lived closer to you too, but you know I do fly up to cairns - as I love love LOVE it up there!

  13. I want to go on vacation with you all, only I'd have to remember to pack some adult diapers knowing I'd be laughing so hard I'd pee my pants regularly. Too funny!

    Happy Anniversary!


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