Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Arrr Me 'Arties...

You don't got to worry 'bout this ol' sea dawg...
He's mostly 'armless...

hahahahaha... get it?? he's missing his arm... 'armless... harmless... yeah, looses something when you explain your jokes, I know. I just didn't want the embarrassment of everyone commenting and saying they didn't get my joke...
I found this little pirate hiding when I was cleaning the boys room ready for the workmen to get in there to put in the air con yesterday.
With all this talk of swine flu and pregnant women and comas and still births and scary stuff, I asked my OB today at my appointment just how paranoid I needed to be. He said there was no cause for me to worry...

But I don't know, does that mean I wait for the tail to turn up before seeking help?

Yeah, I know, hilarious. And my nose is wonky.

So I did actually ask him since there has been all this stuff about pregnant women being at high risk and going into comas and lots of reports of women worldwide losing their babies before or shortly after birth. Then just today after my appointment I saw the paper and one local girl has lost her unborn baby at 36 weeks because the girl got swine flu. The news was calling it the first local loss of life to swine flu which I thought was good that they were recognising that her baby counted. I fully expected that it would be swept aside as an unfortunate "side effect" to her getting swine flu because sadly this country doesn't recognise unborn children as real people.

The media is loving sensationalising swine flu so I figured I should ask my doctor rather than take my medical advice from channel 7. I also spent the weekend with my head so clogged with goop I thought my brain would explode and my glands swollen up so huge that I could have been mistaken for a courting froggy. Dr Steve said I have no more need to get paranoid than the rest of the community but he suggested no unnecessary outings to crowded places. He said he wouldn't be going out to dinner or going shopping too much, that sort of thing. I will still be needing to do groceries since we are a bit backwards here and aren't doing online groceries yet. No need for quarantining myself and skipping playgroup and bible study and stuff but just caution.

There has been a big increase in cases locally with all the recent events. The show, school holidays, V8 supercars, etc. so now we are living in a hotbed of H1N1 activity. Yay for us.

So still no holiday photos because I am holding out for that computer to turn up. I am starting to think about caving and just loading them up but I am being as strong as I can.

There's only 6 weeks till we get to meet this little gymnast/soccer player/crumper. People keep saying things like "oh, you look like you have more than 6 weeks to go". What I want to know is how huge do they want me to get? I was looking bigger all last week then Friday morning it did a little dance/somersault/high kick or something and my whole belly shape changed. I'm pretty sure in a few days people will be telling me that my dates must be wrong and I'm going to go any day. Because you know... the general public just know those sorts of things... remind me again, why am I paying my obstetrician? It's upped it's intake of Red Bull I think, it's getting more and more active all the time... Bigger and more active... That's a winning combination for my bladder!


  1. Yeah, how does every Tom, Dick and Harry, ok Sue, Mary and Sally know what our gyneas do not?

    Do you not do online shopping or Australia or your town?

  2. It seems like it was only weeks ago (and I mean a few) that you added Peach Blossom's countdown to your site. Now only six weeks left?! Yea!!

    I enjoyed your post.... Your sense of humor was rampant today!

  3. Oh yes, they love to camp right on the bladder....ugh! Lol!

    My friend's children had a confirmed case of swine flu. I asked my doctor if I am doomed because I have asthma. He said it's no more worse than regular flu, it's just very contagious.

    People die of regular flu every year, but nobody pays much attention to that.

    My friend's son had to go to the hospital ER for some prednisone as the swine flu was affecting his asthma, but he and his sis are fine.

    Love your picture, lol! And stay out of McDonald's tubes!

  4. Your jokes weren't lost on me, but I AM one of your biggest fans!! Only 6 more weeks??!! Wow! This pregnancy is going really fast..for me, anyway. Don't you just love it when people say that?! As if THEY have been lugging that baby around for 9 months.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  5. Well I got the jokes - & yes they were funny!!!LOL
    I didn't realise swine flu was so serious for pregnant mums (OK I know I should watch the news etc more often)- hope you guys stay well!

  6. You reminded me of a joke my husband told (most inappropriately) at the dinner table the other day.

    A pirate walks into a bar and he's got a steering wheel sticking out of his pants. The bartender sees him and asks, "Hey, what's that steering wheel doing there?" The pirate says, "Aaarrrr, it's driving me nuts."

    Hope you and your tiny bladder dancer can manage to stay healthy and swine flu free for the next few weeks. I'd be a touch nervous myself, but I'm willing to bet your doctor knows a little bit more than the casual observer. ;)

  7. One of my friends who is getting over the SF said that her doctor said that here in OZ the regular flu is more severe than the SF . . . for most people. Really it's in God's hands who draws the short SF straw.

  8. Stay well, if you can. I don't think it's just the great unwashed that can't accurately guess your gestation but sometimes doctor's too. I know this from the many requests I get. So, having looked at many bellies, all I can say is everyone is different! But doctor's advice beats channel 7 hands down.
    Love the piggy nose. Very fetching.
    Am very sad to hear on the news about the lady and her baby from FNQ. Terrible for them.
    Take care. Don't let that bruiser shake you around too much.

  9. About the laundry, might I add with much love and laughter: whatever!!!!

  10. Luckily for me, I've never experienced cicada rain...! But, they have kept me up at night (along with the bellowing frogs), sometimes so loud, I think I'm losing my mind! Here, at this house, I can pretty much shut them out as long as we're running the air conditioning.

    And the crickets at your house.... sigh.... Let them know they'll be safe if they want to hop on a boat and relocate to my place. (As long as their non-native personalities don't lead them to eating small puppies and children. Now if they can destory the mosquito population, or for Hannah's sake, granddaddy longlegs, we'll be in business!)

  11. They don't recognize babies as "real people" or "important" or "actually living" in this country either until they escape their mother's womb...even then it is dodgy. Anyhoo...enough of that or I'll get on my rant and you won't be able to stop me.

    Yeah, when I was pregnant with Jonathan people used to say "Holy crap. Have you got two in there?" To which I assured them that the woman I was paying to watch the health of my child said there was only one.

  12. I'm glad you can keep your sense of humor with that scary story in the media. I think the best defense is really just trying to stay hygenic and washing your hands a lot, etc. Unfortunately, it's not always easy with the little guys. Oh, I can't wait to "meet" this little one.


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