Monday, 24 August 2009

Have you heard the one about the chicken?

Oh dear... PLEASE, no one ask my two year old what a chicken says... apparently he can't say "cl", he replaces it with an "f" sound... at least he flaps his wings really cutely to distract you.  Sometimes he does say "buck, buck, buck" though.
I just gave the boys a Timtam for dessert... they were on a REALLY good special at Woolworths today so I kinda bought a couple of packets.  Lion was hesitating over which one to pick and I got cranky and told him "they're all the same, just pick one!"  Then I felt terrible immediately... I don't eat the first Timtam in the pack.  I don't know why, I just don't.  I will if it's the last one left but I will start my pack at the second Timtam... it's just the way I roll... I probably should follow my own advice.

I got into the baby's room again today... There is now a useable change table (facing the right way and all) and all the baby clothes are sorted and the whites are all washed and sunbleached and beautiful!  Wanna see them...
And just because there's nothing quite like tiny little baby clothes hanging on the clothes line...
Really, there is nothing like it, getting all fresh and white in the afternoon sun...
...can you tell???

That's not just newborn size whites, you can probably tell from the size difference of some of the clothes, I think they probably go up to about 8 or 9 months.  We actually have never had all that many newborn size clothes because it seemed silly to me when they grow out of them in a few weeks!  We have had a few good outfits for going out in but around the house it's singlets or "just a bit too big".  We have collected more newborn stuff with each kid though... I realised today that some of this stuff is going to be doing it's 6th baby!  Waste not want not in this family!  Cheetah and Little Bear, Cousin Wilbie and Lion and Dragon have all had a shot at some of these things!  They are all still white for the most part.  It is frustrating to find stuff -that you KNOW was put away clean and fresh- when you get it out has stains that have developed while it has been stored.  I guess that's our climate up here, the tiniest residue of ick stuck in the fabric will grow and develop quite happily with the damp warmth we have for 364 days of the year.  Tomorrow it's the lights, darks and bedding getting washed.

I also got the sling washed and all the coverings for the bassinet and the beautiful crocheted blanket my grandma made when I was expecting Lion.  She was so apologetic that it was a new pattern and she didn't realise it was going to be so huge but it turned out to be just what we needed!

I took it into hospital with me and when the aircon was super cool at night I would get up to feed and I would wrap it around me and around my tiny little Lion and we would both be nice and cozy and comfy.  I took it in again when I had my little Dragon and was so thankful for it again and now it's freshly washed and ready for me to take in again to wrap up my little Peach Blossom and me for the late night feeds.  It is a buttery yellow colour but my camera was insisting I use the flash (I can usually turn it off manually but it just wouldn't today) and I have no editing stuff to fix the colours...

I just paused to put the boys into bed... I know, you noticed didn't you?  We are working through a kids bible that is simple bible stories but all told so that it flows from one story to the next.  Our story tonight was the fulfilment of God's promise to Abraham through his son Isaac and then Isaac's son Jacob and then Jacob's 12 sons...  It then told the story of Joseph being sold into slavery in Egypt.  I stopped at this point because I wanted to check if the kids knew what a slave was.  They didn't so I explained that it was someone who was forced to work very hard for someone else for no pay.  Lion looked up at me horrified, he put his hands tenderly on my face and earnestly told me "But we pay you, Mummy"... Well, I guess at least he realises that I work very hard.

We also had to dose Lion with his antibiotics again... I'm not sure if I'll make the 5 days... EVERY SINGLE TIME I give him a dose Dragon starts begging for medicine too.  He chucks a tanty and cries and screams and sobs that he "just want some medicine".  Poor Lion would give it up if he could, I am sure he doesn't want to be taking it three times a day.

Anyway, tonight... I am folding... not even cute little baby clothes can make that into a fun job.


  1. OK, I am soooooo excited for you! Can I come visit you in the hosiptal? Oh, wait. That really won't work, will it? I don't think my mini van will make it there.

    I love how you showed us lines and lines of clothes that were all WHITE (yet perfectly small and adorable). Nope, not a color in sight. Ya know, like PINK or BLUE. Very clever.

    The suspence is killing me!!!

    I also loved the Bible story comment! Do you ever feel like a slave? I call it feeling like Cinderella, 'cuz that somehow seems sweeter. Your boys are so sweet... and I am sure they would tell me if they were having a brother or sister. If only they could type!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. That's so funny about the slave! And the soft white wee things on the line... sweetness galore! (Every shot.)

  3. Looking at all those onesies hanging out there in the breeze is so exciting! I can't wait until we have photos of our Peach Blossom all wrapped up in that beautiful blanket. Have you noticed she/he is now "our baby." Yeah, well...sorry about that, but she/he is! :-)

    I'm off to read the rest of your posts I missed from having such a crazy end of the week last week and weekend. I may have to comment later today as I have some work to catch up on!

  4. Next pictures better be of a sweet little peach blossom in one of those precious white singlets. Once at church they taught us how to make little outfits for babies by cutting a semi-circle in the hem of a t-shirt, hemming it then adding snaps. I should have paid closer attention so I would have been able to make a cute little outfit for Peachy using one of my Naughty tank-tops. I would, of course have to know if I was dealing with a he or a she so that I could choose just the right one.

    Now I think I'll go figure out something made of fowl-mouth chicken for dinner.

  5. lol at the chicken noice. Don't ask Jack to say truck...he can' he also replaces the tr with f..

  6. Oh that brings back memories .. washing all the little baby clothes ready for the next one. But no, the folding and putting away is never fun no matter how cute the clothes are.

  7. So so so sweet! I love it too!

  8. I too love to see fresh clean clothes on the line :)

    Also, I so wish we had Timtams here. All of my Australian friends talk about how good they are, and they seem like a good treat to have when you're pregnant!

  9. It's not just there...we get all kinds of ick on stored clothes here, too. Love the pics of those onsies...that would make a great print to hang.

  10. Nothing quite comes to the sight of tiny baby clothes on the line. I remember getting all emotional every time we washed the first clothes before baby came. Good luck and enjoy girl!

    So you guys are in Pig isolation? Or did I misunderstand?

  11. Nothing quite comes to the sight of tiny baby clothes on the line. I remember getting all emotional every time we washed the first clothes before baby came. Good luck and enjoy girl!

    So you guys are in Pig isolation? Or did I misunderstand?

  12. @Mrs NB - After your monday post I really doubt your van will make it... and no, no colours, I'm not that silly, you have to wait like everyone else! I make my kids pay me if they want something... with kisses! It's GREAT!

    @Boy Mom - Fowl-mouth... I wish I'd thought of that one! And no, I'm not telling you what flavour baby!

    @Heather - Yep, Timtams are good ☺

    @Cat - Yes, I had two possible piggies in quarantine. It was as a precaution though, the doc thought they were okay but it was best to be safe, and we got out and about for the first time today!

    So sweet!!! That laundry line is adorable!!!

    I had to laugh at the "but we pay you mommy"! LOL! Oh dear...we are not slaves I guess!!

    Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog!! Can't wait to hear about Peach Blossom's arrival!!! :-)

    Blessings from the valley!


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