Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Snapshot

It's Sunday again...
Time for a little snapshot of our life...
I know, you've been on the edge of your seat.


I just submitted my last Tupperware order for I don't know how long. I am pretty much doing the minimums lately to keep my demonstrator status. I have a little bit of grace while I have this little baby but then I need to make a decision how much I love my demonstrator discount :)

I did find tonight that our super brilliant wonderful icecream scoop (it's got TEETH, that's what makes it wonderful) is starting to go yucky and I would certainly be getting a Tupperware one before I lost my discount but not on this order.


I may have underestimated Wolf's mancold... he is looking kinda sick.


I'm thinking of taking my boys on an outing this week. You know, somewhere fun, like Big W. I came across these cute little replicas of some stuff they have on sale.

Itty bitty little sleeping bags...

Teeny tiny little tents...

Super small seatcovers...

I reckon the boys'll like to see those. I know, I'm a super fun mum aren't I? Actually they'll probably just nag me to see the toy section so I probably wont go with that outing... I just thought those little tiny replicas were soooo cute!


Lion didn't want to go to sleep tonight. He was trying every trick in the book but the best, by far, was this...

L: Mummy, I can hear my lion crying.

MMcT: You can WHAT?

L: I can hear my lion with the long legs crying.

MMcT: Well where is he?

L: I don't know but he's crying because he wants to sleep in my bed with me.

MMcT: Okay well you just close your ears and I'll find him and put him in bed with you ONCE YOU ARE ASLEEP!


I took the opportunity while the boys were still feeling kinda subdued today to explain what will happen on the day we have Peach Blossom. Lion already knew some of the story since he asked the "how does the baby get out?" question when I was pregnant with Dragon... YAY for C-sections... "see this line here... that's where they doctor cut mummy's tummy open and pulled you out"... This time however he was a bit more concerned that it would hurt me so I had to explain the "special needle to stop it hurting"... All this paled into insignificance though when held against the most exciting aspect of the day... we'll be dropping them at grandma and grandad's to play while we go to the hospital. Yep, Peach Blossom didn't even rate on their excitement-o-meter. Oh well, I'm excited!


For posterity I thought I would record some things that, even at this young age, Peach Blossom does not like.

Me using my belly to rest the Milo tin on while I get the lid to close properly.

Me using my belly to steady the icecream container as I scrape out some icecream.

My soup bowl resting on my belly.

My ribs. (I am just making that assumption from the fact that PB has been kicking at them all day)

Big brothers sitting on my lap.


Speaking of big brothers Dragon is kinda excited about being a BIG brother. He is a bit confused though because he thought this would negate his little brother status. I had to explain that Lion would be a big brother to Dragon and to Peach Blossom, Dragon would be a big brother to Peach Blossom and a little brother to Lion.

"NO, I will be a BIG brother"

We have found him discussing this with himself a few times, I think he is a bit thrilled that he will not be the bottom rung on the family ladder for much longer... He's never treated like a bottom rung but he is excited to move up in the world anyway.


Okay, our day has been not so exciting... I think I probably should have skipped the Sunday Snapshot today... OH, I just remembered something VERY exciting... I went to church BY MYSELF this morning. I left all the ailing bodies at home and actually got to hear and entire sermon. I did miss having little hands hold mine while we sang and someone sitting on my lap having a snack (to keep their mouth busy so they don't talk) but it was really nice to catch the entirety of the last sermon in this series. Our minister is a great preacher!



  1. LOL about little Peach Blossom not liking you using your belly. LOL

    ps I'm giving you a shout-out in my first ever VLOG entry :)

  2. I enjoyed your snapshot! I, too, love the little replicas of tents and sleeping bags (though I never saw the tiny carseats!). I always wanted one of the tents for my Barbies. The Barbie tents were never as good.

    ... stop by if you can. I'm having a giveaway!

  3. I'm counting down the days. I'm very excited for you. LOL about the explanation of where the baby comes from. I found myself also being grateful for 2 c-sections when Katie asked me.

  4. I have never seen those tent replicas! I am sure the Little Miss would love one.LOL!

    I have just read "The Birth order book" - very interesting. Dragon is showing very typical behaviour.

  5. It is NOT fair that you got out of that question so easily. I didn't have any C-sections, so poor Dimples about passed out when his Nurse of a Father told him exactly what happens. Poor baby. Nurse Boy believes in telling the whole story and using all of the correct medical terms for all of the body parts. He finds it fascinating. But, I do not.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  6. I was also able to hear the entire sermon after leaving my "brood" at home. Hubby wasn't feeling well and I dumped Jonathan on him. Haaa! I'm evil. OK. Wait. I'm not because I wanted to hear a sermon about God and fear and how to deal with fear by trusting in God.

    So I'm totally cool. :-)


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