Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A post by any other name would smell as... postlike?

All dressed up and ready for....

PLAYGROUP!!! It was Pyjama Day at playgroup today. For the first time in ages I didn't dread getting dressed to go out. I could be REALLY comfortable. The boys thought it was so much fun wearing their PJ's to playgroup. Don't look too close, my eyes say I'm all dressed ready for bed as much as my clothes do. Please also ignore the used nappy on the floor that had just been removed from a small child.
I was on the roster for craft so I thought I would share what we did today. Mostly though because I thought Dragon's craft was particularly beautiful. I wanted something simple that there was a chance that even my boys might be interested in (they aren't big on arty/crafty stuff) so I printed out a person outline and cut up pieces of old fabric for the kids to glue on to make some "Crazy PJ's" As usual the girls got right in and um'd and ah'd over where to put each piece and I had to really encourage Dragon to stick with it till the end. Lion didn't want to do it at all... not surprising, it would have taken his time away from the Mobilo. Then Dragon got on to colouring in the face... he has one eye, one ear, one nose and hair... lots of hair... and a beard. I think he's pretty great!

The only problem I had with pyjama day was that I couldn't wear my most comfy pj pants because they are 8 years old and wearing thin in A LOT of places. I have three pairs of the same style in varying lengths that I picked up when we lived in Bundaberg. The elastic around the waist is showing in spots almost the whole way round, the bottom of the legs are starting to look a bit tatty, I haven't even checked anywhere else for holes! I seriously put them on and thought about wearing them but decided my comfy Bonds tracky dacks would probably be a better option.

At nap time today I think we may have hit upon a winner. I'm not sure if it will continue but it certainly worked again at bedtime. We pretended we were getting on a plane to sleepyland. I was the captain making "boarding calls" (getting them to come to the bedroom) and we read the "flight plan" (story time) and gave them the inflight messages - keep your head on your pillow, keep your eyes closed, falling asleep will help pass the time faster, please keep your fingers out of your nose, I will provide you with inflight music as long as your eyes remain closed, I will now dim the cabin lights for your comfort during your journey... that sort of thing. I didn't have to speak to them after I left the room at either nap time or bed time. AMAZING!!! I didn't get a single request for the light to be left on, at nap time they even ASKED if I could close the (plane) door (something that usually gets shrieks and panicked screams any other time). We'll see if this keeps up.

I made Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie for dinner tonight... BOY was that a winner too! Lion ate so much I thought he would POP. I did put too much on Dragon's plate so I took some back off half way through and he finished what he had. Not a peep of "I don't like this bit" or "this isn't what I wanted" or "I'm not going to eat that stuff" or any of the things they usually try on us. OH BOY WAS IT GOOD! I think it's better than regular spag bog. The boys usually pick out as much tomato and meat as possible with spag bog and they didn't pick out anything with this, so I'm quite fond of that point too, CLEAN PLATES! I found it here at Be Encouraged a lovely new site I am visiting. But she got it from here. That's the link to the actual recipe. The absolute best bit... ONE POT! There's a few things that I am thinking of doing to this recipe but the one that attracts me most is to replace the cheese on top with a cheesy bachemal sauce but I need to weigh up if it's worth dirtying the extra pot to do that. Seriously, try this recipe! Tonight!


  1. When I'm at home every day is pj day...since I'm still on vacation I actually have to wear real clothes...not liking that part so much.

    I'll have to try that hillbilly spaghetti when I get home. Right now one of the only things I can get Gia to eat is a grilled cheese sandwich...not exactly healthy.

  2. I LOVE pj day!! What a great idea for a playgroup, and your craft idea is awesome!

  3. Good morning! So glad the Hillbilly feast worked out for you guys - yee haw! Also, it was fun having a link to my site. I think that was the first ever! Thank you! Oh, and p.s.... I love my pjs too - elastic showing, holes revealing part of my knee caps, and all!

  4. My rattiest PJs are my favorite too. I have this cotton nightie that is worn so thin that you can see through it in the back, but it's my most favorite because it's so soft and comfy! I would wear PJs all day if I could get away with it!

  5. I have pajama day quite often in the summer! At least until noon or so on some days.... I could live in my PJ bottoms!

    Cute craft idea.... I would have fun with that, too.

    I'll have to go visit the site for the recipe. I'm up for something new.

  6. I finally had to get rid of mine. To ratty and to many holes to wear anymore, lol!

    ~ Nan

  7. I like to wear my husband's college football practice t-shirts to bed. I've washed them so many times they are literally falling apart. They are completely see through at this piont with actual holes around all the letters and the football helmet. I wore it by accident when my in-laws were here and was so embarrassed. I also love to stay in my pjs/comfy clothes all day when I'm at home (and I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant). I just saw a book at the bookstore that was called something to the effect of "I have a great mom". The first couple pages were the morning bedraggled mom and then a clean/fresh hip mom coming out of the bathroom - and it said something like I love how you go from morning mommy to daytime mommy in the blink of an eye....I had to put that one right back on the shelf - since Katie may wonder why HER mommy doesn't do that :)

  8. Great job Dragon! I like the idea of pj day. Also like the idea of plane flying to sleep land. Even better that it's working!
    Yummy sounding dinner! We may just have that tonight. Have a good day.

  9. The Little Miss is having PJ day on the 14th and I would have to buy new ones - that is the only way I will manage to get her not to put on her oldest favorites who is too short at the sleeves and a bit worse for the ware.

  10. I couldn't do it - I think you're really brave to wear PJ's out - what happens if your car breaks down ( see how boring I am to think of that kind of thing!)
    Those PJ pants sound similair to the ones I'm wearing right now - only mine have holes in the ..well you know where...but they're only small, so until they really show too much, I'll just keep on wearing them!

  11. @Renata - I laughed reading your comment. A little bit was about the holes in your pj's but mostly because I spent the whole drive to and from playgroup PRAYING! I was seriously praying that the car wouldnt break down or we wouldnt have accident or see something that meant we should stop to help. I think of those things too. I did fail to mention that I was the only mummy that actually turned up wearing her pj's. most of them got changed there or put them on over the top of their normal clothes... big buncha girls!

  12. OK, so I am going to take this very post as my permission to stay in my pj's all day today.

    OK, maybe not. But it looks like so much fun!

    I am also happy to know that I am not the only one who holds onto pj's a bit too long. On a couple of ocassions, Nurse Boy has actually asked me to rid the home of them. Kind of like me asking him to get rid of some of his undies from so long ago. Did I just type that outloud?

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  13. PJ Day...ooooh....love the idea. They wouldn't frown upon this at work, would they?

    The plane thing...I'm going to have to try it, that is for sure! I wish that would make Jonathan go to sleep easier for me at night. Maybe it will! I'm trying it out tonight. I'll keep you posted!

  14. I tried to post a comment yesterday but it didn't work. Here goes again: I have some ratty jammies that I finally had to toss as they couldn't be worn at home in front of my kids, lol!

    About the vacuum.....my friend had very long hair (like I used to) and she bent over to unclog the vacuum and it sucked her ponytail into it so fast that it cut her ear and she needed stiches!


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