Thursday, 6 August 2009

We don't wanna...

be on an airplane today.

Oh boy... Mummy had to come up with some similar trick ploy scheme fun naptime activity and quickly! We all had a late night (second day this week) and I needed them to have a slightly early nap because I have an appointment right when nap time would usually be wrapping up. We read a Tonka book for their story. If you have boys and don't have any Tonka books you are missing out! They help silly mums learn the differences between all the machines (it's a steep learning curve for me) and the added bonus is that you can read just the left hand pages and the book still makes sense and is heaps shorter! So back to what I was saying... we read a Tonka book and I thought I could get away with letting them pick which machine they wanted to be and then they had to close their eyes and sleep while they went along the assembly line to be made into that machine and they would wake up as a bulldozer and a forklift. It wasn't soooo successful, but still not the dramatics that an early nap usually brings (usually I don't even try, I let them skip their naps on those sort of days but with a late night it couldn't be skipped, they were beat and getting crankier by the second).

I will warn you here that this post is spanning a day. It has been written in little bits and pieces so sorry if it's a bit confusing.

I am taking them with me to the bank for my appointment... with a container of food and a pen each and some paper... and maybe some gaffer tape. I was told it would be a quick appointment so I figure this way it guarantees it doesn't it? This lady isn't going to want them in there any longer than she has to, they are good boys for this sort of thing (they amaze me with their good behaviour usually) but everyone has their limits. I'll probably bribe them with some nice healthy McDonald's shakes if they are really good.

I must remember to chug some tonic water tonight before bed. I feel like I've run a marathon but only with one of my calves. I think I woke up four or five times last night with cramps in that calf muscle, it's very sore and tired today. I actually liked drinking tonic water this pregnancy and have needed it less than with the other two. I had a glass a night while pregnant with Lion and I had to mix so much cordial into it so I could stand it. With dragon I needed a glass a night as well but I managed to just chug it down fast. This time I don't mind the taste of it (yet normal water is tasting yucky???) but I have had relatively few cramps. Until last night I guess.

The boys were amazingly brilliantly behaved at the bank this afternoon. The lady we spoke to commented on their behaviour right away when we walked into her office (she had seen them waiting for about 10 minutes outside being really good) and she got them out some pictures to colour in. Then when we left she was so impressed with their wonderful behaviour that she gave them each a set of colouring pencils and a money box. Woohoo boys!!! Very proud of my boys behaviour!

The boys were playing out on the patio this afternoon colouring it in with chalk. All of a sudden I hear..."Look at me, I'm a ball, someone, throw me"... "or kick me". It's just one of those things that you need to check on. Sure enough Dragon was laying on his back on the concrete, knees pulled to his chest, hands over his eyes acting very ball-like. Thankfully Lion didn't take him up on the offer of a kick. Unfortunately he didn't stay long enough for me to take a photo and wouldn't do it a second time. I can't help but think that he didn't quite think through the repercussions of his quest for ball-likeness.

I'll leave you with an insight into our marriage. I know Wolf loves me because he sends me sweet emails from work during the day. Usually inspired by things that have happened over his day. Sweet things like this fake email from his "publishing company". I reckon he has a career in book cover design, I know I saw this and straight away wanted to buy it!

Hi Guys,

Just thought you may be interested in this new release from my new publishing company.

He sent it around to a few folk in the other shops/head office but had to be careful because he was pretty sure that some of the managers might have not taken it as a joke and tried to order a carton lot!

His inspiration came from a customer coming in asking "Do you have a face like a potato". YES REALLY!!! Eventually it turned out the customer wanted a book called "Face like a Potato". Wolf questioned him as to whether it was possibly "FAITH like Potatoes" that he was after he insisted that no, it was FACE like a potato. Wolf showed him "Faith like Potatoes" anyway and he conceded that yes, that was the right book and purchased it.


  1. Wouldn't that be a cute idea! I am sure somebody somewhere would buy it.

    I remember nap times. Eventually my oldest gave his up. But I still required him to play quietly in his room for the duration of his nap time.

    It gave me time to clean and stuff and taught him how to amuse himself!

  2. What great behaviour Dragon and Lion. It's nice when it gets recognised by others and they get rewarded.
    But they are pretty cluey kids and of course would catch on to the plane thing before too long. Hope Tonka saves the day.
    (I think I've read my cat likes boxes at some stage. I will have to hunt it out - thanks)
    And the customer coming in was just too funny. I like Wolf's design. I'm sure it would be an interesting read!

  3. So nice to get caught up on your life. Gasp, only 31 days until Peach Blossom, where did the time go?


  4. @Boy Mom - So good to "see" you again! That would be 31 days on the freaky floating baby calendar... which is 6 days out. we are at 25 days to go! I am so totally calm it's unbelievable! totally organised, not at all freaking out... hang on, did you say you're caught up? Does that mean you read the post where I said all this is a lie?

  5. I'm still laughing about "I'm rolled into a ball; someone kick me."

    I love fuzzy water: carbonated water like Perrier and another one I love,but can't think of. It doesn't have the biting taste of tonic water.

    Have a great day!

  6. @bluecottonmemory - Unfortunately it needs to be tonic water for cramps. The quinine in it is a muscle relaxant and it's milder and better for baby than any medications they can give you for cramps. Not long now and I can kick the habit!

  7. I am CRACKING up at the "Face Like a Potato" How funny!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. You off course know Angus lives and works here in SA?


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