Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Benn has been found and is okay!!!

He was found late this afternoon and was dehydrated but okay. The rescue helicopter spotted him and he was airlifted to hospital.

God was absolutely looking after him. He was found so late in the afternoon that there was probably an hour of light left for searching today. The rescue helicopter spotted him which they doubted would happen because of the incredibly dense canopy in the area. Disorientation and dehydration seem to be the biggest problems he had.

The area he was lost in has drop offs that just creep up on you. The tracks are rough enough to walk along, the ground off the track is a cobweb of hidden tree roots and rocks and vines to get you an injury quick smart. It's quite an elevated area so it's a lot cooler there than in town here and he spent two nights out there wearing shorts, shirt and a jumper (I'm assuming it wasn't anything particularly warm since no one round here actually owns anything particularly warm).

Thank you for your prayers for Benn and Michelle. Please also pray that Benn's mum will see God's hand in the protection of her son and will open her heart to the Son of God.


  1. Oh thank God! I have been praying for him.

  2. Excellent! I hope he continues to recover quickly.

  3. Wonderful! That has made my day start on a great note.

  4. The police have been pleased with the temperatures overnight this week, they said it was quite warm. Very fortunate we've had such a warm August! I think this is the first time I've been pleased with our warm temperatures this winter :P

    The chopper was on its last trip of the day and Benn was just "settling down for the night" (in the words of his SIL), so yes, fantastic they found him that time! The chopper that spotted him had infra-red heat-seeking devices on it, but I'm not sure if it was the infra-red technology or the rescuers' eyes which spotted him. The police liaison woman told us the heat-seeking stuff is pretty useless during the day because the rocks heat up in the sun and release just as much heat as a human. (Rocks, however, generally don't move.)

    He is in such good condition, I am amazed. It would have been SO easy for him to get injured. Thank God!

  5. Praise God! I missed yesterday's post but will continue to pray for Benn's recovery. What a scary ordeal for him and his family.

  6. I'm so glad he is OK. I somehow missed yesterday's post too. I don't know how...must have hit "mark as read" in my reader or something.

  7. Thanks for the update! What an awesome answer to prayer!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  8. Clapping my hands over the good news!!!!!!!


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