Thursday, 27 August 2009

Putting a kid through Uni...

Not one of our children of course. Just one of the random kids that work at our favourite Maccas. And may I pause there to say I realise that saying "favourite maccas" is an oxymoron, it's kinda like talking about "my favourite trip to the school dental van" or "our families favourite bout of gastro" but I am talking about the one round the corner from Wolf's work that we frequent most often. With our current hectic, crazy, insane, busy, disorganised lifestyle we have been frequenting our favourite maccas far too often. This was made obvious to me yesterday when Ruby the drive thru chick (yes, I do know her name... your point is???) commented on the fact that I didn't have my kids in the car. Now, I did have two empty car seats in the back. I do have toys strewn across the entire interior of the car. It was obvious that I was driving a car that usually ferries children and I was driving it alone. But I know that was not what she meant... because last time we went through the drive through, when Dragon wouldn't say hello back to her she said "it's okay, I know you're the shy one". You'd think that would have tipped me off then.

I have been seeing Ruby at this particular maccas since I was in highschool. One of my friends worked there and when we were all hanging out there she would often come and chat to us all but I was pretty sure I was incognito for a few years... and I don't look *exactly* the same... and I am pretty sure she sees about a gazillion people go through the drive thru each week. So I think we may need to cut back. I hope Ruby doesn't miss us too much...
Over the last month or so I am sure that we have paid for the education or a couple of drinking binges for at least one of their maccas minions. Time to cut them off, it is now that we end our fry fixation. Let them leave the nest of our burger bender and spread their wings. I want to work in a hamburger hangup and mcnugget mcneed but my brain can't focus on alliteration for that long.

Who needs a bed?

I had my pre-admission appointment for the hospital this morning. It was for 10:30 and I turned up early hoping that I might get seen early and get out early... no such luck, I didn't get in till 11:00. I was her third appointment for the day... her first had been late to arrive, this made the second late to start and that chick apparently had so many questions the couldn't get through them all. Then in I wander... after her apologies and explanation about her lateness her first question was "is this your first child?" my answer "nope, third"... the look of relief on her face was priceless. We flew through the paperwork, she talked fast for all the stuff that she has to tell me because I've heard it all before, we got to the end, "any questions?" she asks... "nope" I reply. By 11:15 I had left her office, found my way through the rabbit warren that is hospital hallways to a toilet and found my way back out to my car and was leaving. One more appointment to go before this baby comes... car seat fitting at the ambos tomorrow. Oh, and my babyshower breakfast on Saturday morning. For the girls at church we do a full-on baby shower for their first baby in the church hall with all the women from church. After that we do a coffee date of some sort with just the other young mums, very low key and relaxed. For me, that will be breakfast on Saturday at my favourite little cafe near here... I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Our family only has to go to Maccas once to fund a night out for one of the employees. And that's about as frequently as we do go - about once or twice a year. Can't afford any more than that.

  2. Hooray for experience! With hospitals, not necessarily McD's.
    How cute will your car look with 3 car seats? What will Ruby say?
    McD's chippies are pretty addictive. :)

  3. Does Dragon have pink Miss Piggie sheets? hehehe...

  4. @Mum-me - yes, when the boys start doing more than sharing our meals with their own drinks I don't think we will ever mention the golden arches again!

    @Sandra - The story is that the oil they are cooked in is good for producing breast milk... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    @Leah - Yeah, we were short on single sheets when we moved to two single beds instead of one and a cot so we borrowed some from mum that were my sisters. Now Little Bear is in a big girl bed they are going to her so they can stay in the right family.

  5. I giggled reading about Ruby.... That's pretty observant of her to know that he's the "shy" one!

    Happy countdown to the big day! (... and getting in early for an appointment... never!)

  6. Well, I think the people at Costco recognize me, so join the club, girl. You're not alone!

    Now when they have your order ready before you get there....perhaps that might also be a clue, lol!

  7. Enjoy your little party.

    Gosh yes, with what has been going on in our part of the world we also had way too many fast foods lately.

  8. WOW! This baby is coming SOON!!!! I am so exctied for you!! REALLY! I will be praying for you on Monday... It is Monday, isn't it? Or, is that Sunday for me? Let me know... I really do want to be praying for you! Peach Blossom, we can't wait to meet you!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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