Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday Snapshot

Couldn't help it...

I know I said I wouldn't be back...

But I had to share this little cutie with everyone...

Chillin' in the wheelbarra'

You can't see his shirt properly but it's brand new today (and "off white" already). This is what is on it.
Wolf had seen these shirts but we couldn't find them in a kids size. Any images we found to use to make our own I didn't really like... people on fire... people with limbs missing... not what I really wanted my kids to wear but I did like the idea of the shirt. It seemed suitable for my daredevil copycats. So I designed my own. I am quite pleased with it, especially that I got them finished at 7:30 this morning in time to let them wear their new shirts for church... it's not often we have white shirts that are still white so church seemed like a good place to take a white shirt. That and when Wolf told one of the other men at church that he was thinking of these shirts for the boys the man then came straight up to me and started telling me that I HAD to make them. So the boys made sure they showed him their new shirts, he loved them! I'd be happy to share the design if you ask I just want know where it's going, it is an original image that I created.

We went to the bookfest (big second hand charity book sale) today. I have my babies in October and they put the bookfest on the weekend before. I decide that hey, lets not go to a bookfest 9 months pregnant, we'll have a baby in August to fit around it (okay, not really) and guess what... they move the bookfest. Today was the last day though so unless you wanted trashy romance novels or computing books that were up to date a mere 10 years ago you were pretty much out of luck. Next time, if we can't get there till the last day then I think we'll skip it. We did however get three books for wolf for a whopping $2.70! Bargain.

No, Wolf didn't buy trashy romance novels or out of date computing books, he found some sci-fi rubbish that he likes... just thought I should clarify that point.

So, on the eve of Peach Blossom's birth, this is what my belly looks like... I should have taken the photo at lunch time when PB was right up high and sticking straight out. Even to me, this doesn't look bigger than the last one I showed at 35 weeks.


  1. Great bell shot - you look stunning!

  2. Praying for you this morning.

  3. Fantastic design for the shirts! They look beaut.
    Praying for you this morning.

  4. What a great t-shirt design! I think it's fab!

    Lovely belly shot, too. [If you're not too busy (hee hee) can you tell me what program you used to frame your photo?]

    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow...!

  5. OMG, you're ready to POP. That's what I get for staying away from my blogosphere for so long. I love the belly photo. Wishing you a speedy and effortless delivery, and a beautiful healthy baby, and lots of sleep while your delicious newborn is in the capable hands of the nursery staff.

    And you're making shirts and going to bookfests. I'd be horizontal as often as humanly possible. ;)

  6. Are you serious about sharing the design? I would love to be able to get a t-shirt like that--for myself. I broke my leg jumping on a blob last summer. Now people warn me to be careful on normal activities. It would be fun. I would also like to get one made for a friend of mine. The shirt is adorable!


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