Saturday, 29 August 2009


At my baby shower breakfast this morning a lovely friend decided to make me break out in a cold sweat and start to hyperventilate... she informed me that it was only 48 hours to go... it gets REALLY real when you realise that counting in hours is actually an option.

We have three car seats crammed across the back seat of our car which the Ambo man wasn't happy about but was more willing to go with it when I let him know that it is a very temporary measure and when we have a bigger car soon we'll be back to get them moved across. Dragon learnt the hard way that there is no room between the seats and the doors anymore when he got his finger stuck there this afternoon. Three car seats... that made it even more real on Friday.

I have one simple goal for our stay in hospital... that Peach Blossom will NOT get kicked out of the nursery. You know, like my other two children have. They wheel them back in the wee hours of the morning saying something like "we needed to bring him back to your room because Master Lion was keeping the other babies awake, he doesn't need a feed, he's just chatty". I then mumble something incoherent to acknowledge that I realise my baby is back under my care and go back to sleep until it DOES need a feed. After all, these are my last precious hours of sleep for the next 12 months, no need to go disturbing myself too much.

I have the bassinet set up and sheets on it and all now. I sort of packed my hospital bag today. I packed Peach Blossom's nappy bag. Mine has everything I need except things I am still using... like clothes... and iPod... can't forget the iPod. I have terry nappies folded waiting for a tiny little baby butt to put in them, I have some tiny little clothes waiting for a tiny little body, I have muslin wraps waiting to do some baby origami. I have two disposable nappies... left over from nearly three years ago... I'm not holding my breath that they will hold anything much in but I'm sure I can convince someone to grab a new packet at some point. The kid is all set. I hadn't bought any baby bath yet and we are running low on wipes but guess what... they were in the wonderful hamper that my sweet friends gave me this morning. Along with all sorts of yummy stuff for our bodies (mine and PB's) and yummy stuff for our mouths (mine and Wolfs... if he's lucky). There was also this...
That's right folks... an animal print all-in-one nappy! I'm thinking it's giraffe... but I am probably wrong, all I can tell you is it isn't zebra print... my brain is feeling a bit fuddled tonight.

I have added a countdown in the top right corner (it looks messy but I couldn't be bothered fiddling with it to get it looking nice) so that you can figure out when 6am Monday morning falls in whatever time zone you reside in (Mrs Nurse Boy). I'm assuming it will stay counting down to my time zone because that would make sense.

Tell you what... I wish I was able to sleep this relaxed...

I thought he was so sweet just chillin' in his sleep. He has a big band aid on his chin to stop him scratching/licking at his school sore type thing on his chin. He was on antibiotics for his wog he had last week and I didn't particularly want to get him more antibiotics for what we were assuming was a school sore so we wanted to give gentler remedies a try first. The pharmacist suggested an antiseptic cream... I couldn't find any of the three tubes I have around here. I could find a bottle of Dettol. It was gonna hurt, diluted or not. I was almost in tears thinking about putting it on his lip. I needed to put a good spin on it... I wanted to explain that it might hurt because it was doing something good fighting the germs in his sore. Fumbling through the explanation we struck gold... Antiseptic Army Men... fighting Baddy Germ Men. He thought it was great and was thrilled with having such a heated battle raging on his bottom lip. The best thing is it looks like those Antiseptic Army Men are winning the battle and we will have our sweet little lips back to normal soon... except for the big red blotchy bits where he was allergic to the band aid stickiness. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Speaking of not winning them all... no one is winning the name discussion around here. I thought it was all picked and ready but apparently not. So, any suggestions? I think we only need a middle name but I'm just not sure anymore. Here's hoping I don't have to be knocked out completely for any reason because Wolf will name this kid from some weird mythology stories... he's threatened to do it... he reckons he'll even fill out all the official paperwork while I'm still knocked out and post it off before I know what's happened. I think I may even believe him.

If you need something else to pray for please pray that my back (and the rest of me, but mostly my back) will stop aching for a bit between now and when I go in so that I can have some restful sleep and some non-painful cuddles with my little men. They are getting upset at not being allowed to cuddle on my lap (it's been sore for a couple of days now) and that then upsets me because I know I'll have to be REALLY careful once I have a big wound to watch out for so I want to take advantage of all their cuddles now and it's just one big frustration for us around here.

So... I doubt I'll be back on here before the big day. I will read your comments though and see what names you like ☺ I am not getting a chance to even read anyone else posts at the moment so I'll have lots to catch up on next week when I have computer access again... I'll probably get sent home on Thursday or Friday morning from what I can figure out... but I reckon I might be a little bit distracted with another bundle of cuteness around here.


  1. I might post something even if MMcT doesn't. At least I know what most others don't - PB's gender :)
    On Monday, Dragon, Lion, Mr Sunshine and Grannysaurus will have and interesting morning waiting for news. I'm sure Dragon and Lion will keep us grounded.

  2. Interesting to read the difference between states for some things - here we fit our own car seats, and the hospital no longer has a nursery. It's rooming-in with baby from the moment of birth. When Possum was born they had a nursery, but by the time I had my little Dragon nurseries were a thing of the past.

    We've been praying for you all, especially MMcT and PB. I'd better not suggest any names ☺ but please Wolf, no strange mythological names. Think of the child!

  3. I've seen some rather strange names from time to time, so be sure Wolf doesn't get too excited about taking care of things while you're sleeping! (I wish I could remember one of the better ones, but I can't right now....)

    Definitely giraffe print. Cute as can be by the way!

    So... I guess you've had the back pain long enough to rule out labor pains? Just thinkin' here. Monday! How exciting. I guess your Monday will be my Sunday.... I'll be thinking about you and wishing PB a safe welcome to this new world of hers. (You take care, too. Get that sleep!!)

  4. Good luck! And I think it's a giraffe (the nappy, not the baby).

  5. WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!! :-) Can't wait to see your new little one!!! I LOVE THE WORD NAPPIES...cute! We say diapers around here! :D The little giraffe cover is so CUTE!!

    Blessings, blessings, Mrs, McT!!! Happiest new baby to you!

  6. We are praying for you also. My middle name suggestion is Barnabas. It was supposed to be Bruiser's middle name and I even had a verbal contract from the Mrs., but as soon as we knew he was a boy she decided she could not do it. I am still bitter about it. Barnabas means son of encouragement. How perfect is that? Also, if people can't make fun of your middle name it just means your parents are wimps. So, I am a wimp now but only because my woman has a lot of influence on me. You know I could be a lot more help here if I knew some more information. Like say............ THE GENDER!!!

    Mr. NB

  7. I'm very excited for your soon-to-be Bundle!!!!

  8. So exciting!

    Make sure you rest, rest, rest in the hospital. You know the chaos that starts when you get home...

    We knew that Zane was a boy about half-way through our pregnancy. I THOUGHT we had narrowed the names down to two - Kane and Kieran. Dwayne decided ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL that he didn't like either one. In the end, we called Zane 'baby' until he was a week old. I understand the name dilema.

    Praying for you all...

  9. Can't wait to see this little one! Blessings and prayers as you enter the 'Labor Zone'!!!


  10. I can"t suggest a name without knowing the sex! I'll be trying to figure out my time difference here too so I can offer the prayers when you especially need them. I hope someone will give us all an update! Let the praying begin!!!

  11. DH wanted to call Little Bear Saphira after the dragon in Eragon. In the end I managed to talk him out of it as a first name by allowing it as a middle name. Thankfully Little Bear Saphira just didn't sound quite right, so we settled on a different and much more mainstream middle name.

    Afraid I can't help much with the names. You have already shot down all of my past suggestions.

  12. Like Grannysaurus, I too know PB's gender, but I can say that the name "Bernie" can be either a boy or a girl, so how about that?

  13. @Grannysaurus - Wolf has instructions to post on here as soon as he sends an email to far-flung family.

    @Mum-me - We hire the capsule for the first 6 months from the Ambo's that's why they fit it. It's all booked out in the Forester's rego though, we'll have to go and change over the paperwork etc so that's why he'll have to re-fit it. Otherwise we fit them ourselves. Public hospitals do rooming-in (but do have very small nurseries if needed), private let you pick what you want to do... unless your child wont stop 'talking' to the other babies at 3am. Thank you for not encouraging Wolf's weird name choices.

    @Roban - yeah, it's been too long and constant to be labour pains. I have been getting a bit worried about that on and off though. Like when it had me walking the floor at 2am this morning.

    @Suburban Correspondent - We are still praying that Lion turns out to be wrong with his "it's a woodpecker" statement... I'm not sure if a woodpecker or a giraffe would be worse!

  14. Yes, it's giraffe print. And made of minky. And so soft and gorgeous. I want another baby just so I can dress it in gorgeous nappies.

  15. Hip Hip Hooray! I am just so excited for you all. I pray you get a great night's sleep - tonight and tomorrow. All the best to you and Wolf and the boys.
    Looking forward to hearing the details from Wolf.

  16. I wasn't named for ages after I was born :) My first Sunday at church Paul C asked mum what my name was and mum said "nothing yet"... so he called me Baby Nothing Yet. He has actually called me that once or twice in the past ten years...

    And the all-in-one nappy looks giraffey to me :)

  17. Definitely giraffe print. Good luck girl - will keep you all in my prayers.

  18. I cannot wait to hear the happy news!


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