Tuesday, 8 September 2009

1 week

This little bundle of cuteness was 1 week old yesterday. 
Although he's a bit squashed this is one of the few photos with his eyes open (well, sort of open).
It's amazing how much you can learn in just a week... I'll let you in on some of our discoveries.
  • Boobies.  HE LIKES THEM LOTS.
  • His big brothers singing.
  • Sleeping in the sling.
  • Being wrapped tightly.
  • Driving in the car... FAST.
  • Cool washers on his bum at nappy change.
  • Pooping in his fresh nappy then instantly closing his eyes and going to sleep with a grin leaving me wondering if I change him or hope it's not too bad in there and let him sleep.
  • Music playing as he has his drinks... "Drinking music" has a whole new meaning now... it's still melancholy Billy Joel and he is all dissoriented and sleepy when he's done drinking but it's just milk... I promise!
  • Daddy's silly puppet shows.  (well, he doesn't get upset at being used as the puppet so I'm assuming he likes it)
  • Tormenting his mummy by acting incredibly desperate to feed then when it's offered turning away and acting all content, or closing his eyes and going to sleep... until it's put away... then he's desperate again!
  • Waiting for boobies.
  • Nakedness (his big brothers were quite happy being naked from the minute they were born... still are)
  • His ingrown fingernails... poor little darling.
  • Tummy aches.
  • Hiccups.
  • Baths and Showers... I think this has something to do with being all exposed.
  • His big brothers putting their faces mere milimetres away from his face.
As you can imagine this short post has taken me HOURS to complete and now at the end we have just got back from his first visit to the doctors.  He has an infection in the nails on two of his fingers and the skin is all peeling back and looking raw and gross.  I had mixed feelings taking him to the doctors.  I didn't want to be over reacting and get told it was fine and not to be so paranoid but at the same time I didn't want anything to really be wrong... The doctor said his usual rule would be one spot he'd prescribe the cream, two places and he'd say antibiotics but both the doctor and I agreed that at 1 week old we'd rather avoid antibiotics if possible so we have to try the cream for a few days and if it gets worse then we move to the antibiotics.  Please pray that it gets better with the cream!

It's been a while since I've posted about the other two boys... rest assured they are still cute as ever, saying the weirdest things and making life just that little bit more exciting... but blogging time is in short supply.


  1. Oh dear. Now Monkey has me all confused. He looks a bit like Dragon in this photo. Mmm. Well, obviously he is a mixture of both you and Wolf (though I am leaning more towards Wolf at this stage).

    Nakedness and bath time were such an issue for Cousin Wilbie for the first several weeks. He screamed through all his baths and hated being naked. Now we struggle to get clothes on him.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help. My arms are ready for cuddles if nothing else.

  2. He looks a bit like Lion and a lot like Dragon, I think. But most he looks like little Monkey.

    I have never heard of ingrown fingernails on a baby. Will pray it heals quickly.

  3. ditto what Kate said, minus the first two sentences of her middle paragraph.

  4. oohh, he is just so cute..funny to see him in a sleeveless suit when it is REALLY cold here at the moment though.

  5. He looks quite grown up in this picture by my reckoning, but what do I know?
    Glad to hear he likes his drink, hope he sorts out his consumption. Hic.
    Praying for those little fingers to get better. Poor mite.
    Glad to hear Dragon and Lion are well and full of cuteness.
    Wishing you a good sleep.

  6. I'm praying for his precious little baby fingers. Oh, he is a darling!

    Too many babies, I'm wanting another one of my own! If you were closer I'd come over and help with Monkey.

    My children were ALL about boobies. Still are. One of Princess' favorite games is "find Mommy's boobies," but since they cannot be hidden by any stealth technology currently known to man, the game is really just "poke Mommy's boobies."

  7. Oh my, Monkey has already stopped looking like a newborn. Your description though still sounds very much like a newborn.

    I'm so sorry about his little fingers. I hope that they will heal quickly.

    My son and DIL are hoping for a little girl to add to their family of two boys but it's one thing out of our control. Boys keep life interesting. Blessings on you and your family.

  8. Oh is is just utter cuteness. I hope the two big brothers are loving the big brother stuff. My Little Miss did that same poop and fall asleep with a smile thing. Gosh, it freaked me out. So I tried a new routine, feed, change old nappy, lay her down to sleep on her own. I still maintain that is one of the reasons she has always been such an excellent sleeper. She learned how to go to sleep o her own from week 1.

  9. Awww...look at that adorable squished up face! It is amazing how incredibly different children are right from birth! And awwwwww about the ingrown nails, what a way to start life the poor little guy! I'm praying for the cream to work so he doesn't have to get antibiotics.

  10. Oh man! He is SO cute! Hey, I know how much milk they need...I just stopped talking and started "moo-ing" that first month or so...teehee!
    LOVE HIS HAIR! It's spikey!!! CUTE!

    Will pray about the infection!
    Great update! Congrats again, Mommy! :)

  11. What a darling! And doesn't he look like brother Dragon in this pic???

  12. Too, too, too precious! He's so sweet and he sounds just like Jonathan! That's how he was at a week old too! God bless you for even having time to blog anything at all. I don't know how I would do it. I barely have time with just the one kid!

  13. He is absolutely adorable!!
    I hope the cream works on his fingers - poor little tyke!
    None of my children liked being undressed, but it seemed once they hit 2 1/2 I would constantly find them that way! Take care.

  14. My heart is in palpitations over the cuteness of that picture!!! So funny that he wants to keep checking to make sure that your boobies are still there. Oh ok, mum, I see them...goodnight :)

  15. Thanks for the update!!! He is just precious!!! REALLY, he is!!!

    Praying all is well with Monkey and for a speedy recovery!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  16. OH! He's GORGEOUS! I love his chubby cheeks! (is it crazy that he makes me desperately want another baby???)

    LOL about wanting the boobie but not when it's offered. Just like a man! hahaha

  17. He's so precious and I'm so glad to be getting to know him better! Hopefully those little fingers will heal up quick!



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