Saturday, 12 September 2009

Classic Little Boy Dreams

Little Dragon found a 'cape' yesterday and excitely asked me to put it on. After I did he was banging on the door while asking to be let out so he could fly around in the wind. As a world-weary adult I assumed that he wanted to stand outside and let the wind blow his new cape.

No not the case... he had assumed that because he had a cape he now had the ability to actually fly.

The poor boy was so upset that Daddy wouldn't let him climb on the roof of the car and jump off.

'But Daa-aad... eyekin really FLY!'


  1. Awesome! We love super heroes! Great pictures.

  2. Up, up, and away! :) Blankets and kitchen clips are usually our super hero capes but for Christmas...shhhh...I'm making the kiddos sparkly, super-de-duper capes! I can't wait! :)

  3. I LOVE the way boys think... except when they get hurt! That picture is awesome!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. I LOVE these pics! The color of the sky, the action of the cape captured--and then there's that adorable kid!!!


  5. Got to admire his faith though. Kids crack me up (although my older one is currently NOT cracking me up and very close to making me drive far far away).

  6. I'm so, so worried that Jonathan is going to try this. No kidding. The kid was at a church event tonight "blasting" people like he was Ironman. Lord, help me...what happens when he really thinks he is and tries to blast off in his rocket boots from the roof?!

  7. Dragon, I needed to smile today. You are such a sweetie.

    Mummy McT - the fake "Peach Blossom" has dissappeared & the counter seems to be counting upwards. I think you need to put Monkey's picture there now instead.

  8. Oh the sweetest sweetest post! Their imaginations are truly wonderful.

  9. Oh - I wish he could fly, he's so stinkin' cute!


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