Tuesday, 22 September 2009

As it stands

We have a paediatrician who isn't convinced it's reflux.

We have a gruelling 24 hours ahead of us as we attempt to spread feeds further apart.

We have timed feeds to make sure he’s getting enough of the right sort of milk.

We have to REMEMBER to time feeds and keep them far enough apart even at 2am.

We have a VERY grumpy 3 week old who DOES NOT want his feeds spread further apart.

We may have thrush.

We have a midwife who says yes, we do.

We have a paediatrician who says no, probably not.

We have two big brothers who are pushing the limits... of everything.

We have two grownups who have hit the limit.

We have a 3 week old who needs a blood test tomorrow to make sure his jaundice is nothing to worry about.

We have to collect a urine sample from that same 3 week old and "fresh is best" which means catch it as it’s coming out... failing that we can collect in a littly baggy.

We have a mummy who has a sweat and body odour issue when she is pregnant and breastfeeding... and it’s getting rather warm here in the tropics!

We have a daddy who has to go back to work next week :(

We have two tiny fingers now COMPLETELY HEALED!

We have a prescription for Zoton even though the paediatrician isn’t convinced it's what we need. (she didn’t want us to have to come back if the other things she got us to try didn’t work and she trusts me as his parent and the parent of two other refluxy babies to know my stuff)

We have a paediatrician who is encouraging us to keep breast feeding where others would encourage switching to a specialised formula. (just in case you haven’t noticed I think Dr Jenny is WONDERFUL)

We have Wolf who has kept this house running for the last three weeks (and before that he was doing more than normal too). He’s my superhero who still thinks I’m a hottie even if I do stink a bit and fly off the handle at regular intervals!

We have had enough holidays owing to us that Wolf was able to have our holiday-holiday a few weeks ago and now 4 weeks off to help me.

We have two big boys who in spite of their limit pushing are putting up with a lot from their little brother and their tired parents.

We have wonderful friends at church who are providing us three meals a week for three weeks!

We have family in town which a lot of other people in the same boat don’t.

We have God.

We can do this.


  1. With God all things are possible. You can do it!
    Hang in there!
    Hooray for those fingers healing.
    Hooray that you have a plan of attack, even if Monkey doesn't agree with it yet.
    Hooray that you have a good doctor and a wonderful husband.
    Take care.

  2. You also have a cousin who is having a very quiet week next week and is willing to come and entertain the big boys or cuddle Monkey so you can accomplish what you would like to.

    We are praying for you all and hope things start to get better. You are a fantastic Mummy and I think the first 12 months of cousin wilbie's life was made easier thanks to your advice and willingness to hear me out.


  3. Adding a new member to the family is always a challenge. Yes, you can do it.

    My motto/mantra from 2004 - 2007 was "It won't always be like this!" (My 'issue' wasn't a newborn with reflux - it was trying to keep up with the demands of a newborn while having constant migraines.)

  4. Those first three months are the hardest aren't they? I'm totally not looking foward to all the lows during that time, thank god that there are highs involved as well. What's amazing is being able to see the positives while dealing with so much on so little sleep.

    I really hope the little one doesn't have reflux, but in either case I hope whatever is going on is figured out so he can get some relief soon! Glad those fingers healed up too.

  5. ((HUGS)) and prayers!!!! Hang in there! God is in control and it will get better, but you already know that, don't you?!

    I will be praying for you guys. Oh, sweet sleep... why have you left the McT house?!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  6. You can do it! Hang in there. You are in my prayers.

    (Can't they see it is thrush my just looking at it? Argh! I want them to take care of my baby so he isn't suffering! Isn't it cool how I've claimed your baby...even though I'm not there to change his diaper, burp him, nurse him, and all that jazz? Yeah, I thought it was cool too!)

  7. Sounds like you sure are busy. Hope the reflux can get sorted out quickly. So glad your paediatrician is good - she sounds great!

  8. I am such a bad bloggy friend. I never dropped in to take a peak at your newest little addition. I'm so sorry!! HE IS SIMPLY ADORABLE!!!! Congratulations Mummy!!! I'm sorry you're having a bit of a rough time. It sounds like you're handling things great though with your wonderful sense of humor. Hang in there you can do it!

    The little monkey is just too precious and too cute for words.

    Much love from NJ,

  9. If I wasn't on a different continent, I'd be there tomorrow to order you to sleep while I cuddled that precious ball of hair and allowed Katie and the big boys to quietly run amok. Seriously, tha hair...SO cute! I think he has more than Timmy does now at 10 months.

  10. I also think your paediatrician rocks! I can vouch for the spacing of feeds and ensuring he gets hindmilk by checking that he takes big enough feeds. Worked wonders for us. I kept them awake by tickling their toes and wiping the face with a wet face cloth and kept them drinking until they had a nice big feed.

  11. Oh, dear. Even in the tough times, you're right, you can do this.

    Blessings and strength to you.

  12. Poor sausage. Two hourly feeds suck.


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