Saturday, 19 September 2009

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After my post yesterday we actually had a pretty good night.  Our day went back down hill, he did that little baby trick where they refuse to sleep at practical times when you can catch a few winks with them and you go to a birthday party and they sleep the whole time.  Thanks little Monkey!
We have been watching out for reflux, having had two with it so far I figured the odds were not in our favour.  The only problem is I know the pediatrician wants something more than "he's cranky all the time" or "he doesn't like lying down" to diagnose him.  After today I am pretty sure it's reflux, he's been doing a little 'I've just chucked in my mouth' thing over and over and getting very upset along with it, I also felt some of the little yucky refluxy feelings in his back as I was cuddling him.  I picked up some gripe water type stuff that helps get his burps up which does help some of his troubles but there is certainly more than just gas so Monday I am making an appointment with the pediatrician so we can get in before his 6 week check... that's just too long to wait to fix his owies.  Other than giving medication we have been treating him as if he has reflux, since he came home from hospital his basinette has been up on bed-blocks that raise one end, we try to keep him upright, he has a sleep positioner to keep him sleeping on his left side, I don't get to drink milk anymore, it's all fun and games around here.  Lion needed Zoton for his reflux, Dragon managed with just Infant Gaviscon, I have a feeling though that with all this already in place and Monkey still having the problems he is we'll be back to the Zoton.  Thankfully I know what I'm in for and wont have to go through the horrible learning stage where you experiment until you find that you have exactly 15 minutes from the time you spoon it into their mouth to get them to sleep before the sugar rush hits your tiny little 6 week old... those were fun days!!!


Dear Medicine Making People,
Each year GAZILLIONS of infants (exact figures were unavailable at time of writing) are diagnosed with GERD, it is unacceptable that they need to be given an adults medication where their parents need to guess at the dose they are giving their precious child.  Surely with all the babies that would take this medication it would be worth your money to produce something tailored to their tiny little bodies... preferably without the MASSIVE dose of sugar that you put in the adults medication.
If you wish to discuss this with me please give me a call, I am awake pretty much all the time so no need to worry about disturbing the new mum.
Yours in reflux induced sleep deprivation,
Mummy McTavish.


Sorry, I needed to get that out.


The big boys are coming even closer together lately.  It's so great to see them playing so well together.  They are even getting closer together when they are sleeping...

Of course they looked so cute and cozy that Wolf needed to join them...

Sorry Uncle Jingles, that would be Cuddles head that is under Lion's backside.


And now, just because you need more pictures of my little Monkey...

His great grandad had hair like that... all fuzy and sticking out around the sides and nothing on top.  I have always though each of the boys has looked like my grandad when they were born... Lion had more of the right shaped face, Dragon had more of the right features and I think Monkey has only got the hair-do... minus the comb-over ☺

oh, and since you just can't get enough here's another one I was going to save for tomorrow...

Ugh, I didn't turn it around... and I really can't be bothered doing it now... sorry... tilt your head to the left and you'll get the idea.

I've done this in blogger in draft and I can't find a spell check so sorry if there's a zillion mistakes, I'm tired.


Just something you might want to know.... once the Kenyan president's house was invaded by 35 monkeys that came in for the yummy cooking they could smell!


  1. Poor little Monkey. The good thing is that you recognise it now & can get the help sooner because of that.

    I would like to add to your letter to the makers of Zoton (& big pharmaceutical manufacturers in general) - Please no added colours or flavours - particularly the red colouring in Zoton. This has a similar effect to the sugar rush but takes them longer to get over.

    Panadol & Demazin both make colourfree versions & they are two of the biggest selling pharmaceutical names around. Obviously it can't be that bad!

  2. Huh?! You really should try to get more sleep. The bit about the monkeys was cryptic.
    Sorry MMcT, I do know what it is like to be sleep deprived and worried about baby. I'm really glad that Wolf is home "helping" (I hope) since I have been so little help. I'm glad you posted some new pics. I'll snap some more tomorrow. I miss all my boys. I've seen so little of them lately. I'm sure they think I don't love them anymore. Something nice for afternoon tea seems the least a guilty Grannysaurus can do.

  3. Chimera should be more concerned about the 35 monkeys... I have a feeling she'll be hearing LOTS of fun stuff like that after Cheetah gets his birthday present from us ;)

  4. Oh, monkey you are so cute. Thanks for my cuddle today. I was having monkey withdrawal symptoms.

    Even though I got a sneak peek, I absolutely love the picture of the two boys sleeping. I never tire of sleeping children photos. So precious (especially when you are a parent and realise that sleeping children mean more time for sleeping parents).

  5. Is it just me, after all I have had 2 glasses of a nice red, or does the Monkey pic on the RH side look a lot like Yoda??? Interesting, it is!

  6. I like all these sleeping pics. Lion and Dragon are so cute, all entwined. Lucky Wolf for getting in on the sleeping action.
    I hope Monkey and his tummy let you get some sleep in to MMcT.
    Also hope all goes well with the paed. Sometimes just cause you are up to speed, doesn't mean they are. Hope they get with the program, he he.
    I saw the cutest monkey body suit/onesie/whatcha call them at the baby shower today. My friend is very lucky I didn't whisk it away from her to send to you :)

  7. I love it when little babies have male pattern baldness. My daughter had it, though, until she was two. Not so cute, then...

    Adorable photos! Thanks for sharing!

    I was so excited this morning to see your comments on my blog. Thank you!

  8. At least you've got experience and knowledge under your belt, now if only the doctor would cooperate and diagnose. Poor little guy. Eventually you'll get some sleep, I'm sure of it, maybe once Monkey is big enough to get all sleep tangled with his brothers...hopefully not that long. Love the photos.

  9. That picture of the two boys sleeping together is PRECIOUS!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  10. Awww...sorry about NO SLEEP Mommy M! :( That's no fun! And I've always wondered about if there had ever been monkey's that invaded a presidents home! Thanks, now I know! LOL! :D

    Cute photos!

  11. Great pictures of all your boys! I just love watching Gia when she is asleep, it reminds me of that sweet innocence that I don't get to see during the day as she is climbing on things and just getting into everything she shouldn't be.

    My little one had acid reflux too. She would nurse constantly, partly to eat and the other was because she was trying to soothe herself. It took us forever to realize what was going on. They put her on something called axid as well as prevacid in the morning. Neither of those had sugar in them, the axid actually could make a baby sleepy. Good luck at the doctors, I hope little monkey is feeling better soon and that Mommy can get some sleep as well.

  12. Sorry to hear Monkey is showing signs of having colic. The idea of guessing at a medication dosage for such a small infant is quite scary to my mind.

  13. I hope the pharmaceutical companies hear your plea.... Why not create something for babies!

    Sorry to hear that you're having some sleepless nights. I believe that's what tipped the scales in my life and made me have more forgetfulness than ever and an inability to focus on anything for more than five minutes.

    Take care of yourself, when you can! Lion and Dragon look precious!

  14. Oh no. It is reflux then. It really sounds like it. Jonathan had it so bad too. I hope things work out soon and I could not agree more about that thing with the medicine. More and more infants are being diagnosed....something needs to be done about medicine for them.

    Jonathan will meet with a GI specialist in November to see if what is bothering him is still reflux.

    You will be in our prayers.

    And I love those photos! Of the older boys and the younger boys. I need to stop reading your blog at night, though, because last night I dreamed I had a baby. He looked a lot like Monkey. Then later he turned into a cat. This doesn't mean I'm going to become an old cat lady, does it? Ugh!

  15. Well babies spend most of their time lying down, so it's ok that Monkey's photo is on its side :)

    David and Christine both had reflux when they were little, but that was more at the age of 4 - 8. David was put on some medication beginning with Z, but it wasn't Zoton. Because his medication got recalled for having (and to quote his paediatrician) "very rare but very severe side effects... death". Hahaha. And he would have been on it many years before Lion was even born. Good old medicine making people...

  16. ok, giggling away at yours and your mum's comments on here :)

    Personally, I like your tired posts, they make me giggle :)

    Glad you are figuring out what's making Monkey so uncomfortable. Poor buddy (all 4 of my biological kids had relux too. UGH!)

    Hope you get a resonse to your letter ;)

  17. Thanks for the update! That picture of your three oops, two biggest boys is adorable.

  18. That does it! I'm headed over for a slumber party Monkey cuddle. I love sleeping pictures of little ones they have so much peace of heart that they can sleep anywhere. Ahh to reclaim that innocence.

  19. Oh I hope he doesn't have reflux - but sounds like you know all about it. What a shame they don't make the medicine for children - in fact I agree with you it sure should be!!
    Monkey is so cute!! And I love the sleeping pictures of his brothers!

  20. I am also in love with little monkey and LOVE the pictures of the big boys snuggling together. Reflux is not fun! Never had a problem with Katie, but Timmy puked for 3 months straight. Luckily, he never had any issues with weight gain, but that left me with needing to fend for myself to make him comfy (with Boufmom9's help)


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