Thursday, 24 September 2009

more stuff

I feel like I'm just updating medical details and stuff but this is the easiest way to keep family informed and I know many other people are praying for us too.

We survived the crankiness (it's still going but not as bad) and it seems some of his tummy cramps are getting solved with the timed feeds but his reflux symptoms are getting more pronounced with actual vomiting following the noises I've been hearing. I spoke to the Dr about it when we were back there today and she said to give the Zoton a go... easier said than done. It's being discontinued so pharmacies aren't restocking it. A replacement will be available IN NOVEMBER!!!! WHAT???? I'll have had a nervous breakdown by then! The guy was really helpful and actually rang 4 or 5 other chemists (not even the from the same chain) to try to find some for me and looked in to what else we could do and called me at home to let me know and is calling the manufacturer tomorrow and will let me know what's going on. How great was that??? He could so easily have told me "it's not available anymore" and left me to go home and cry myself to sleep but he is going out of his way to find a solution. I was soooo thankful to him!

We got the blood taken at the doctors today. she did a heel prick and squeezed out the blood into a vial. Not ideal but it got enough to do the main test she wanted. I had to hold him while she did it though, I just focused on trying to comfort him so that I wouldn't burst into tears. She offered for me to leave the room if I wanted (before she asked me to hold him when he wouldn't cooperate) but I knew I would cope better actually being there with him screaming than hearing him scream from another room. Grandma had the big boys so we didn't need to traumatise them (poor Dragon will probably never get over watching them try to get the blood on Wednesday) and we were able to take Monkey back there for Grandma cuddles to help him feel better.

So we wait and see if we can track down some medication (which would need a new prescription if we can't find any Zoton which means another trip to the doctors) and wait for the blood results to make sure his jaundice is "innocent" and not a sign of anything bigger. I just keep thinking that every day we wait to get this medicine is another day waiting for it to kick in... it takes up to a week to start having it's full effect after he's on it though with Lion we noticed more sleep in 3 days.


  1. Waiting outside is very traumatic. I have been through both and I would rather be in there so I can see what is going on and show my baby that I don't want to abondon him when he needs me. When cousin Wilbie was in hospital at 3 weeks we had to wait outside while they put a drip in (it was awful because we could hear all the screaming). When he had some major tests a few months later we were with him and even though it was emotional, I think it was easier seeing what was happening.

    Yay for Grandma cuddles. They really are the best!

  2. It is just so hard to watch your children in pain or discomfort, I'm just so sorry for the little guy and you too! I used to cry when Gia was a newborn and had to get shots, I still do sometimes when she's especially upset. I'm very surprised that there wouldn't be an alternative medicine for the acid reflux, it's so uncomfortable/painful for little ones who have it, it just seems beyond cruel to let him just suffer with it and have no relief in sight. I'll be praying for you guys, that they can find some medication to help him feel better.

  3. No need to explain, my friend. I have the same problem and I don't even have a newborn! I read your blog in my reader, that way I can keep up!

    Poor little guy but how nice of the doctor to help you out that way by making all the phone calls.

    It is hard to hear them scream. At least when you're in the room with them you can tell when the procedures is done, and you know they're crying because they're upset and not because they're hurting anymore (well, depends on the procedure).

  4. Sounds like you all have quite a bit on your plate. Hope the blood work returns some good news and that you get the med situation all worked out and that precious little Monkey feels better soon and that you all get some sleep and and and. I'll be thinking of you and your family. :)

  5. Still praying for you guys. We will miss the regular blogging, but SLEEP is so important!!!

    Give those precious boys hugs and kisses for me!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  6. I will comment a little later when I have more time. Sleep is the most important thing. Sleep and prayer and I will be praying for you.

    (I won't be sleeping because my 2.5 year old thinks he doesn't have to sleep and therefore neither do I).

  7. Oh no! I hope you are able to find something that will work for poor little Monkey...
    is that the only meds they have for reflux for babies there? I've never heard of that one...

  8. What a helpful pharmacist! Hope he comes through. Praying for that little man and for you all to get some sleep and some joy back in your day. Give them all a hug for me.

  9. I'm sure it would have been much worse not holding the little fellow. Poor thing. I hope the medicine works quickly and you can rest a little easier about little Monkey. He sure is a cute one!

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