Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunday Snapshot

One day early. Because we all know it wont happen tomorrow.

Ahhh, gotta start the post of with a bit of sleeping sweetness!

I have managed to track down what is possibly the last box of Zoton in town, we are going out later to get it. I also got a phone call from Dr Jenny that his wee test had white cells so there is some sort of infection so we need to get a formal test done now (she just did the first one in her office) which means another "clean catch" has to be performed. At the moment I just want this all sorted out NOW. Until my sweet husband took over at 6am this morning I was running on 3 hours of broken sleep, by far our worst night yet. It's not missing the sleep that upsets me though, it is seeing my baby in so much pain and discomfort for so long. Hour after hour listening to the sounds of his stomach coming up and down and hearing his hurting little cries. I had to keep him perfectly upright or he would squeal. Eventually when I didn't think I could hold him any longer (and he squirmed too much for the sling) I remembered how my Nigerian friend does her traditional wrap and grabbed a bed sheet and wrapped him to my body. Eventually the pains went away and I was able to lay him down for a short time until his next feed then we started again. My poor baby is sleeping at the moment, not peacefully but he's sleeping. But on to other things...

Do you want to know what sort of things make me feel "home"?

The sun shining on The Pinnacles beside our house...

Um, okay...

The unmistakable outline of Mt Stuart in the other direction...

Um, I guess it's a good thing home is where you're heart is because with this dust storm coating the entire east coast of Australia most of the landmarks are kind of hard to spot at the moment! Before the dust came we were blanketed with smoke from some bush fires so it's been over a week since we've seen the sky.

This sweet little man was 2 yesterday.

The old man next to him was a bit older than that the day before. We ventured out for a Bananas in Pyjamas rager of a combined birthday party last night and we had a blast! Lots of family and a couple of friends (with their 4 day old baby girl) and PLENTY of food. Cousin Wilbie had a great night.
I know Uncle Wilbie would want me to point out what his apron says since he spent the night letting EVERYONE know... "REAL MEN MAKE TWINS!"

That's right Cousin Wilbie is going to be a big brother.... to TWINS. Please pray for these little babies as they grow and get stronger and for their family waiting to meet them. See, Cousin Wilbie has two big sisters in heaven (Yeah, okay Uncle Wilbie, real men make twins TWICE) so there's prayers a plenty and Kate is on rest from 20 weeks (soon). Cousin Wilbie loves to tell people that there's a baby in mummy's tummy, and then let them know that there's TWO!

So how do you know that Cousin Wilbie is related to my boys???


What? How do you cut a cake?

Now I have a for real question for all you helpful people... How do you store your craft stuff? Mostly your kids craft stuff. We have bits and pieces everywhere, some in with mine, some in their wardrobe, some in a set of file draw things, its chaotic and we need to do something about it so I'm after ideas. Please help!


  1. I wasn't sure whether you were getting the sand or not... but it looks like you are. I'm guessing the view is usually gorgeous. You may have to give us another look once your skies clear up.

    So sorry about that little baby of yours.... I can only imagine how hard it is to go through that. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Now about craft supplies.... I bought one of those heavy duty plastic drawers-thingy. Instead of furniture, it's plastic, but you can buy a short, wide one with three big drawers, or taller, narrower ones with smaller drawers. Hannah had a tall one in her room to store things in. I put the three-drawer one in a closet. That's where all of the glitter, glue, felt, glue-on thing-a-ma-jigs, chenille pipe cleaner things, etc. etc.... It works for me!

    Take care. I hope you and the baby rest easier real, real soon.

  2. We keep all our craft stuff in a large filing cabinet but the everyday stuff like pencils and colour books are in a cute kids draw unit in the upstairs hall..The filing cabinet is kept in the girls walk in as it is mainly Hannahs stuff..anyway hope you and monkey get some decent sleep soon

  3. Will be praying for your little guy and for YOU...for sleep and rest!

  4. Great photos of cousin Wilbie. He was up early ready to party all over again this morning after going to bed around 11pm. He has been using his chain saw all morning.

    An update on the twins - they are both healthy and happy. Dr Steve had no one waiting so he did a long scan and showed us all the hands and feet and even attempted to identify thier genders (one was a bit stubborn though). I am so happy that they are growing well. Thanks for the prayer request.

    Uncle Wilbie restrained himself from wearing his new apron to the doctor's this morning but is excited to get a chance to wear it to another bbq tonight.

  5. I am praying for your little guy. My heart just breaks hearing your story. It is so hard when the little ones cannot tell us where they hurt. Blessings.

  6. Oh, poor little guy. I hope he gets better soon!

    I hope you see some clear sky soon! ;) The dust storms have passed here, and now practically all we see it big gray rain clouds...

  7. I accidentally put my comment on your previous days post....argh....

    That's why I deleted it from before.

    I just hope you can figure it all out soon. I remember so vividly how horrible it was for me to try to figure out how to help my Jonathan...I knew he was in pain and hurting and I felt so helpless. I would hold him and cry and cry and pray. I was a walking zombie. SO tired and out of my head most of the time. We tried laying him across our lap and up on our shoulder. I finally bought a Moby wrap and kept him wrapped at all times while he slept and I either did some house work or I slept in the recliner, upright, with him held against me. I could maneuver the Moby just right to nurse him and then lay him back against my shoulder and catch some sleep myself in the recliner.

    You will be in my prayers tonight (today, etc.)

  8. That's why I deleted it from the other post. Argh! It's been a looong day! (but very fun..nothing bad.)

  9. When I was a kid mum bought a set of basket-drawers which we kept our art, craft, stationery, etc etc in. Kind of like this:

  10. May I suggest that you send Kate to my blog? I have the twins' story up (last week) - it might inspire her in the twin pregnancy?

    Looks like a great night out.

  11. Poor little Monkey (and mommy & daddy too). I hope they figure out what this infection is and help him to feel better very soon. What a way to start his life outside the womb, he probably wishes he could get back in there!


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