Friday, 9 October 2009

A post just for my Dragon.

Dragon has a small board-book he is pretending is a plane. He's flying it around the house and lands it on the arm of the sofa. "Everyone get off now" he says in his deep important sounding voice... "Are you getting off?" he says, obviously they weren't paying attention that the book plane had landed on the arm of the sofa at the airport... "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" He used 5 different voices... it cracked me up. Then it got even better (deep voice) "do you want to stay on, my mummy?" (high voice now) "Ooo, Yes, Do you want to stay on, my daddy?" (deep voice again) "Oooo, Yes, do you want to stay on, my flying man?" (I'm assuming he means the pilot, then uses a new voice and at this point the book plane is in mid air) "nope, I'm going to parachute out!"

I bet there was a little bit of panic on that plane!

Soon he grabbed his sippy cup and started "driving" it all over the floor. There was a little bit of back and forth between the passengers until things started to get wild, he got a little bit busy making crazy screeching car noises until he suddenly screamed "EVERYONE, HOLD ON TO YOUR DRINKS!!!!" (it was his sippy cup... get it... hold on to your drinks?? eh, I thought it was funny)

I was going to post one of the photos of me that he took this morning to showcase his artistic talent... but having just now looked at them I don't think that's such a good idea. He took two photos of my chest that will not be seen on this blog. So I'll post a photo of him from nearly 12 months ago... I can't believe how much he's grown and changed. It'll be his birthday soon... 3... he'll be a really big boy then!
Pardon me while I go and sob into my pillow for a little while...


  1. I like it. He sounds so sweet, the way he acted out all the little voices. But I don't think I'll go flying with him, if it's all the same! :)
    And nearly 3! Very exciting.

  2. So cute, both the story of his imagination play and the picture! Happy soon to be birthday to Dragon! :)

  3. No wonder we love him (deep sigh). I'm sure we will have more of this entertaining play because I've noticed lately he is becoming more theatrical in his pretend games. It is really cute.

  4. How CUTE!

    Children, they do grow fast. I love it when they imagine and play by by themselves (especially when I am trying to clean, etc..). I love it even more when I get to sneek a peak at the play. I often get so caught up in my daily tasks that I miss out on the little things. Cherish every moment we get or hear.

    I hope you have recoverd from the spider video.



  5. He is so cute! I just love this story and would write more if my almost 3-year old wasn"t asleep on my lap.

  6. What an imagination. The airplane tale with the voices is wonderful. I love this age. My youngest will be three this December and he is forever making me smile with his silly antics. He also makes me bang my head against my keyboard with his whiny tantrums but the good far outweighs the bad. ;)

  7. Hi mummy McTavish
    I just added the marmalade chicken recipe to my menu plan post for you..hope your boys like it...oh and you definatly have to come for dinner one guys would be very welcome

  8. Oh he is such a cutie! I love the plane story.

  9. They just grow up to darn fast. I love hearing them play my favorite pastime on summer evenings is sitting in the backyard just listening to the play. #7 even has an evil laugh that occasionally gets used Bwuuhahaha. It strikes terror in the hearts of imaginary friends everywhere.

    Monkey smiles are so sweet. I love those first expressions interpreted to mean whatever I want them to mean. They develop their own interpretations of life way to fast.

  10. I love children's imagination. There are so many stories going on in their head, we probably only "hear" a few!


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