Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Things I know for sure...

It's not nap time until someone is in tears.

If you can get all kids napping at the same time there will be exactly 20 minutes of overlapping nap time.

20 minutes is how long it takes you to get yourself sorted and lay down to join in the napping fun.

If your head has actually hit the pillow the disappointment at missing your own nap is infinitely greater.

Chocolate makes you fat and you caffeine makes you thin (okay, I've dumbed that right down to the basics).

Chocolate and coffee/coke must stay balanced. If I have too much of one I must increase my intake of the other.

You should never forbid your child to flush the toilet until you know if it's gonna be a #1 or #2.

Dragon has become obsessive about toilet flushing... right when I have a baby sleeping near enough to be disturbed by a flushing toilet.

Dragon's toilet routine runs like this... go into the toilet, look in the bowl, no matter if it's clean as can be say "eww, gwowse", flush the toilet, use the toilet, flush the toilet again. Things like remembering to return his undies and pants to their right place on his bum are optional.

Long story short... he did a #2 and because I forbid him to flush it he was adamant that it NOT be flushed until he can do it after Monkey wakes up.

Monkey love being outside as long as it's not too bright.

Lion is sensitive today.

The list of things he has cried over is unfortunately rather entertaining...

  • it's not his birthday today

  • it was clown day at playgroup

  • it's not his birthday today

  • it wasn't truck day at playgroup

  • it's not his birthday today

  • it's not his birthday tomorrow

  • it's not his birthday today

He cries EVERY DAY that it's not his birthday today.

I only have to deal with those tears for 13 more days.

He is still deffiant that "you can't stop a boy from having a birthday, because they need to get older... but I will always be your boy, even though I will be old enough for big boy lego"

I will cry on Lion's birthday.

And on Dragon's birthday.

My OB said yesterday not only that if we want to we CAN have more kids (aparently I'm a great healer after 3 c-sections) but we SHOULD have more kids. (he should be careful, saying that kind of thing to mothers of 6 week olds could be enough to have them committed!)

I make a point to not ask mothers of kids under 1 if they are going back for more (I usually try not to ask people at all unless I know them well).

Mothers of kids under 1 are unpredictable and may punch your lights out if you ask them something like that on the wrong day.

I braved groceries for the first time by myself with 3 kids yesterday and survived.

God cares about things like doing the groceries for the first time with 3 kids.

Monkey fell asleep as we drove out of our driveway and woke up as we pulled back into it an hour later. Answered prayer!

We can't justify spending our money on real Crocs for fast growing feet so sometimes it's okay to "fake it 'til you make it".

Wait until your images have uploaded before you hit publish post.


  1. You're right! God does care about grocery shopping with three little apples, and helps us take a bite out of the chore and get it eaten!

  2. OB's who tell you you should have more kids when BOY #3 is 6 weeks old are lucky that they are allowed to live. I find it sad that our little boys are growing up too, just as I find it sad that I'm getting older, but the alternative is worse;)

  3. Wow, I think your OB might like women like you (who don't cause trouble and don't go into labour at crazy hours of the night thus interrrupting precious sleep time). You earn them the big bucks without as much hassle.

    I think you should keep having kids. Maybe in 2011 when I am done having babies and I can cuddle yours instead.

  4. What an entertaining post. I also fake crocs, apart from the pair the Lil Miss won. Those boots are adorable.

    I had such a laugh about the birthday issue - we had the same this year. I made a little sticker date chart and we put a sticker on every day until the birthday. Did the trick for us.I think it has to do with actually seeing how far it is and that we are getting nearer.

  5. Oh my goodness, the things I am learning about life with three kids, lol! No naps, and lots of flushing!

  6. Oh how I love my sleep and I'm going to very much miss being able to nap during Gia's nap when I need to. To have both kids napping at the same time is like the holy grail...wished for but unattainable.

    I actually think I probably would have hit my obgyn if that was said to me.

    LOVE that picture of Monkey outside, it's like he's looking at that swingset and day dreaming about the day he'll be able to use it too.

  7. LOL! Great post! I understand why the words "survive" and "grocery shop" are in the same sentence, oh yes, I do, sister! :D

    Potty tales, crying cause it's NOT ones birthday, and so on are SOOOO my life also! We speak the same language...although you are much more funny! :D Thanks for the laugh...hope your day is somewhat restful...whatever that means, right? ;-) TEEHEE!


  8. Congrats on surviving the shopping trip. It is HUGE. Especially if you need a nap and it's not Lion's birthday and your OB thinks you should have more babies...I'm glad the chocolate and caffeine balance each other out, I just have to remember less chocolate more coffee. ;)

  9. I'm surprised there isn't a Bible verse somewhere about this one, "Chocolate and coffee/coke must stay balanced. If I have too much of one I must increase my intake of the other." A Truer thing was never said.

    Love those Crocs, I don't think our desert environment would ever lend itself to justification, but so cool!

    Poor sweet Lion he's reached the first sensitive male stage.

  10. What is it about this age that brings out such tears and anguish over losing toys, or not getting chocolate, or not being allowed to have a sip of mommy's soda, or having to get his teeth brushed, pee in the potty, go to bed.....Shall I go on?

    Oh your boys. They make me laugh and smile and want to hug them tight!


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